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61 Justice Hand!

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"I said let go of the little girl!!"Jack ordered, for the second time.Nick could see that their cultivation levels were not a threat, in fact, Nick alone could handle this band of crazy women, he didn't even need Silver's help, so Nick decided to at least find out why these ladies were so adamant in taking Maggi away. But before Nick could even open his mouth Maggi had already responded to Jacky.

"Hmph, my name isn't little girl, its Maggi!! And if you want to take me away from Big brother Nick you would at least need two carriages full of chocolate!!" Maggy snapped, but then as if she remembered something important she added.

"Umm...maybe just one carriage full will do...fine, fine, I can see from all of you're lost faces that you don't have that kind of wealth on you, so how about this, you give me half a carriage of chocolates and will pay me the rest on a weekly basis, okay?" Maggi spoke as if she was losing out on this deal.

Nick was surprised at Maggi, he didn't know she was smart enough to come up with such an ingenious idea, she obviously knew that chocolate was Nick's invention, and that these ladies couldn't possibly have any, but she still made such a request, she was defiantly rejecting them indirectly.

But her bargaining skill sure was something, she went from two carriages full to one carriage full by only talking to her self...

Nick began to await Jack's response in antic.i.p.ation, what will you say to that crazy lady, woman, female, human, f.u.c.k it I don't know anymore! But they had all underestimated Jack.

"Oh, Maggi? Such a feminine name, oh you poor thing, to be subjected to such a bias allocation of name, don't worry, from now on, you will be called by your new name, Big arm Pete!!" Jack declared.

Nick almost fell down from just hearing the name, why would she give a cute little girl such a disgusting name, in fact, if one read it quickly the name would sound like 'Big Armpit!

"Big arm Pete, hey there I'm big arm Pete, throw down the chocolate and n.o.body has to get hurt! Hmm... the name isn't bad." Maggi repeated the name a couple of times before she began to consider changing her name.

Jack and the other crazy women were overjoyed when they saw how seriously Maggi was considering the name, maybe they would soon have a new addition to their crew.

Nick couldn't let Maggi continue this train of thought any longer, so he immediately bought a chocolate bar from the system intending to throw it over to Maggi and disrupt her dangerous train of thoughts.


At this time on Earth, in a large shopping mall.

"Waaaaaaa mom!! If you don't buy me some chocolate I will hate you forever!! Dad would have bought it for me, he would have bought it for me!!!" A short-haired, snotty-nosed little boy between the ages of eight and nine wailed in the mall, embarra.s.sing his poor mother.

"Shhhh please baby, don't cry, if you keep on eating chocolate like this it will ruin your beautiful teeth, and I have bought you five already, please don't cry!!" The poor mother was desperate, her son has been sick twice already from overeating sweets, and his father just kept on indulging him, what should she do?

The poor mother could only yield now, if she didn't, the kid wouldn't stop just at crying, he would sit on the ground and refuse to leave, then how was she going to take him back home?

The little boy stopped crying and began giggling in a sly manner as soon as received his chocolate bar, he always could manipulate his silly mother.

"Hey, Nate, do you think that hand will appear again?" An employee of the shopping mall asked her colleague.

"Sure it will! Annie, You know full well how that hand fights against injustice, how could it let such an annoying brat torment his mother like that?!!" Nate spoke with utmost confidence.

"But he is still a child, don't you think..." Annie asked, somewhat conflicted.

"No, justice does not distinguish age, and neither does the hand!!" Nate said firmly.

"Hey, excuse me, can I ask, what is this hand you guys are talking about?!!" A curious customer asked.

"Oh, you must be new in town, the hand has been famous for about a two weeks now. In this shopping mall, anytime someone does something wrong or weird, a hand stretches out from thin air and teaches them a lesson, and in return, this hand takes away something from those it thought a lesson to!"

"Are you serious?!!" The customer found this very hard to believe.

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"Of course, this one time a man was carrying around a board game he just bought, when the hand appeared and gave him a nice tight slap to the face, then the hand said, 'Who buys board games in this day and age, use your phone like everybody else jacka.s.s!' before disappearing with a board game!'

"Now, what is the only sweet you need?!" The hand questioned.

"The love of my mother!" The boy replied.

"What is chocolate?!" The hand asked a second one.

"It's the evil that turned me against my sweet mother, and so I have purged it from my heart!" The boy replied.

"Good! Now go back to your mother!" The hand commanded.

The little boy then began to wobble over to his mother, apparently, his b.u.t.t wasn't in great shape...

"Justice hand!!"

"Justice hand!!"

"Justice hand!!"

The crowd began to cheer, and in turn the hand wave to all of them before leaving!


Little Maggi who seemed to be thinking seriously about changing her name then acted like a drug addict because as soon as she grabbed the chocolate, she unwrapped it and stuffed it in her mouth at rapid speed, cause as far as she was concerned everybody was after her chocolate, they just didn't know it yet!

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