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60 Unreasonable

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"Halt!!!" The valiant lady roared.Startled Nick dropped his bottle of wine letting it roll on the ground spilling wine everywhere. Nick then turned his attention to the loud lady while mentally commanding Silver to stop and hover mid-air.

Peter was the one who had it worse, he had been cultivating and her roar nearly caused his cultivation to go awry. Furious at the lady for nearly ruining his cultivation, Peter stood up and roared while pointing at the woman.

"What is your problem lady?!! Don't you have any manners, can't you speak in a low voice when someone is cultivating?!!" Peter roared back, repeatedly making sure to turn his head and look at his source of courage, Nick.

"Typical of the chauvinistic male s.e.x, can't you at least pretend to have some cla.s.s, to actually point your fingers at a lady, how vulgar!" The lady retorted.

Nick shivered as soon as the ladies responded, there were two kinds of women Nick was most afraid of in his life, the unreasonable kind, and the extreme feminist kind! And now it was just Nick's bad luck that he had run into a woman that was both!!

"Listen here, lady..." Peter was interrupted.

"Stop calling me lady, I have a name you know, but it isn't surprising, why would you men ask for a woman's name unless you want to get in her pants!!"

"Fine, it's my fault, what is the name of this cultivator here?!!" Peter made sure not to call the lady a lady this time, apparently, she was really touchy about her s.e.x.

"This lady's name is Jack!!" The woman replied as she snorted.

"Oh...Jacky, what...a nice name..." Peter really didn't expect that name.

"Hmph, I said Jack, not Jacky!! Why, is that a man's name?!! Listen, we are the famous 'Womanly crew'!! We fight against all the injustices that women face in the cultivation world!!"

"Which is why we all have unconventional names, for example, the ladies you see behind me have these names, Muscles, d.i.c.k, Greybeard, and the last one is Crusher!! Now, do you have a problem with our names!!" Jack roared out as she pointed at her colleagues.

Nick had to admit, these girls sure knew how to pick names...

"And another thing, why does every lady in the cultivation world have to have the skin of jade, and an incredible figure while all you men get to laze around getting all fat, this why we have begun teaching women all around the world how to fight this injustice, just by taking our 'Eat if it makes you happy' seminar women in two cities have began fattening up!" Jack continued.

Peter turned to Nick to ask for guidance, he was so lost, why didn't these ladies make any sense at all. Peter then saw Nick smiling at him and nodding which meant, go, this brother has your back, Peter then became emboldened as he puffed out his chest to continue his conversation with the unreasonable woman.

At this time Nick bought some soda and popcorn from the system as laid back in his bed to enjoy the show.

"Listen here Jack, I nearly lost my cultivation because of you, so you should quickly apologize!!" Peter yelled out.

"Oh, so just because you're a man, I have to apologies to you?!!" Jack said angrily.

"Sigh, lady, Jack, can you be any more unreasonable, at least try listening to what I'm saying first." Peter replied, terribly exhausted.

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Nick remembered the saying, birds of a feather, flock together, a beast and the master were so alike, they were both crazy, but then he looked at Silver and grew disappointed, Silver had nothing in common with him, he was neither handsome, fit, smart, brave...etc like he was.

"Enough! We have talked enough, hand over the poor girl immediately or you will taste my blade!!"Jack seemed to have enough of the petty squabble she was having with Peter and immediately got down to business.

Nick, who was having a great time enjoying both the human and beast show instantly turned serious, what they said was no joking matter, no one except their family can take the twins away from him.

"Big bro Nick..." Maggi seemed to be scared as she walked over to Nick and began to speak but she was interrupted.

"Don't worry little girl, no one can take you away from me, no one!!" Nick said as he interrupted the little girl from saying further.

"Oh, ok, but I was going to ask you for a chocolate bar, I have finished cleaning up all the chocolate wraps after all!" Maggi didn't seem to be worried about that and seemed more interested in getting a chocolate bar out of Nick instead.

"Uhh, no, too much of it is bad for your teeth, I will only give you one chocolate bar for a week from now on." Even though he was stunned, Nick managed to muster up a reply, he was really unwilling to wast his domineering points on something as stupid as chocolate.

Sad about what Nick said Maggi felt tears falling sharply from her eyes.

The women became even angrier, did that man just refuse to let go of the little girl?!! Is that why she's crying so sadly?!!

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