The Emperor's System


6 The Silly Little Reptile

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Once Mathew finished warning Nick about the things one should avoid while cultivating, he started heading towards a series of boulders that were lined up in front of them."Now young master, sit on this boulder cross legged." Mathew commanded as he pointed at a certain boulder.

Nick just did as he was told and sat down cross-legged, but as soon as he did he found that everything went dark around the boulder. He couldn't see Mathew or the training ground, it was like his senses were cut off from the outside world.

This didn't stay long though as he returned to his senses.

"I'm sorry about that young master, it took me longer than I expected to deactivate the formation on the boulder, this formation is used to cut off your senses from the outside world so that one doesn't loose their concentration."

"Now this manual is the corner stone of our family legacy and the thing that has kept our family as a top tier power for all these years." Mathew said as he took out a book out of his spatial ring.

"This book can't be copied, so it the only one in the family and only the direct descendants of your ancestor have the right to learn it." As Mathew spoke he kept caressing the golden cover of the book gently and kept making faces that one would make when holding a baby.

"This manual is called 'Star Devouring Dragon Manual' it's a technique that your ancestors found in a cave of a dead Dragon. This Dragon's origin, type and powers remain a mystery till this day."

"The weird thing about that though, was that the moment the book was in the hands of your ancestor, the corpse of the Dragon dissolved and a.s.similated into the book."

"But before we start cultivating, try using your senses to see inside your dantain, do you see it, do you feel the energy, young master."

Nick again did as he was told and started looking into his dantain and although the previous Nick was uselessly lazy, he still new how to do this as well, as it was a universal knowledge here.

"Yes, I feel it Mathew."

"Very good young master, your brothers have already reached the Profound realm since they started cultivating this book, now it's your turn. There are Nine level in every realm so in order for you catch up to them you need to work extra hard." Finished saying his peace Mathew carefully handed Nick the book.

Taking the book from Mathew, he gently opened the cover and started reading the first page, it was a poem written in bold letter and it read.



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And even though he wasn't sure what the golden orb's intentions were, he got the feeling that it wanted to devour this manual. But before the whole book could be covered by that light who knew that the book would actually fight back, as suddenly a purple scaled dragon materialised from the book and started attacking the orb.

The orb seeing the manual fighting back, spoke "HMPH, HOW DARE YOU TRY TO FIGHT BACK, YOU SILLY LITTLE REAPTILE!!!!"

The orb's words seemed to carry the weight of the world as it actually pressured the dragon into bowing it's head before dispersing and a.s.similating back into the book.

Finally the light encompa.s.sing the book faded and the golden orb flew back into Nick's body.

The book on the other hand started burning as a dragon that was much bigger and scarier than the one earlier started to materialise, it stood in front of Nick in all it's majesty and opened it's huge jaws and started growling at the stars before turning into a purple beam and shot into his body like the orb did.

The only difference being that he couldn't see the orb, but he could see the dragon in his dantain, it was glowing brightly and absorbing the energy around Nick. And not just any energy but the energy that was radiating from the SUN!!!.

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