The Emperor's System


55 Spinning Is An Art?

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Nick walked over to the door on the left and found that this one too had golden words written above it, which read, ' A test of intelligence that only those geniuses can pa.s.s.'Once again Nick felt a sense of pride well up in him, what an honest trial, he was indeed intelligent, Nick didn't dawdle as he did on the previous trial because who knew when that figure that kicked him in previously would attack again.

Thankfully it was just like the trial advertised, it was a small room with nothing but a single book resting on a pedestal.

The book was t.i.tled, 'Blue life flame controlling technique' which was pretty much self-explanatory.

Nick inspected the pedestal trying to make sure that there weren't any traps laid out, because, in every movie Nick had seen in his previous life, something sitting alone on a pedestal was not supposed to be removed.

That's when a brilliant idea came to Nick, he didn't need to even remove the book from the pedestal, couldn't he just read it while it's there? And so, Nick opened the book to its first page, but as soon as he touched the book Nick got a notification from the system.

Ding! Found new skill 'Blue life flame controlling technique ' does host want to cultivate it?

Nick then naturally checked the description of the technique since there weren't any on the book itself.

[Blue life flame controlling technique: This is a technique that was specifically created for tempering a human body to make it capable of storing and manipulating the blue life flame! The version in the host's hands is missing the second and third levels.

On the first level, the cultivated will be tempered by the flame and be able to store it in their body but if the cultivator were to absorb the flames at this stage, the flame will take control of their body and destroy their soul.

While on the second level the cultivator will gain the basic capacity to manipulate the flame, making the cultivator capable of burning or attacking an opponent.

But on the third level, the flame will become one with the Cultivator, giving them access to the flame's most powerful ability, the ability to nullify and heal!!](Ten domineering points to acquire the second and third level.

Nick stood there rooted to the ground, d.a.m.n, if he hadn't checked the descriptions from the system he would have likely been fooled by that sly flame. It had obviously taken away the most important levels of the manual and even erased the description so than Nick wouldn't be able to notice.

But Nick didn't show any change of expressions as he immediately cultivated the technique, yet he didn't stop there since he quickly bought then cultivated the second and third levels of the technique, which all in all cost him a hundred domineering points!!

What made the system awsome was that Nick didn't even need to be baptized in the flames to reach his current level, he only spend a couple more domineering points!

Nick then began to pretend to read the technique wholeheartedly, but he didn't do it quietly.

"Aha, so that's what this means, oh and this one too, I am such a genius! But the flame sure is stupid to let me cultivate a technique that will later enslave it, hmm, maybe that's why it made such a stupid first trial, is this what people meant when they said that stupid is as stupid does?"

"But seriously what would you expect, it is just a flame after all, at the end of the day its only use is lighting up the dark."

Nick made sure that he could complement himself while cursing out the flame at the same time, he knew that the sly flame was listening, but it would definitely not attack him before the third trial, it would wait until he had cultivated the technique before it would wipe out his soul and take control of his body!

In the third room which was situated in the middle, a large ball of flames was spewing out curses while spinning round and round nonstop.

"f.u.c.king brat, just you wait, you think you're so smart, wait until you get in here!! Besides, that trial was a work of art, but how can a stupid brat like you understand the beauty of spinning!!!"

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"Sigh, when will these humans ever learn any manners, I have provided him with a technique and my power but he still curses me? So ungrateful!! Sure I edited the technique a little, and I am going to use his body as my own, but he doesn't know that, sigh such a bad person, he deserves what's coming to him."

"Are you ready?!!" The flame asked unwilling to wait any longer, it had to burn this ungrateful human.

"Yes." Nick replied, nonchalantly.

Blue colored flames engulfed Nick, the flames were carrying unimaginable heat, Nick then began acting.

"Ouch!! Uhh!! Ssss!! Mommy helps me!! I miss my girlfriend!! Two plus two is four!!" In the end Nick even stopped making sense.

The flame was delighted, it had driven the man mad by subjecting him to extreme pain.

"Hmm, it doesn't hurt anymore, I have officially cultivated the technique!" Nick then said something that floored the flame, when was it so easy to cultivate a technique, but what it felt next was happiness, not only did it gain a vessel that it could use to leave this wretched place, but the vessel was also a genius!

Excited the flames promptly ordered Nick to open his mouth, and Nick did as he was ordered, soon every last drop of the flame was inside Nick's body!

The flames then began its siege as soon as it entered Nick's body! It roamed around and soon arrived in front of Nick's soul.

Then the mighty flame began its attack! At this time Nick was walking back to the gate, he didn't even pay the slightest attention to the flame, so what if it attacked his souls, he has already reached the third level in the technique meaning he wouldn't be harmed by the flame in the slightest.

As for telling the flame that its scheme has failed, he naturally wouldn't do it when the flame would find out itself eventually. Just let it tire itself out, Nick thought

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