The Emperor's System


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Nick was a little scared to be honest, but this was just because the side effects advertised by the instructions were terrifying, what man wouldn't be scared of going balding?As for the death warning, that didn't really frighten him, at most he would just use the teleportation talisman to teleport away from here.

Slowly but surely Nick approached the door on the left side of the main hall, and above this door were golden words that were written to inspire the heroes accepting this challenge.

While Nick read the words he found himself suddenly being filled with a warrior's spirit, the words were just too awe-inspiring. They read, ' A man unafraid of going bald, will one day slay the G.o.ds!!'

Nick puffed up his chest, wasn't the door speaking about him, Nick now began to feel that only this door understood him, he was just practically fearless!

By using the same warrior's spirit, Nick then began to look for a crack on the door, hoping to find a hole big enough for him to look through in, but this wasn't because Nick was afraid, it was because Nick had a natural habit of peeping through cracks, don't judge him...

At this moment the golden words that were so awe-inspiring just a moment ago slowly receded, disappearing and in return new words took their place that read, 'a.n.a.lysis error, please try again later'

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It was so embarra.s.sing to be proved wrong so quickly, looking at how Nick was on the ground on his four limbs trying so hard to take a peek inside made the golden words regret and retract their first statement.

But it seemed that whoever was controlling the trial was irritated since the doors slammed open, and before Nick could even understand what was going on a figure consisting of entirely blue flame appeared behind him and kicked him in before slamming the doors shut.

Being cautious and calculative was one of Nick's strong suits, but it could also be considered as a flaw, he was never one to take a leap of faith, he would rather take a ladder so that if there was nothing at the bottom, he can return safely to the surface.

After entering

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