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51 Another One

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Nick found Curt's diary extremely amusing, but he was more interested in the treasures for now. Throwing back the Diary on the stack weapons Nick began exploring the s.p.a.ce in the ring.The s.p.a.ce in the ring was huge although not infinite, causing Nick to fall into an even deeper round of confusion on as to how such a precious object landed in the hands of a lowly bandit.

Nick even began to suspect that Curt might be the b.a.s.t.a.r.d son of an immortal, then by the corner, Nick found a decorated table with two items sitting on it.

One was a book, while the other was a dark humungous boulder.

Nick went up to the table, the book couldn't possibly be another diary right? Not really expecting much, Nick Picked up the book and found that this one didn't have a t.i.tle on its cover either, flipping to the first page he began to read.

Diary of a loving grandfather!!

Today my granddaughter lost her first tooth, making her look even cuter!! How is this possible, I ask myself. Tonight she plans on placing her teeth underneath her pillow. She believes the tooth fairy will take it then leave her a gift in return, I kept watch the whole night guarding that tooth, I dare that fairy to try!!

Nick was really frustrated, why did this Curt guy keep not only his own diary but also the diary of others?!!

But how would he know that this diary was acquired by Curt because he had thought it was a Cultivation manual, it was only later that he found out what he had chosen, that annoying Grandpa had made sure he couldn't open or touch anything before he chose it, which was why this book had always caused his heart to ache.

Nick slammed the diary onto the table angrily and was about to leave the storage ring when he suddenly felt his bloodline boil, it was as if his blood wanted to leave his body and attack an enemy!!

Nick slowly turned head to the thing causing such a reaction, it was the bolder on the table, the bolder was the source of all the commission in Nick's bloodline. Nick slowly moved his hand to touch the bolder, and as soon as his palm came in contact with the bolder he felt his bloodline racing.

Ingredients! Nick commanded.

[Shadow Dragon-(Egg)

If you eat this thing instead of making it your pet you're either a G.o.d or an idiot you might even be both, we don't judge. This dragon is a prince of the dragon race, known for its ability to wield shadows and meld into them, this dragon is terrifying!! But now it's an egg so what good does all that scary description do it.

Effects: Exp +2,000,000, Consuming this egg may result in the consumer gaining one of the Shadow Dragons abilities!

Ways to cook: Scrambled, Omelet, Poached, boiled... ]

Nick stood there stunned, Curt was definitely the b.a.s.t.a.r.d son of an immortal, and even if he wasn't, he was at least entertaining a very powerful sugar mommy!

He had again misunderstood Curt, the bolder was something Curt had found in an underground cave years ago, and he had found that the bolder was especially useful in sharpening swords.

If Curt had known that the bolder was actually a powerful dragon egg he wouldn't have dared peed on it so many times out of boredom...

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Ding! Congratulation on acquiring 1/2 dragon eggs for the main quest, will the host be submitting the egg for the quest?

Nick also found that there was a name engraved on the sword that read, "THE LIGHTNING SAGE"

Nick studied the sword from top to bottom but couldn't ascertain its rank no matter how hard he tried.

Desperate he could only try his luck with the only appraisal skill he had, "Ingredients!!"

[Greatsword-(immortal king grade weapon)

It's a sword buddy, do you really want to eat this? I mean it isn't fun going in you can only imagine how it would feel going out... Anyway, this sword belonged to the lightning sage, causing the sword to contain traces of heavenly thunder...

Effects: Constipation, 1,000,000 Exp points, and possibly death by thunder poisoning.

Ways to cook: Melted Greatsword with barbecue sauce, Chopped Greatsword stew...]

Nick's b.u.t.t involuntarily tightened, the description was just too savage. But at least now he knew what he was in the procession off. it was at this time Nick understood that no journey was pointless, even a small scale bandit crew could contribute so much to his journey.

Happy with his gains Nick dismissed Peter from his cooking duties, deciding to personally prepare the dinner himself tonight, and be it the kids or Peter, everyone was excited for the culinary delight that Nick was about to bring them.

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