The Emperor's System


50 Back On Track

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Nick's eyes turned sharply onto Curt who seemed to be intent on playing dead.No wonder he didn't find anything no matter how hard he looked, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had a storage ring to stash all their valuables, and even though Nick was curious about how someone whose cultivation hadn't even reached the immortal realm was capable of owning a storage ring, he smothered his curiosity, and walked back to where Curt was lying.

"Inspector Curt, don't you know that according to section two-paragraph eight of the Imperial law dictates that any inspector whose cultivation hasn't reached the immortal realm can not be in the possession a storage ring, and to even hide it from a superior inspector?!! This is grounds for dismissal and confiscation of goods!"

Nick didn't have one lick of knowledge regarding the laws in this world, but he was certain that these bandits didn't know about it either, so he was bulls.h.i.tting while kneeling on one knee and using all his strength to pry Curt's palms which seemed to be welded shut!

How could Curt not know when he was being bulls.h.i.tted, he was the person that invented this line of work after all, now this youngling had just challenged him to a bulls.h.i.tting contest?!!!

"Well that is where sir Inspector is wrong, the ring can only be confiscated by the same administrator that has granted the Inspector that position! And I regret to say, the person that a.s.signed me to my position is no longer in the land of the living."

Curt didn't get up since the pain coming from his groin made it nearly impossible, but this didn't stop his ability to make up lies, and even though he knew that the possibility of him getting out of this without losing his property was almost zero, he wanted to at least make Nick admit to being the thief he was.

Why do people enjoy lying through their teeth, why can't they be honest in their work like he was? Curt wondered as he awaited Nick's response.

Curt wouldn't have minded losing all his other things, but the three things he had received from that Crazy grandpa were just too valuable to give up.

Nick was stunned, why did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d have to complicate things, can't he just give it up now, even an idiot could tell that he had lost by now, but this fellow wanted to keep on playing, and by the looks of it he didn't seem like he would stop after Nick responded, this was quite the headache.

"Actually you're right, but this only applied if the person that is handling the issue is ordinary, it doesn't apply to the actual Emperor!!! Yes, are you stunned, are you honored to be in the presence of greatness, I usually don't go around telling others by ident.i.ty. I go around the Empire helping the common lowly people like you!!"

Nick said as he used his feet to stomp hard on Curt's clamped hands causing Curt to involuntarily spread his palm in pain, not wasting time Nick gripped strongly on Curt's hand before jerking the ring away violently.

"No, give it back!!! No fair, you didn't even wait for my counter-attack!!" Curt screamed as he tried to s.n.a.t.c.h back the ring.

"Counterattack?! Do you mean to tell me that you would commit such a treasonous act of attacking your Emperor? Before you reply let me remind you that if you were indeed going to do such a thing, the punishment would be instant death!!" Nick snapped, before simply ignoring Curt and fiddling with the ring.

Curt slowly turned his head to the terrifying Silver, who seemed to be encouraging him to fight back, but Curt knew that Silver wasn't on his side, how you ask? Well, that was because Silver was drooling as well, it definitely wanted him to mess up so it could eat him!

"How do I use this?" Nick asked out loud, but in fact, the question was specifically directed to the Old geezer.

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Curt and the other bandits almost laughed, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn't even know how to use a storage ring but he dared to a.s.sume the ident.i.ty of the one and only Emperor of this empire.

Back on their journey Nick and the gang went back to doing their separate things, Nick laid on the bed playing with the ring, Peter was fixing everyone a meal, the kids were playing with the Board games Nick purchase from the system.

Nick really love the ring, it was ink black with tiny golden decorations on the side, it filled one with a feeling of majesty and awe. Finally, Nick decided to look inside, because even though he believed that there wouldn't be anything as valuable as the ring in there he was still hoping for a surprise.

The First thing he saw after he opened the ring was a stack of low-level weapons, seemingly piled up to serve as an altar for a book, slowly approaching the altar Nick inspected the cover of the book but couldn't find a t.i.tle anywhere.

Unable to control his curiosity he picked up the book and opened the first page. And there they were, word written in bold letters!!


Day twenty-two of living in the desert, we have run out of toilet paper, G.o.d help a.s.s, pfft, I'm so funny...

Even Nick couldn't help laughing a little.

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