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35 Back To The City

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After naming Silver, he sent it directly to the pet s.p.a.ce.The unlimited pet s.p.a.ce was unreasonably large, and was currently as large as a big city!

Furthermore, according to the Old geezer, it's size was dependant on the number of pets it has, meaning the more pets Nick stores in the s.p.a.ce, the larger it becomes, making it, as its name suggests, an unlimited s.p.a.ce!

The pet s.p.a.ce currently looked no different from the barren forest, as it seemed to be tailored specifically for the Dark Nightmare!

Ordering Silver to continue its exercise in the pet s.p.a.ce, he began experimenting with his newly acquired ability.

Nick didn't know how he would feel about changing his body size, but he couldn't wait to try!


In an instant, Nick grew over twice his size, yet he didn't stop there and was getting bigger and bigger by the moment, but this feeling was different from the time he was becoming fat, this time his entire body grew proportionally and not just the meat on his bones.

Ten meters!

He only stopped becoming larger when he reached ten meters!

But even though he grew larger this just gave him the convenience of size, it didn't make him stronger the larger he became, but it was enough, now he could do what he always wanted to do in his previous life, play basketball...


Returning to his previous hight only took a few seconds, however, he didn't stop as he kept getting smaller and smaller and finally stopped once he reached the size of half a meter, it seemed that becoming larger was easier than becoming smaller since he hadn't grown as small as he had expected.

But he swore he wouldn't be like most people who used their hight to look underneath girls skirts, no, he would only do it to check the quality of the fabric, to see if it would keep them warm through this cold winter...

Having played enough with the new ability of his, Nick began his return trip to the city.


At this time in another continent, two men ran into each other. One was blonde with bulging muscles, while the other was a skinny man with dark brown hair.

"Oh, sorry I didn't see you there." Said the muscular guy.

"It's okay, it was my fault anyway because I was lost in thought." Said the thin man.

And this is how two people who were different in every way, became friends.


Nick arrived outside the city gates late in the afternoon, he couldn't wait to go home and sleep, he didn't know whether it was because the body was used to it or he himself enjoyed it, but he really loved sleeping.

But as he started at the city gates, he fell into a predicament, he carried a lot of origin stones with him but he didn't have any spirit stones.

So how was he going to pay the entrance fee to the city, if he paid with the Origin stone how much change was he going to carry around later, yes that was definitely the reason, it definitely wasn't because he was stingy and didn't want to pay twice to enter the same city...

Troubled, he started looking around, hoping to find a solution.

Looking around Nick spotted a large caravan heading towards the gate, the caravan obviously belonged to a merchant, since it was encircled by mercenaries.

Nick didn't hesitate as he found an opening in the mercenaries' formation, initiating the Crimson steps technique he appeared right beside the caravan and jumped in.

However as soon as Nick entered the caravan, he frowned and held his nose, this place sure stank, but pretty soon he understood why, because he found what this carriage held weren't gold or weapons but swine beasts instead.

These beasts looked like boars, but their meat was known to be highly nutritious and could aid people's cultivation, this beast was probably brought to be sold to a high-end inn.

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Nick closed his eyes and crossed his arms as he tried to ignore his current environment, but then, one swine beast seemed interested in Nick as it slowly trotted over and Nudged Nick slightly with its head.


Then, as if answering his prayers a large swine beast with its b.u.t.tocks sticking out flew in and by some miracle crashed lips first into the man.

The first thought that came to the man when he saw the face of the beast, was to wonder what his wife was doing here, and only after seeing the body of the beast did he realize that it wasn't his wife, but an actual swine beast!

Startled by the commotion, the mercenaries, as well as the guards at the gate ran over to the caravan that fired the swine beast.

Rushing over they immediately opened the curtains to the caravan and took a look inside, while cautiously pointing their spears to battle any sudden enemy that might jump at them.

Nick was anxiously cleaning his hands when he suddenly sensed multiple footsteps heading toward his direction, shrinking wasn't an option and neither was turning into a giant now.

And sadly the disguise skill would take almost a minute to disguise him into one of the swine beasts, so Nick could only helplessly wait to be found as he racked his brain to find an excuse.

"Who goes there?!!"The guards, as well as the mercenaries, surrounded Nick and yelled.

Nick then had to use his years of experience in thinking on his feet to come up with an answer.

He repeating the answer in his head for rehearsal, to make sure it was in order.

He then looked around him, staring at all the guards and mercenaries in their eyes and said.



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