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31 Friends

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The Dark Nightmare beast could be considered a handsome beast, it's wings dark with a metallic l.u.s.ter, it's head decorated with shiny silver hair that went all the through its back like the manes on a horse, it had four scally limbs all with sharp claws.If one had to point out one bad thing about this beast it would be the large belly sticking out like a sour thumb, but it wasn't its fault, it had no match in the forest and all it did all day was eat, sleep, and repeat.

On it's way to the source of the heavenly smell it asked every beast it came across a philosophic question that had troubled it lately, "Do you think that when I stand like this, it makes me look fat? I detest liars, so remember, honesty is the best policy!!!"

And almost every beast it came across told the truth, they told it, that it does make it look fat, and every time heard their answers the Dark Nightmare would stop, pondering the deeper meaning behind their answer and why it suddenly became so fat, of course as it did that, it grabbed those honest beasts and rewarded them with the chance to warm up in its stomach...

As for those that lied to it, the beast naturally let them go because it couldn't eat those things it detests, right?

Finally, it reached a clearing in the forest, this part of the forest was usually controlled by its closest friend the Fire buffalo...

Nick could naturally feel the beast approaching, of course, this wasn't difficult considering his powerful bloodline, his strong techniques, and the fact that the beast was so large that every step it took squashed fully grown trees, and only those ancient trees stood persistently and survived this pompous calamity.

The first thing the Dark Nightmare did when it arrived was to look for its close friend, to ask it where the amazing scent was coming from and why it didn't call him to share it.

But soon the Dark Nightmare saw the skin of its friend sprawled on the ground with its upper half missing while a huge piece of juicy meat was being grilled over the fire, now as a smart and intelligent beast it could, of course, put two and two together and understand the situation.

"Hey puny human, you dare come into my forest, kill my closest friend, and cook him as well?!! Insolent!!Arrogant!! Uhh, Insolent!!"

Nike's whole plan fell down the drain instantly, first of all, why did the first beast he encountered and killed have to be the Dark Nightmare's closest friend and secondly did he run out of angry words, because he said 'Insolent!!' twice or was he saying Nick was so insolent that once wasn't enough to describe him.

Nick was silent for a moment as he wracked his brain to come up with a new plan quickly, he had already marked his house in the city with the Long-distance teleportation talisman so he wasn't really in danger, but he didn't want to fail this quest and lose one of his precious skills.

As for the beast speaking, it was a known fact that beasts gain this ability when they reach the transcendence realm so it wasn't anything surprising.

Finally, he slowly turned his head and his face twisted into a fawning smile, he released his cultivation level as well and made sure that the beast could see it.

"Ohhhh, you must be the great handsome friend that the fire buffalo was talking about, sir, blinded by the loss of your friend you made a small mistake, how could I, with my low cultivation kill that powerful buffalo?"

The Dark Nightmare paused for a moment to contemplated the man's words, it did make sense, how could someone in the origin realm defeat someone in the Gathering realm.

"So, speak, what happened here? But you should know I detest liars!!"

Nick wasn't anxious as he was before, because he had used the cooking skill to check out the beast.

[Dark Nightmare

This beast is a hybrid between the Dark Hawk and the Nightmare bull, and because it was born from two incompatible species, it's highly, mentally unstable. This beast had lots of potential and by now could have become an immortal beast if it weren't for the heartbreak it suffered years back when he was rejected by a certain female beast for his lack of s.e.xual drive!.....]

"Well you see, your friend brought me here from the chef G.o.d school to cook a special tonic to help with your s.e.x drive, but sadly one of the ingredients for this tonic just happened to be the buffalo's s.e.x pistol, because as you know the Fire buffalo are blessed with lots of stamina."

"So in order to help you, his closest friend with the illness, he sacrificed and killed himself asking me to use him as an ingredient."

The Dark Nightmare stood there dumbfounded, it had never expected that its friend would sacrifice its life just to help him get a woman, wasn't this the kind of brother every man...beast wished for?!

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The beast swore that after it took the tonic and gained the buffalo's incredible stamina it would make the female beast scream the buffalo's name in bed all night to honor him.

"Of course it does, and also have you thought about how your fat protects your internal organs, right now if someone attacked you on your stomach your fat will shield all your internal organs for you, it's like wearing an extra armor around, how cool is that?!"

"Very cool!!" The beast was now convinced that becoming fat was the best decision it had ever made.

"Now say it with me, sir! I'm fat and I'm proud!!"

"I'm fat and I'm proud!!"


"I'm fat and I'm proud!!"


"I'm fat and I'm proud!!"


And so, one beast and one man chanted louder and louder making sure no beast in the forest had a good night sleep!

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