The Emperor's System


3 The Golden Orb

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Seeing yet another G.o.d approaching him he decided to scare this one as well.So the moment they stood in front of him he started speaking.

"Greeting to the other lord here, how may this humble servant help you? Your highness might not know this but I was killed due to helping a fellow human. I stood in the face of evil and fought with out cowering."

"In fact some people back on earth warned me not to get involved. But I looked them straight in eye and liberated them from a tough environment that they were in themselves. And when I was put in front of the cameras and the press asked why I did it knowing that I will be putting my self in danger, I righteously told the world that I would always help those that are worthy of it."

"Now I know that I had a very terrible past, but I have learned from them and used them to do good so tell me do I deserve to go to h.e.l.l for what I did in the past even though I died trying to make things right?"

After saying his peace he started observing their reactions to see whether he should continue or not. He had used his speciality just now to create the perfect version of truth, for example when he said that he liberated them from a tough environment he meant he fired them from their jobs relieving them from their tiring work.

As for what he said to the public about him helping those that were worthy, he actually said worth his time which obviously meant those that will pay him enough. This terrorism case was kind of an advertis.e.m.e.nt for his business, cause who doesn't want a lawyer that could actually win against the government in a terrorism case.

But he only these G.o.ds saw them nodding at each other with a gloomy expression hanging on their faces.

"Forgive me young master but this is for your own good." Sighed the servant before disappearing and appearing in from of him.

"Wait wa...." before he could make sense of why the G.o.d was calling him young master he felt pain on the back of his head and fell unconscienced.

The moment he blacked out he appeared in some kind of empty dark blue s.p.a.ce, that was had nothing except a golden orb that was floating in the middle. This...o...b..gave one a contradictory feeling, it made him feel both safe and intimidated at the same time.

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Suddenly an ancient voice started reverberating through out the s.p.a.ce, but it's origin was that small golden orb.

And this wouldn't be a good transmigration story if it didn't have some good old cultivation, now would it. Cultivation here could be cla.s.sified into five realms which were, the Spirit realm, the Profound realm, the Origin realm, the Gathering realm and finally the Transcendent realm.

Talent was also cla.s.sified into five parts which were, bad, mediocre, good, great and heavenly which was only seen once every thousand years. And his just happens to have that heavenly talent which led the entire clan to fawn over him and spoil him.

But even after all that he was still lazy and depressed. And the reason for his depression, it was his laziness. As his brothers had the will and patience to cultivate, he on the other hand couldn't bring himself to cultivate as it was a tedious affair from his point of view which mad him keep procrastinating.

Now the only thing he couldn't figure out was how the previous host of this body died.

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