The Emperor's System


29 A Ride

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The Manager was overly emotional right now, brother if you wanted to know something there was no need for all the theatrics, I am a big gossip anyway, I would have told you anything if you had just asked. I almost wet myself for G.o.d's sake."Well, one time I was lucky enough to host a eunuch serving under one of the princes, and after drinking almost half of my wine stock, he said something about the Emperor acquiring a large mine of Dark heavenly gold, and how all the princes were fighting over its ownership!"

"Hmm.." Nick frowned, it was a well-known fact that the Emperor of the Nova empire was at the immortal foundation realm, meaning he can't go in there and request for the materials, but he could think about all that on his way there.

The imperial city was extremely far, and it would take almost a month if he traveled by carriage, and even if he rented a wind bracing eagle it would still take him half a month.

As for flying there using his Origin energy, that would take him even longer than the carriage, cause one has to understand that Origin realm is where one gains the ability of basic flight, but that doesn't mean one could travel long distances, because it takes a lots Origin energy.

And so using the crimson steps was out the question for the exact same reason.

Finally, Nick decided it would be more convenient if he rented a bird, so after repeatedly warned the Inn manager to keep his mouth shut about what happened today, he and Peter left and headed home but not before asking around the city once more in hopes of finding any more helpful news.

And even though they didn't find any other clues about the other materials, Nick was satisfied with his day's work and felt it was extremely productive. The only sad point was that the manager didn't have any cultivation and so didn't provide any domineering points.

As soon as he entered the main door he went straight to the dining room to prepare dinner, but he found the two kids were fast asleep on the table again, and in front of them were the two plates that previously held the unfinished Omelets.

Nick smiled slightly and repeated his previous actions, carrying each of them to their respective bedrooms, then after searching around the kitchen, he found some boar meat that he used to make himself an amazing dinner.

Retiring to his bedroom he decided to use a couple of Origin stones to reach the ninth rank of the Origin realm, cause even though the quest said he couldn't level up to the gathering realm, it didn't forbid him from reaching the peak of the Origin realm.

Ding! Congratulations host for reaching the Origin realm rank 9!

Nick was amazed at the power coursing through his body, he would have never imagined that he would be this powerful in his former life, and even on Sat.u.r.days on his day off, when he played pretend using a towel as a cape and running around naked throughout the house, he never would imagine that it would one day come true!

Remembering how he had a long day ahead of him tomorrow he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

The Next morning he woke up extremely early and went to the kitchen to make breakfast, cause even though he had hired a cook, he couldn't stomach anything he himself didn't cook anymore, so she mainly only cooked for the kids and Peter now.

After cooking a light breakfast, he left the house and headed to the Beast shop to find out the price of renting a fast wind bracing eagle.

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And to his surprise, it cost one hundred Origin stones to rent the eagle for a week meaning it would at least cost him two hundred to reach the imperial city, and considering how it would take that bird another two weeks to return here it would all in all cost four hundred Origin stones in total!

[Pet collar: A collar designed to control any beast within a two realm difference of from host, the pet must have this on their necks first for the effects to work, any beast higher than two realms from the host will immediately break past the restrictions and bite the host to death!]

[Deception fist: A fist technique created by a an extreme pervert that targets genitalia, this fist deceives the opponent into believing it is upright and straight forward but in reality, it is after your privates! One fist to rule them all!!]

Nick just wanted to kiss the system, who knew that he would get such a great gift, the fist technique was so great but the collar wasn't bad had to admit that Nick's way of thinking was...unique.

Just the thought of punching an immortal in the b.a.l.l.s brought a smile to his face, but for now, he needed to get a pet to use the collar on!!

Nick needed to take advantage of the fact that this collar could tame a beast two realm higher than him so he could acquire a beast at the peak of the transcendence realm.

So he went back to the pet shop to buy some information on the high-level beasts with wings and close proximity.

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