The Emperor's System


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Looking at the main quest on the screen Nick felt utterly depressed, is this karma for thinking cultivation was easy, the heavens are truly jealous of his talent.Nick sighed knowing there was nothing he could do about it now, he turned his head to the three skill books and accepted the cooking Skill book first.

Ding! Does the host want to learn cooking skill book?


Nick felt countless images flashing and imprinting themselves into his memory but since there was a large volume of information it took a while.

After it was done he opened his eyes with antic.i.p.ation for his new skill and Yelled, "Ingredients!"

But sadly at that time, he just happened to be looking at the kids.

[Human child

Are now orphans, have low nutrition value, since their father was a thief and they worked as thieves for a while their meat has a sneaky after taste.

Cooking these beings will turn the host into a cannibal but if the host doesn't mind, there are multiple ways to cook them, it is the host's choice, there is the human stuffing recipe, boiled human recipe...

Eating them will increase Exp by 50!


Nick straight up vomited on the spot, What the f.u.c.k was wrong with the system? It even gave him a recipe in cooking humans, what a f.u.c.ked up system...

'System could you please erase the human portion!'

Ding! Sorry host but once the cooking book is acquired there are no refunds or modifications!

No!! Dean and Maggy had thought with how he acted it was that time of the month for him, but he was vomiting too now which meant they were wrong and according to their a.n.a.lysis he could only be pregnant...

If Nick knew that the kids were playing doctor and thought he was pregnant he would have vomited some more except this time it would have been blood!!

Nick had the driver stop and bought the coat he was wearing off of him and used it to clean the carriage, then he thought as long as he didn't use the skill when looking at kids there won't really be a problem, right?

After that, he turned his eyes towards the disguising skill, and warily accepted the technique.

Ding! Does the host want to learn the Disguise skill book?


Again a large influx of knowledge flooded his brain, but there wasn't as much information as the cookbook.

All he needed to do was think of the creature he wanted to turn into and activate the technique, then he would look exactly as the creature, for now, he can only deceive people that are one realm higher than him meaning those at the Fifth rank of the gathering realm!

Although Nick wanted nothing more than to test out the technique right away, he knew that this technique could very well save his life one day so he need not expose it to people even if it was to the two siblings.

And finally, he turned his eyes towards the crimson step technique.

Ding! Does the host want to learn the Crimson steps technique?


And in came the knowledge but this was even less than the disguise technique.

After acquiring his skils he swiftly checked the stats.

[Name: Nick Michelson

t.i.tle: The Slayer Of Scorpions

Cultivation Level: Origin realm rank 5

Physical Body Level: None

Cultivation Technique: Star Devouring Dragon manual

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Physical Body Skill: None

After entering the city Nick kept gasping as his carriage toured the city, this city sure was prosperous, just the materials that some of these buildings were made off cost more than his three duffle bags.

They then traveled for thirty minutes before they came in front of a building with the name of 'Not the dark market, trust us!', Nick just sighed at people's stupidity nowadays, are they afraid no one would know that they are the dark market?

After they reached the shop he went ahead inside to sell his things, he didn't care if they were the dark market or the bright market as long as they paid a fair price for his goods.

"Sir, how may I help you?" A gorgeous sales girl came to greet him with her hips swinging side to side with gusto, Nick was really worried she might knock something over.

"I'm here to sell things!"Nick curtly replied.

"Oh, can the handsome young master show me the goods?" As she asked she did an alluring wink at Nick.

"Why did you wink at me?" Nick immediately knew she wanted to use her looks to buy his thing at a discounted price, so how could he let that happen.

"Oh...did...I sorry young master you were just too handsome, I couldn't help my self."

"Oh, that makes sense I am quite handsome."

"hehe young master you are so funny."She said as she did a cute giggle.

"I wasn't joking though!" Nick replied sternly.

The sales clerk was furious, she refused to believe she couldn't charm this man!

"I apologize for the heat, sir." As she said her words she slowly unb.u.t.toned her top b.u.t.ton showing her fair cleavage.

"Actually, it's quite cold in here."Nick replied refusing to give her an advantage.


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