The Emperor's System


19 Success

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The two guards were twins but were not identical. They were given this post because their mom who was also the head maid and the family head had an...exersice session, yeah that's it an exercise session.So even though this position has certain strength requirements they still managed to get it thanks to their mom's help.

And in the many years that they stood guard they had learned to turn their heads to the shady things that the elders did.

They have seen a couple of elders coming to 'Inspect the Vault' and leaving with their pockets looking fatter, and even though the family head knew all this he ignored it knowing that it was the cost of keeping these elders in the family.

Only elder John was the exception, he never partic.i.p.ated in these types of shady things. This was because he was the brother to the family head, so stealing something from here would be like stealing from himself.

But maybe they had misjudged him, maybe he was acc.u.mulating years of shamelessness to stun them all at once.

And where did he get these shameless subordinates, not only were they robbing them they were even asking them for a bag to carry the stuff out with.

Nick had a look of indignation on his face and if what he said didn't sound ridiculously unbelievable they would have believed him.

You say you're pockets shrunk all of a sudden, then if we believe you our heads must have shrunk as well!!

But they also knew that no matter what they still couldn't offend elder John, so they scurried around and quickly brought him a bag.

"Good!! Good!! This family truly hasn't wasted its resource bringing up loyal and upright subordinates like you!"

Nick praised them while shamelessly stuffing the bag with the herbs he was carrying, he even took out the ones in his clothes, that made him more comfortable.

Nick then realized that the bag was only half full, even though he also put in the thing he hid in his clothes, so he suddenly exclaimed.

"Ahhh...I must be getting muddleheaded I actually forgot my family's treasured sword in the vault!!! Quickly open it, I must get it back!"

Nick was no longer as timid as he was before because he knew he was strong enough to handle most if not all of the experts in this place.

He could feel the amount of power coursing through his veins, as soon as he reached the profound realm he noticed the ridiculous changes to his body. He could even see every muscle and vein in his body were strengthened to a ridiculous degree.

Mike and Lily just stood there staring at Nick in horror, is this man crazy why was he even revealing the ones in his clothes, but seeing him move more comfortably afterward they also wanted to request for a bag as well but they weren't as thick-skinned as he was.

But when they heard him requesting to reenter the vault and for such a ridiculous reason to, they just wanted to help the guards and beat him up.

The guards awkwardly reopened the vault gates and stood on each side curiously to see his 'family's treasured sword'.

Nick looked at his bag and calculated he had enough s.p.a.ce for five weapons, yet he also noticed the guards were waiting to see which sword he would take as his family's sword.

"Ahhh...there you are my babies! The legendary five in one sword!"

Nick shamelessly and randomly stored five swords into his bag and pretended they acted as one Sword.

But then he noticed there was still room for one more herb, so he randomly picked a herb and exclaimed.

"Oh, and its sheath!" Then he stored that herb with seriousness and walked out of the vault.

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The two guards could hardly keep their sanity, buddy, we were there when the family head personally stored on of your so-called 'five in one sword'! And how the f.u.c.k did that herb turn into a sheath.

But since you gave me a disciple with immense potential I have decided to reward you in exchange. The stone used as a paperweight for this letter is a s.p.a.ce stone, it can be used to forge storage rings.

P.s: Don't try to sell the stone or else you will be wiped out by other powers in their bid to acquire the stone. With love Flame immortal!!'

Nick expressionlessly stored the stone into his pocket and walked away with the letter.

And even though Mike and Lily were curious about the letter, they chose to keep their questions to themselves until they left the city.

Nick calmly tore up the paper and threw it into the trash bin by the street. While the s.p.a.ce stone was taken by the system.

Ding! The host has acquired a s.p.a.ce stone (2/3) that can be used to activate systems s.p.a.ce storage!

He was really frustrated even though he found two s.p.a.ce stones he didn't know they were this valuable, from what the immortal said these stones are used to forge storage rings which were extremely valuable.

The two guards escorted then to the city gates even though they tried to weasel away a couple of times.

Only when they got to the city gates did Nick allow them to leave.

After which the three thieves carried the bags and ran away towards the dessert knowing they had robed the richest family in the city successfully.

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