The Emperor's System


17 The Profound Realm

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The guard Curt walked away with his hands behind his back like an expert heading out to confront the world.Nick was at a loss for a moment but quickly regained his bearing as he turned to the other guard with a smile and started walking in agitation again.

"Good, you have pa.s.sed the test, you didn't show an ounce of jealousy when you heard about your friend's talent and instead quietly stood guard, loyal and faithfully to the Ronald family."

"Your friend had betrayed us thinking he had the Ultimate unrivaled revered handsome physique but little did he know that it was the silent person beside him that was the true genius."

"Talent without mental strength is useless and you showed that even if your friend surpa.s.sed you in life, you had the confidence to surpa.s.s him using your own hard work and weren't envious."

"And besides even if one processed this extremely awesome physique, it isn't the kind to be unlocked using age but instead requires a secret technique."

"May I ask your name, humble guard?" Nick said thickly skinned.

He didn't want to clumsily walk around the mansion lest they encounter the family head and bring unnecessary trouble to themselves.

"My name is Travis sir." Travis was utterly confused, one minute his friend was deemed to be a G.o.d-level existence, while in the next it all just became a test made to test his mental strength.

But he didn't doubt what Nick said for one second, because this wasn't the first time this kind of thing happened to him.

Travis was never ambitious, all his life he had only cultivated on Sat.u.r.days to make sure he enjoyed himself the rest of the week.

One time he had walked into the forest to catch dinner for himself when he encountered the Legendary sword immortal who wanted to accept him as a disciple due to his talent.

But he outright refused. He felt it would be annoying to travel around carrying a sword everywhere, how would he ever find a wife if he did that?

Another time he was randomly giving some changes to beggars to acc.u.mulate good karma when one of them suddenly questioned his reason for such a kind act after which he told the person his reasons.

Who knew that that person would turn out to be the Legendary Humble immortal who had a deep love for the common people, he begged Travis to be his disciple seeing how kind he was but was rejected as well.

Why do these people not stay in their immortal mountains as depicted in legend? Why did they have to keep trying to trick and bother him wherever he went?

He just wanted to be ordinary, that was his true goal. Why did the heavens have to bless him with extraordinary talent? Why didn't they bless him with extraordinary looks instead, so that he can find a wife?

"Sir I just want to be ordinary that is my Dao, I am sorry that I can't accept your request."

Nick now started doubting his abilities, didn't he destroy armies of lawyers using only a few words in his last life, wasn't he proud of his talent to manipulate common sense?

Well now he met two people that could destroy common sense, maybe this is what they meant when they said there's always a natural enemy for everything.

Mike couldn't stand it anymore the cloak was super itchy, he directly went inside knowing that they had been defeated by a couple of mundane entrance guards.

Nick and Lily quickly caught up and followed behind without a word.

As soon as they pa.s.sed the entrance they started looking around to inspect the place, this was after all the residence of the richest family in the city. They couldn't help being slightly curious.

They pa.s.sed by the patrol guards uninhibited into the building, and what filled their sights was fur, fur, and more fur. Animal skin was spewed everywhere as decoration.

Nick couldn't help but think that if earth's animal activists were to see this even they would give up, dude what did animals ever do to you, you even have a stuffed chicken mounted on a pedestal, are you bragging you killed a chicken?

Every chicken in world would have been mad if they knew what Nick was thinking, what did he mean, did he consider them easy to kill, we'll peck you to death!

Nick and the rest walked around every floor but didn't find the vault.

Finally, Lily walked up to one of the maids and asked.

"Who is in charge of cleaning the vault around here?"

The maid was startled, especially when she saw the elder behind Lily.

" one cleans that place since its off-limits miss."She stutteringly replied.

"Oh, no wonder that place is filthy, follow me and you will start cleaning right away. You people are worthless!"Lily said in a commanding tone.

But then Nick interjected.

"How could you be so harsh to this innocent lady when it was your fault that caused this whole mess!" Nick sounded furious.

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"Sorry, sir sorry!" Lily bowed as she apologized.

"Yes sir!" Two guards said in unison and started to remove the wallpaper, revealing a golden door behind.

Nick was a little disappointed, he had expected there to be a b.u.t.ton that would open the walls to show the vault but apparently these kinds of things only happen in movies.

After they entered what greeted them was mountains of spirit stones and gold, weapons of every kind, books, herbs you name it they had it.

"Which things should be cleaned, young sir?"The maid asked.

"Oh...nothing this place looks clean enough I don't know what the family head was saying, you can go now!"Nick just wanted to start robbing already, this place looked like heaven to him.

"O...ok sir!" The maid was puzzled but didn't question the young man she quietly left.

Nick and the others ran quickly to the different sides of the vault giggling merrily. Nick ran and hugged a batch of spirit stones and started tap dancing.

But suddenly, the purple dragon surging in his dantian opened its mouth to reveal a dark vortex as it started swallowing the spirit stones in Nick's hands.

The herbs turned to dust in seconds and violent beeps resounded in Nick's head.





And then...

Ding! Congratulations host for leveling up to Profound realm Rank 1!

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