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12 Lily's Pas

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Having never been called a beautiful maiden before the girl just stared at him wide-eyed and started looking up and down as if appraising him. But finally shook her head.Her name is Lily Jefferson she was born in one of the most prosperous cities in the Nova Empire, her father was the lord of the city which meant that she had grown up pampered and taken care of.

When she was born, the clouds parted as if the G.o.ds pried them open to look at her magnificent beauty, and all the maid that helped in the birth, killed themselves, fearing that they would soil her beauty with their eyes.

When she turned five she won the Miss Beauty empress pageant held by the entire city.

And even when she hit p.u.b.erty and she was covered with zits, she still managed to retain her beauty as suiters lined up the streets to curry her favor.

But her father refused to let anyone of them into the mansion, as he was afraid of the commotion that her beauty would cause, at least that's what he told her.

But she always felt that it was because her father was scared that she would run away with one of the suiters, and wanted to keep his beautiful daughter to himself.

But then her father brought a handsome young man one day and declared that she would be marrying him, and of course, she objected. How was this man worthy of her beauty?

The man wasn't even that handsome, but that wasn't what really bothered her. What bothered her was that the young man was blind! How would a blind person be able to appreciate her beauty?

But her father was immovable on the matter and refused to budge, angering her to no end.

But how would she know her father's pain...when his daughter was born she was born hideous, so hideous that all the clouds moved away by a thousand meters as if given a terrible fright.

He had to silence all the nurses to keep them quiet, then he appointed his most trusted female guard to take care of his daughter.

Luckily for his wife, she had pa.s.sed away during birth or he would have personally tortured then killed her, after all, how can he not see it, he was born with G.o.d-given looks and his wife was a heavenly beauty how could their child look like that unless....."

Thinking up to this his rage quickly resurfaced as he started killing every ugly person in the mansion, but just as he quelled his anger an ugly beggar with a horrid stench started a commotion at the front gates demanding to see him.

He was about to ignore him and tell his guard to teach him a lesson when he noticed that man sort of resembles his daughter.

Filled with disbelief he told his guards to let the man in while he went to the main hall and sat on the main seat with authority in his posture.

The beggar came in slowly and clumsily while managing to be unsightly the whole way. He sometimes scratched his a.s.s and smelled it, sometimes danced a creepy dance, and even took out his d.i.c.k just to check if it was there.

Finally, the beggar made it to the main hall and looked really upset as he stared at the lord sitting on the main seat.

The beggar then screamed" Lord, I am aggrieved!! I am really aggrieved!!"

Then began the weirdest conversation known to man.

"And why may I ask are you aggrieved, and what has that got to do with me?"

"Sir lord, of course, it has something to do with you we have both been played by that wife of yours!!"You could hear the indignation in the man's voice.

"Oh, and how pray tell did my wife play with you? If I have guessed correctly, you are just a beggar and should have no relation to my wife"

"Your wife played with my feelings lord...and as far as our relationship is concerned she was my one true love."

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"And even though I could allow a great person like you to share her with me I found out today that she has been with all my friends around the city apparently she has a thing for bad smells."

Seeing the portrait, men lined up through the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of his daughter and yet none ever did.

Finally, he found a perfect candidate to wed his daughter to, a blind person with a large background that was willing to stay in the mansion with them.

Happy and excited he quickly brought the man to the mansion and told both of them that they would wed the next day, but he didn't expect...

Apparently the man wasn't blind but had cultivated an eye technique called yang dominates yin technique which dictates he closes his eyes for 10 years and should only open them in front of his beloved wife...

So on the day of their wedding, which was a closed ceremony might I add. He finally opened his eyes to complete his technique and to admire his beautiful wife.

But what he saw caused a deviation in his cultivation leading to him actually going blind.

In retaliation to this, the boys' parents wiped out the entire Jefferson household but Lily and her little brother Mike managed to escape through the tunnel underground the mansion.

Just thinking of how her beauty had led to the poor boy going blind and the downfall of her family she couldn't help but hate the heavens for this curse if only she was born a little uglier...

Coming back from her thoughts she took another look at Nick but then she sighed and said, "If only you were a little more handsome.....?"

Hearing her sigh, he felt sorry for her and thought that she had seen through his lie but when he heard what she said he just wanted to slap her!!

How can someone have no shame, with a face that can make onions cry she still dares to judge other people's looks? The last time i saw a face like here's i feed it a banana.

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