The Emperor's System


10 The System Awakening, Part 3

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Of course, as a big shot lawyer skilled in reading people's speech patterns, he knew that there must be a downside to this method as well, but he had no alternatives since he knew that the golden orb must have something valuable after activation.Finally gritting his teeth and calming his heart he asked.

"What is this method? Please speak your mind oh mighty and glorious globe."

The globe was stunned it had never seen someone change their inclinations this quickly in its life, slowly but surely it managed to calm its rage and spoke.

"It's actually quite simple I will create a hallucination and throw you in it, there you will feel pain and blood bath one could only imagine, and after you are baptized with blood you will be reborn anew."

After hearing all this, Nick was stunned and flabergasted for a moment and then decided to completely ignore the golden globe.

"Hey, kid.....hey kid.....I am talking to you little brat!!! Didn't your parents teach you to answer when people are speaking to you?!!"

The Golden lobe was furious, it had thought that it could get revenge and forge the boy's will at the same time, but alas the boy was to smart to go for it.

"Boy, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, if you miss out I can still choose someone else!" The globe started to change it's approach and decided to use the carrot and stick method to tempt him into it.

When nick heard this, his eyes lit up like a star, with unimaginable brightness. This was exactly the tone that his clients used to try and make him accept their case, they would say.

"Listen we came to you because we heard you were good, but don't think that we are cows that you can milk as you please, there are plenty of other lawyers out there with more skill and higher reputations than you waiting to take our case."

Then he would say, "Well it was a pleasure to meet you, and please give my regards to your cellmate for me, you know what they say they be f.u.c.king in prison." Then he would give them his signature golden smile.

After that, they would drop all the theatrics and start acting more modestly, even willing to be milked as the cows they were.

He suddenly sighed, just thinking about his days as a big shot lawyer made extremely homesick, but reminding himself he could achieve immortality in this cultivation world he felt a lot better.

Anyway time to start fishing he thought and immediately started speaking to the orb.

"Well then orb sir, Please don't let my lips. .h.i.t you on your way out...."

The orb didn't reply for a long time, then suddenly said, " asked nicely I'll just stay for a little while longer."

After saying that, the orb didn't know where to put its metaphorical head because it was so embarra.s.sed, when was the last time it felt this way, probably never.

After hearing what the orb said Nick couldn't help but smirk a little, the fish has taken the bait and it was now time to reel it in.

"Actually, oh mighty globe there is another way...."

When the globe heard this it's metaphorical body shivered and subconsciously felt an alarming sense of danger. But before it could think about anything else Nick's voice sounded again like the whispers of the devil.

"What is the use of will?" he asked in a stern tone.

Hearing this question the globe answered the question in a serious but confident manner.

"The path that you will walk on is one of an Emperor. And not any Emperor that rules just the land of man, but an Emperor that will rule above all, beneath neither the heavens or earth, stepping on heavens children like they were nothing but weeds on a meadow growing without permission, TO BE THE ONLY TRUE EMPEROR!!!"

"And such an emperor must have a will to rise above all and be absolutely domineering never stepping back from any challenge don't you agree." It was confident in its answer, as it was one it had prepared for millennia.

Hearing that long-winded speech about being emperor Nick was speechless, the words that the globe said sounded like they were written by a genius author with unbelievable good looks.

After a few seconds of contemplation, Nick sighed and took an image of a disappointed parent, he kept looking at the globe and shaking his head over and over again as if he was trying to shake all his disappointment away but just couldn't.

The globe was furious as it kept hopping from one side of s.p.a.ce to the other as if trying to hop away all its rage.

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"Are you questioning my answer brat?!!! Hmph...then what is the use of will brat?!"

Sigh, thinking back to that face of a warrior that was unyielding until they eventually exhausted him to death made it so proud.

The second one was even more glorious he stood in front of a dragon and started a spitting contest, needless to say, he was roasted alive.

But the thing that made it amazed was that even while being burnt alive he still managed to land his spit on the dragon's forehead.

And the third one he was his favorite, sadly he died before he even started cultivating, he was pa.s.sing by an ocean when he suddenly saw a fish diving into the sea at incredible speed.

Angered by the fact that a fish was showing off in front of him. He dived into the sea and started a deep-sea swimming contest with the fish.

He would have won too if he didn't lack oxygen and wasn't a slow swimmer. Sadly he died from drowning and only served as a meal for the fish he was chasing.

It had wallowed in sadness in the sea for a week, only to see the fish his third master was chasing keep using itself as bait hoping to catch someone as domineering as its third master only to fail.

Nick didn't know that he had dodged a huge bullet by refusing to have his will remolded and was having a great time questioning the orb.

"Let me ask you one last question, if an Emperor sees an endless s.p.a.ce in front of him what do you believe he should do?"Nick asked

"Alright brat I get it... I get it!! Just shut up and accept already."The globe spoke in a quick but exasperated tone.

Just as Nick was about to contemplate the golden orb's words, stunning golden letters floated in front of him.

Ding! Do you choose to accept 'THE EMPEROR'S SYSTEM'!!!

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