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Chapter 1068 - Tyr Gauntlet's Shadow King -Part 1

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Chapter 1068 - Tyr Gauntlet's Shadow King -Part 1

"Gosh, that was awfully gory." Kiyu commented after watching the entire scene through the eyes of the System. "Good thing, this is not being shown in the dungeon supplier store."

"Really? I find it fairly interesting. It just proves that Lynn is someone efficient on all kinds of battlefields." Kraft replied with a satisfied smile. "Sure, it might be a bit overkill to show it to the customers, but I'm pretty sure the Peggies will want to watch it again with their Queen later."

"Still… that resurrection spell… allowing her to call upon her former teammates was pure evil." Kiyu commented while looking at the crafty fox.

"What should I say? Lynn gave me a private call via the System Channel to ask if the resurrection would really go through. I told her that it was up to her and gave her some options. She was the one to allow the healer to have her wish." Kraft shrugged his shoulders happily, implying that he was merely following the instructions of the Sub System User.

"What exactly did you tell her?" Pei queried, but she could roughly figure what the options must have been.

"For one, there was the more obvious option of just letting the resurrection spell fail, but that would have been pretty boring. Instead, the System didn't fight the call for resurrection and allowed her to resurrect those four Tyr Elites by using her own magical energy, thus saving on our resources. After that point, it was basically whether she wanted to supersede the System's powers and cause the Tyr Elites to side with herself or the dying Elites for a more interesting match."

Ultimately, she ordered them to just remain still, while the remaining party members put up a fight, thinking it would be a last stand. The quiet betrayal was more deadly in her opinion and… well, the results speak for themselves." Kraft explained and nodded his head with glee.

"That despair they felt, especially the healer seems rather heavy….but I like it." Kiyu gave her a thumbs up and Pei shook her head, but did not deny that as well.

"I think we should let this group stay with Lynn. They will undoubtedly become an excellent team of bodyguards in the future." Kraft suggested and the System agreed to it readily.

"Doesn't she have enough with her Peggies? You saw how her Killer Peggies wiped the entire floor, or, erm... staircase with those elites. And isn't it twisted for them to die and later serve under the person who killed them?" Qiu Yue felt a bit jealous that such an entourage was just bestowed upon Lynn.

"Nah, it's more like this was the first time she put a lot of effort into killing others to help Jin. In a way, it's her actual debut kill, so we should reward her as such. As for that emotion of guilt, those people won't remember much or even at all once they were deployed to their new Queen. But eventually, it would be up to Lynn whether she wants to accept the entourage." Kiyu replied and went towards Qiu Yue to cheer her up. "Don't worry, you will get yours too. In the meantime, you could always ask Kraft nicely for some Night Foxes. I am sure he will part some of his toys for you to play."

"No, what I meant is that... this supposed to be Jin deciding?" Qiu Yue wanted to give an excuse.

"Well, he said it was okay." Kraft smiled as he playback the System Channel's communication between him and their master. "As if I would do anything without his permission."

"Surely, you jest." Qiu Yue rolled her eyes at these blatant lies and returned to watching the live War Room Hologram that was running in the background on their grand table.

Back at the Petal Lighthouse, Jin had reached the top floor and there was only one door separating him from his target…

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However, instead of drawing his sword, Jin used one of the cosmetic inscriptions he had stored to change into a formal business suit. As he walked into the room, Tyr Gauntlets' Shadow King didn't even acknowledge his presence. The Demon remained sitting behind his desk, checking doc.u.ments and other miscellaneous administrative work.

"I agree with that statement, so I will do neither if the situation allows. Instead, I want to offer you an alternative." Jin pulled out a stack of doc.u.ments. "This is what King Rex proposes."

The Shadow King did not pick up the doc.u.ment and instead, he brushed it aside and continued with his own paperwork.

"What if I tell you there is a bigger picture to all of this?" Jin asked but once again, there was no response from him.

Jin sighed, knowing that the only languages that these people would talk were Violence and Money. While this entire fiasco was because Kraft wanted Jin to show off and Jin was itching towards the first option, the Astral Panda Cultivator felt he should conserve his strength whenever possible. Thus, he pulled out a suitcase from his storage ring and unlocked it right in front of the Shadow King.

The piles of dungeon cash neatly placed side by side did cause the Shadow King to bat an eyelid towards Jin. "Not enough?" Jin immediately pulled another suitcase out and this time that particular suitcase was filled with cash of a higher denomination.

"You honestly think that will interest me?" The Shadow King remarked as closed the two suitcases and he pulled his chair backwards. Jin could feel the aura within the Shadow King raising and burning brightly.

"Well, why didn't you start with that?!" The Shadow King raised his hand out even without giving any consideration on the deal that they were about to close.

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