Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha

Oka/Okano Yuu - 丘/丘野 優

Chapter 27 Part1

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"... My friend, this is my shop, it's nice, is not it?"

I came back from the labyrinth to the town and the person who I saved wanted to invite me to his shop.

 That place is located in the outskirts of the town. I had lived in this town for ten years, but I have never known of this place.

 Well, despite being an adventurer's city, Malt city is as big as the capital city.

 Because there are two labyrinths in the vicinity, adventurers gather here, and well, the commerce is not bad.

 This man's shop appearance, as he certainly said, was not half bad.

 It is an elegant shop with a stone's front, that gives a warm feeling that makes people feel comfortable.

 Well, as long as you know of its existence that's it. But the odd thing is that even if it's really nice, no one will spot it here.

 Perhaps... the location is bad enough for it to never have a single client?

 It is a mystery how they have managed to keep this pace until now.

 The man opens the door and enters, so I follow behind.

"... you ... you were okay ... ...!"

 At the same time as I entered the shop,a beautiful woman shouted loudly and ran to the man.

 It is a woman with the atmosphere of a worker, fixed hair in the back, and very slender.

 In general, she is a beautiful woman.

 The man who was with me also showed a big smile and ran towards the woman.

"Isabel! finally I'm back ... I'm happy to see you again!."

"But ... you went to the labyrinth ...  I said many times that you could not do such a thing! You're not fit to be an adventurer! you're only able to cook!"

"Hey, I'm a man, and it's only a labyrinth .... I know you have been worried. In fact I've been helped when I was about to be killed. It is thanks to this man here that your husband was able to come back."

"...... Oh, oh ... I guess I should thank him then ... My husband has been helped a lot this time ..."

 I finally realized my presence in the man's words, she deeply lowered her head with her cheeks dyed red, as the man's wife Isabel is beautiful and lovely, why is he making her wife do such a thing.

 Nevertheless, to be honest I can not say such a thing.

 I lightly lowered my head in response to Isabel,

"Oh ... it is okay, do not do it"

 I said so.

 Then Isabel looked somewhat strange, but the man explains.

"My friend is a strong adventurer, he seems to have defeated many strong monsters, he's not good at talking, but he is a really nice guy ... he helped me a lot.... That's right, I got a mana stone as well from him. That's it. "

 The man took the stone from his bosom and showed it to Isabel.

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 Isabel looks at him with her eyes wide open,

"No, that's not it..."

 The man seems to have no confidence, while he says so.

 I nod confirming him that it will be a safe job.

"Look, this person has his own circ.u.mstances. Basically, instead of him going to the adventurer guild I will go and report for him and sell the materials he gets. "

"Such a thing..."

 Isabel said so strangely,

"...... That's why ... ... it is not much, don't worry about it..."


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