Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Ordinary Magician - 平凡魔术师

Chapter 2368 Want to Play? I'll Play

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Chapter 2368 Want to Play? I’ll Play

The flames vanished and were replaced by a blinding clap of lightning. The t.i.tan Blood Bull demons were not only blinded, but their bodies were temporarily paralyzed, not listening to their orders.

They were unable to see anything, but they did hear a whistling sound that made their hair stand on end. They realized something.

“Run- AH!”

A G.o.d destroying arrow pierced through that demon’s head, instantly silencing him.

Countless arrows flew out of the towers, cutting through the demonic beasts.

Those t.i.tan Blood Bull demons once more summoned their true bodies and tried to flee.

Even though they had wings, flying wasn’t their specialty. It was faster for them to run. But as they tried to flee, lightning suddenly paralyzed them. Some of them stumbled and tripped others.

With their huge bodies, as long as they weren’t shot in their head or b.a.l.l.s, they should be fine. With their b.u.t.ts facing the arrows and their arms covering their heads, they fled.

However, after three waves of arrows, only a few dozen of them managed to escape with their lives.

Seeing that, Long Chen shook his head. If Guo Ran saw this, he would definitely curse the archers who had missed so many shots.

Just as Shen Chengfeng was preparing to give the order for the fourth wave, s.p.a.ce shuddered. Arrows rained down from a different direction.

Those fish that had escaped were slaughtered.

Shen Chengfeng’s expression changed. He shouted, “Ye Lingfeng, what do you think you’re doing?!”

At this moment, there was no need to defend the arrow towers any longer. The Heavenly Dragon warriors had all charged out as all the ordinary demonic beasts fled along with the t.i.tan Blood Bull demons. However, it was at this moment that a group of flying Magical Beasts appeared in the sky. They were bound by thick chains, and they were pulling giant war chariots.

Those war chariots had dozens of golden crossbows set up along them, with hundreds of other Heavenly Dragon warriors on them. Long Chen instantly recognized the two vice commanders that had previously taunted him and Shen Chengfeng.

However, now, those two were standing behind a tall and muscular man. Shen Chengfeng’s gaze was locked onto that person. Even without looking at the mark on his chest, Long Chen knew that he was definitely the commander of the third Heavenly Dragon Legion.

Ye Lingfeng smiled at Shen Chengfeng’s gloomy expression. “Commander Shen, what are you talking about? My third legion came rus.h.i.+ng over from a great distance to reinforce you, but instead of thanking us, you act so hostile? It truly makes a person’s heart cold.”

Shen Chengfeng directly burst into curses. “Ye Lingfeng, don’t give me that c.r.a.p! I’m already well aware of what kind of garbage person you are. You think others don’t know your sinister plots? Last time, it was your fault that we lost our territory, and this time you intentionally created an opening to allow the t.i.tan Blood Bull race to come here, almost causing us to lose more ground! Now you even dare to come here and try to take advantage of our work? You shameless trash, you’re the disgrace of the Heavenly Dragon Legion.”

“Hahaha, you’re getting so angry over something so small? You really aren’t fit to be a commander. No wonder you’ve always remained the bottom ranking existence and never managed to climb up. Shen Chengfeng, you’re too unskilled. Go back and cultivate for a few more years. However, based on my vision, you’ll only be able to remain at this level for the rest of your lifetime,” said Ye Lingfeng without the slightest anger at Shen Chengfeng’s insults. The enmity between the two of them was not a matter of one or two days. He waved his hand to his people. “Go take back the prey that we killed.”

“These are our spoils of battle. Do you want to try touching them?!”

The eighth legion’s warriors immediately charged forward, raging.

All the arrow towers locked onto Ye Lingfeng and the others. These spoils were earned with their blood and their comrades’ lives.

In the face of those arrow towers, Ye Lingfeng sneered, “The corpses that have the arrows of my third legion belong to us. Those are the rules. If you want to try it, then try it. Let me see if you dare to actually fire at me.”

A few of the third legion’s warriors began to pick up the corpses right in front of the eighth legion’s warriors. Although they didn’t touch the ones that had only been slain by the eighth legion, the eighth legion’s warriors were all enraged. They clenched their teeth furiously but didn’t actually attack.

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Those were the rules of the divine families. Whoever killed the prey was who the prey would belong to.

Shen Chengfeng could barely contain his rage. He knew that Ye Lingfeng had schemed against them. If things had gone as Ye Lingfeng had planned, then the eighth legion might have been routed and forced to retreat even further.

Long Chen’s arrival had been something he hadn’t expected, so he hadn’t managed to get everything that he had wanted. But even though he hadn’t managed to swoop in and take all the profit in the end, he had still managed to p.i.s.s off the eighth legion.

Shen Chengfeng suppressed his fury and walked over to Long Chen. “Brother Long, I’m sorry for this. How about we give you half of everything in addition to the bezoars?”

Every part of the t.i.tan Blood Bull race was important. The pizzle in particular was a great supplement for men, one capable of increasing their fertility. The higher the cultivation base, the lower the fertility of a cultivator. This was a suppression of the Heavenly Daos. The stronger they were, the stronger their descendants were.

This was also why it was very difficult for two peerless experts to have children. Many of them would be unable to bear a child their entire lives. However, if they did have one, there would be a high chance of that child inheriting their father and mother’s strongest bloodlines, giving the child a huge head start on everyone else when it came to cultivation.

The pizzle was quite popular amongst those who had reached the Life Star realm and beyond. However, it was a rare treasure that couldn’t be bought with money.

Even if they split half of everything with Long Chen, that would still be enough to make up for the eighth legion’s losses today. Also, Shen Chengfeng was quite bold to offer Long Chen that much. Most people wouldn’t have been capable of it.

“I don’t want anything else other than the bezoars. I wouldn’t have been able to kill so many of them on my own, so everyone contributed. To take all those bezoars for myself is already very shameless of me,” said Long Chen.

“Brother Long, if it weren’t for you-!”

Long Chen shook his head. “Let’s not argue. After cleaning up the battlefield, I have something I want to say to everyone. Do you want revenge?”

“You have a way?” Shen Chengfeng’s eyes lit up.

“How refres.h.i.+ng. Did you think I didn't have a way to handle this?” Long Chen smiled wickedly. Ye Lingfeng wished to play? He would play.

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