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Chapter 2112 Dragon Blood Manifestation

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Chapter 2112 Dragon Blood Manifestation

When Long Chen arrived at the Dragonblood Legion’s seclusion area, he was shocked. Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and the others had intense Blood Qi fluctuations surging out of them. Faint dragon cries could be heard coming from their bodies.

There were over a thousand Dragonblood warriors in the same condition. Just by standing there, it felt like every one of them had a wild dragon roaring within them.

“You’ve awakened your manifestations?” exclaimed Meng Qi. This auras could not be compared to before.

“We… don’t know if it counts as awakened or not.” Gu Yang scratched his head.

“If it’s awakened then it’s awakened, if it’s not then it’s not. What do you mean you don’t know?” asked Chu Yao. Gu Yang’s words were incomprehensible.

“Ah, I can’t explain it. Boss, take a look!”

Gu Yang flexed his arms, and his manifestation burst into existence behind him. A clear dragon roar came from within his manifestation. There was a giant blood dragon coiling within it.

When that blood dragon roared, Gu Yang’s Blood Qi erupted in power. Blood-colored dragon scales covered his body as the Dragon Blood Battle Armor activated automatically.

Furthermore, as his manifestation remained active, small images appeared within the scales. Looking carefully, they were compressed versions of the dragon.

“Let’s test one punch,” said Long Chen.


Gu Yang smashed a fist at Long Chen. Long Chen’s fist became covered in white dragon scales to block Gu Yang’s attack, but the result was that his wrist almost broke.

“d.a.m.n, this power’s pretty good!” exclaimed Long Chen.

Although he hadn’t summoned his full power, Gu Yang also hadn’t used any magical art. That had just been the power of his physical body.

“Hehe, boss, this power might be pretty good now, but we still haven’t grown accustomed to it. I feel like once we can perfectly control this power, we’ll be so strong that we’ll frighten even ourselves!” Gu Yang excitedly clenched his fists.

“Were you trying to bait me into embarra.s.sing myself just now? You clearly awakened your manifestation, and yet you still acted like you didn’t,” said Long Chen.

“Boss, I really don’t know if this counts,” said Gu Yang. “Isn’t it said that only one kind of manifestation can appear in the world at a time?”

“Yes, that’s common knowledge.” Long Chen nodded.

Although there were millions and millions of different manifestations within this world, two could not be the same in one era. Each awakened manifestation was unique in this world.

“Li Qi, you demonstrate for boss,” said Gu Yang.

Li Qi walked up. With a shout, he also summoned his manifestation. Seeing that, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Long Chen were dumbfounded.

“How is that possible?”

Li Qi’s manifestation was the exact same as Gu Yang’s, down to the smallest fluctuations.

“Not only that. Mingyuan and the others, show your manifestations to boss!” Gu Yang turned to Song Mingyuan and the other Dragonblood warriors.

As one manifestation was activated after another, Long Chen’s eyes almost popped out. All the Dragonblood warriors had the exact same manifestation.

“So, boss, we really don’t know if this counts as awakening our manifestations,” said Gu Yang helplessly.

Long Chen was dumbfounded for a moment before he laughed, “Whether or not you awakened, tell me, do you feel much stronger?”

“Of course. I feel so full of power, and I want to start fighting right now!” shouted Gu Yang. The other warriors were the same. Having their strength instantly grow so much made them feel unstoppable.

“Alright, just focus on stabilizing your manifestations. Your auras aren’t stable at all. Make sure to stay steady.” Long Chen waved his hand.

After that, he went to see the other Dragonblood warriors who hadn’t awakened their manifestations. They were envious, but Long Chen told them not to be impatient. It would soon be their turn.

Long Chen then went to find Ye Zhiqiu and Tang Wan-er. They were both in seclusion. From a distance, the mountain range that Ye Zhiqiu was in was encased in ice and filled with falling snow.

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At the top of a mountain, Ye Zhiqiu was sitting lotus style. She looked like a G.o.ddess of ice and snow.

“You’re overestimating the other side while underestimating us. Don’t worry, everything is within my control. You can focus on awakening your manifestations, the sooner the better. This battle with the Mechanism Sect is just the appetizer. The truly dangerous parts will come after,” said Long Chen.

The two of them couldn’t sway Long Chen, so they agreed. They went into seclusion, each taking a Hundred Flower Dao Resonation Pill.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and Ye Zhiqiu were all occupying a mountain, cultivating within the grand formation. Seeing those four beauties cultivating, a warm smile appeared on Long Chen’s face. They were his greatest support. With them present, his heart would be forever full.

Just as Xia Chen said, two days later, the hidden formation that the other side had concealed themselves in began to approach the third layer of defenses of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race.

The grand protective formation actually wasn’t able to sense them. It went without saying that the Mechanism Sect was truly skilled. They had managed to conceal so many people perfectly.

If Xia Chen hadn’t created a special formation during this time just for this purpose, perhaps rivers of blood would really flow within the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race.

During these two days, mysterious experts disturbed the Xuantian Dao Sect just as Long Chen guessed would happen. Some people even entered the sect before slipping away, causing the Xuantian Dao Sect to maintain their state of high alert.

Long Chen had Xia Chen send a message to Li Tianxuan, telling him what was happening and how to cooperate. He was to enter a strict lockdown and beg the Martial Heaven Alliance for reinforcements.

“Boss, their figures have appeared again. Hehe, their grand formation isn’t able to hide in front of me,” snickered Xia Chen. The stone pillars behind him unleashed rays of light that coalesced into an image in the air.

There was a strange beast within the image. That beast had a dark and blurry ma.s.s of experts within its stomach. Their faces were too blurry to see. A portion of them were human, but some of them were particularly large and thick. Long Chen immediately recognized them as being from the Stone race.

“Amazing.” Long Chen gave Xia Chen a thumbs-up. His formation skills were truly admirable.

“That beast is a divine item they constructed. Amazing, even if we walked straight into them, we wouldn’t sense it. That divine item will create its own duplicated s.p.a.ce so anyone who walks into it will temporarily enter that duplicated s.p.a.ce and pa.s.s through without sensing anything,” said Xia Chen.

Long Chen nodded. There was nothing to say about that. The Mechanism Sect had existed for countless years and had a thick foundation. For them to have some rare treasures was normal.

“We can close the net. Cut off their path of retreat. I’ll bring our brothers over to give them an appetizer.”

Long Chen patted Xia Chen’s shoulder. A wicked smile appeared on his face before he vanished.

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