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南之情 - Feelings Of South

Chapter 855 - What is Lu Chengzhou Talking About?

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Chapter 855: What is Lu Chengzhou Talking About?

At the hotel.

Gu Mang could not help but stiffen slightly when she read the message on her phone. She soon received another message from Gu Si, stating, [The Lu Military Group as well! Everything belongs to you, sis! Brother Jiang and his team will be bringing the legal doc.u.ments over for you to sign!]

The calmer Gu Si seemed on the surface, the more shocked he was on the inside.

Gu Mang’s grip on her phone tightened slightly.

“What’s wrong? What message did Old Madam Lu leave for you?” Lin Shuang raised her eyebrows slightly as she sipped her wine. Since Old Madam Lu told Gu Mang about Lu Chengzhou with her dying breath, she must’ve figured that she would return to Jijing Island. Did she include an apology and a thank you in her will?

Gu Mang looked up and whispered, “She left all the a.s.sets under her name, as well as the Lu Military Group, to me.”

Lin Shuang choked on her wine and started coughing furiously. It took her a while before she stopped coughing. Her face was scrunched up in disbelief and the hand that was holding the wine gla.s.s was trembling slightly. “What? Did I hear correctly?! She left her entire fortune to you?!”

“The team of lawyers will be bringing the doc.u.ments over for me to sign later,” answered Gu Mang with a nod.

“What…” Looking incredulous, Lin Shuang put down the wine gla.s.s and said with much difficulty, “Half of the Lu family’s fortune is going to you just like that?!”

So I was right?! I was just kidding when I asked her whether she would get a share of the inheritance, but it turned out to be true! In fact, she’s going to inherit everything under Old Madam Lu’s name! It must be an immeasurable amount! No matter how much Old Madam Lu liked Gu Mang, surely this is too much?! What a trenchant and unfathomable decision!

Gu Mang did not respond. She merely drummed her fingers against the book.


Everyone at the funeral venue was still in a daze.

Qin Fang was slack-jawed. “Was Old Madam Lu unaware of the fact that Gu Mang is a member of the Gu family and that she’ll have to return to Jijing Island? Did she think that leaving her fortune to Gu Mang was the same as leaving it to Brother Cheng because she treated her as a granddaughter-in-law?”

He Yidu, who appeared far calmer than Qin Fang, returned his question with another instead. “Do you think Old Madam Lu wouldn’t be able to figure out Gu Mang and Gu Si’s ident.i.ties when we’ve already guessed them?”

“What do you mean?” Qin Fang cursed before adding, “The fortune she left for Gu Mang is half of the Lu family’s a.s.sets!”

Most importantly, most of the weapons and materials supplied to No. 14 Research Center and Red Scorpion come from the Lu Military Group. I’m afraid that things will never be the same. Never has something like this happened in the capital before!

He Yidu turned to look at Lu Chengzhou, but he could not see any emotions on his face. He appeared as indifferent as before, as if he did not mind the a.s.sets going to Gu Mang.

The commotion was getting louder and louder, meanwhile.

“Are you saying that everything is going to Gu Mang instead of us?” Lu Ruoshui asked once more as she squeezed her fingers tightly.

Jiang Shenyuan politely answered, “Yes.”

“I don’t believe it! I refuse to believe that my mother would give half of our family’s fortune to Gu Mang!” She glared at Jiang Shenyuan. “It’s not like she doesn’t have anyone to inherit her a.s.sets. Why would she give them to Jijing Island’s Gu family instead?!”

“It would be fine if Gu Mang was engaged to Chengzhou, but she’s now Huo Zhi’s fiancée!” a member of the Lu family added. “She has nothing to do with the Lu family, so what right does she have to become the owner of the Lu Military Group?”

Lu Zhan and Ye Junci narrowed their eyes slightly as they looked at their son nervously, not knowing how he would react. They had been careful not to mention Gu Mang’s name around him the entire time, but now there was no avoiding it.

He Yidu and Qin Fang’s hearts were in their mouths too.

Huo Zhi and Elder Gu looked over as well, only to see Lu Chengzhou give his uncle a cold look. “Ms. Gu is my fiancée? Where did that rumor come from?”

Not mentioning the speechless Gu Si, even Jiang Shenyuan was confused. What is Lu Chengzhou talking about? I don’t understand what he’s saying.

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Huo Zhi and Elder Gu exchanged a meaningful look. Did Lu Chengzhou really forget Gu Mang?

With that, he and his team left the funeral venue.

Second Master Lu glanced in their direction before turning to shoot a glare at his nephew, clenching his teeth. “Do you know how damaging this is for our family?!”

“No idea.” Lu Chengzhou swept an indifferent but harsh gaze across everyone present. “I don’t want to take action during Grandma’s funeral, so you all better behave yourselves.”

Everyone else stiffened as they instinctively looked at the black-clothed men with guns surrounding them. The black-clothed men all worked for Lu Chengzhou, so for a moment, n.o.body dared to make a sound.

The funeral thus went on.

At the hotel.

The team of lawyers sat across from Gu Mang.

The corners of Lin Shuang’s lips twitched when she saw the stack of doc.u.ments on the table. She couldn’t imagine just how much Old Madam Lu had left for Gu Mang.

“I don’t want these things. Bring them over to Lu Chengzhou,” said Gu Mang calmly.

“From what I recall, you’re always in need of money. This will definitely be more than enough for you. Do think it over.” Jiang Shenyuan, who was reaching for a doc.u.ment, paused and patted the stack of doc.u.ments instead. He did not know what had happened between Gu Mang and Lu Chengzhou, nor was he in a position to ask for details. Both of them were bigwigs who did things their own way. It was not up to him to comment on their relations.h.i.+p.

“Reason?” Gu Mang looked up. It’d be one thing if Granny left me some money, but she even gave me the Lu Military Group. No matter what her reason may be, this is too much.

“Do you think Old Madam Lu will tell us?” retorted Jiang Shenyuan. “We’re only doing as told by our client. Furthermore, it’s her dying wish.”

“We don’t know for sure if these a.s.sets will be a blessing or a curse. What did the Lu family say when they found out that all of Old Madam Lu’s a.s.sets are going to Gu Mang?” Lin Shuang tutted. They’d better not bring us trouble.

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