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南之情 - Feelings Of South

Chapter 854 - An Explosive Will!

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Chapter 854: An Explosive Will!

“My sis isn’t here. You can just tell me instead,” Gu Si, who was surprised at being called out, answered in confusion. He then shrugged Huo Zhi’s hand off of his shoulder and walked toward Jiang Shenyuan.

The people in front of him cleared a path for him as they watched him pa.s.s by in shock.

Jiang Shenyuan, on the other hand, remained silent for a couple of seconds. “Give your sister a call and get her to come to the Lu residence.”

“She’s not free. Just let me know what it’s about.” While speaking, Gu Si shot a glance in Lu Chengzhou’s direction. He did not expect Lu Chengzhou to be looking at him, though. When their eyes met, he froze for a moment before calmly and nonchalantly looking away.

“Your sister has to be around for this. You can’t represent her. Just give her a call.”

Gu Si shrugged. “The will must be about the allocation of the Lu family’s inheritance. It has nothing to do with my sister. If Granny Lu has left a message for my sister, I can relay it to her.”

“That’s right!” Lu Ruoshui piped up in irritation. “Why are you insisting on Gu Mang’s presence? Do we all have to stay here and wait for her?”

Jiang Shenyuan had heard about Gu Mang’s return to the capital last night, so he saw no need to contact her since he figured that the purpose of her return was to attend Old Madam Lu’s funeral. Hence, her absence came as a surprise to him and his team.

However, it was also inappropriate to make the entire Lu family wait for Gu Mang, someone who wasn’t even officially a member of the family. A lawyer from his team thus stepped forward and whispered a suggestion to him. At that, he looked at Gu Si, asking, “Can we do a video call with her?”

“I have to ask her first,” Gu Si answered after a moment of contemplation. He then took out his phone to send a message to Gu Mang.

At the hotel.

Lin Shuang, who had completed her mission in Country D, came to the capital looking for Gu Mang after hearing that she was here.

It had been almost two months since they had last seen each other and Gu Mang was thinner than she had been last meeting. Lin Shuang did not believe that her friend could lose weight when she was around Lu Chengzhou, so she figured that her weight loss must have occurred during her time on Jijing Island.

“Why did you return to the capital when you’re not going to attend Old Madam Lu’s funeral?” asked Lin Shuang as she leaned back against the sofa with a gla.s.s of red wine in hand.

Gu Mang, who was sucking on a lollipop while reading a medical textbook that was on her lap, did not answer her.

Lin Shuang sipped on some wine and was just about to ask another question when she heard Gu Mang’s phone vibrate.

Gu Mang turned her head slightly and picked up the phone next to her. It was a message from Gu Si. [Sis, Brother Jiang and his lawyer team came to read Old Madam Lu’s will, but he said that your presence is required. So he’s asking if they can do a video call with you.]

“What’s wrong?” asked Lin Shuang when she saw Gu Mang furrowed eyebrows.

Gu Mang read out the message to her.

“Why the heck is your presence required? Will you get a share of the inheritance?” Lin Shuang let out an incredulous laugh before adding, “Not to mention, Lu Chengzhou doesn’t remember you. Even if he did, you’re not legally ent.i.tled to the Lu family’s a.s.sets since you two aren’t married.”

Gu Mang looked down and thought about it for a few seconds before replying, [Do as you deem fit.]

On the other side.

I knew she wouldn’t be coming. After reading Gu Mang’s message, Gu Si shoved his phone into his pocket and looked up. Speaking in his childish voice, he said, “My sister isn’t free. Just tell me what it’s about and I’ll relay the message to her.”

Jiang Shenyuan and his team of lawyers exchanged helpless looks with one another.

Lu Xiwei sneered. “Why do you have to kick up such a big fuss when all Granny left is just a few words for Gu Mang? You make it seem like she has to be present because she’s ent.i.tled to part of the Lu family’s fortune.”

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Jiang Shenyuan looked at Gu Si. “Alright. In that case, I’ll now announce Old Madam Lu’s will. Be sure to pa.s.s on the message to your sister.”

The brief silence exploded into chaos in no time.

“What did she mean by that?” Second Master Lu glared at Jiang Shenyuan.

Jiang Shenyuan replied, “I believe Old Madam Lu has expressed herself very clearly. All the a.s.sets under her name will go to Ms. Gu Mang.”

He even emphasized the word ‘all.’

“Impossible!” Second Master Lu refused to believe it. “Gu Mang has nothing to do with our family, so how can she be ent.i.tled to all of Old Madam’s a.s.sets?!”

“That’s right!” Fourth Master Lu hissed through clenched teeth. “We wouldn’t say anything if she left a small portion of her a.s.sets to Gu Mang, but how can she possibly give the Lu Military Group to Gu Mang?!”

Everything is going to Gu Mang and we don’t get a single penny?! Not even her precious grandson, Lu Chengzhou?! Gu Mang is from Jijing Island and she’s even engaged to Huo Zhi!

“My mother must have been delirious when recording her will!”

“That’s right! This will be illegitimate!”

n.o.body believed the authenticity of the will. Thus, the funeral venue erupted into chaos. Even the guests who came to give their condolences did not expect to see such a scene. This was probably the most ridiculous will they had ever heard of. n.o.body in the right frame of mind would give away the Lu family’s most important military group to an outsider. It was no wonder that the attendees thought that the late Old Madam Lu was not in a clear state of mind when recording the will.

Jiang Shenyuan swept his gaze across each member of the Lu family. “Before Old Madam Lu recorded her will, doctors from Capital University Hospital, the Yu Group’s private hospital, and even Red Scorpion’s medical team a.s.sessed her mental state and declared that she was not impaired in any way. If you don’t believe me, I can give you a copy of the doctor’s notes later.”

The three mentioned medical organizations had utmost authority in the capital. Thus, the Lu family could no longer doubt the authenticity of the will. Old Madam Lu’s a.s.sets were indeed going to an outsider.

Jiang Shenyuan turned to face Gu Si. “Tell your sister that my team and I will be going to the hotel she’s staying at to look for her later. She has some legal doc.u.ments to sign.”

When Gu Si returned to his senses, he very calmly hummed an a.s.sent before taking his phone out to send a message to his sister. [Wtf! Big news, sis!! Old Madam Lu left her a.s.sets to you! You! Omg!!!]

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