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南之情 - Feelings Of South

Chapter 853 - The Will! Gu Mang Has To Be Present!

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Chapter 853: The Will! Gu Mang Has To Be Present!

At today’s funeral, there were popular people from the business sectors of various countries and well-known politicians from all over the world. Huo Zhi was a familiar face to most politicians.

They all looked over at the man as he walked through the crowd.

Any Elder from the Elders’ a.s.sociation could have served as Jijing Island’s representative at Matriarch Lu’s funeral. Given Huo Zhi’s status, there was no need for him to attend in person.

So for those few seconds, the entire hall was dead silent as everyone looked at Huo Zhi.

Lu Chengzhou stood beside the crystal coffin and bowed to express his grat.i.tude to the guests who had come to pay respects. When he sensed that the atmosphere had changed, he turned to look at the crowd.

He looked in the direction of the entrance.

Huo Zhi was at the front. There was a young boy beside him and a few elders behind him.

“Is Gu Mang not here?” Qin Fang scanned the faces and asked curiously.

When He Yidu looked over, his anxious heart calmed down and he nodded. “I think so.”

Gu Mang likely put in a lot of effort to remove herself from Brother Cheng’s memory. Surely, she did not want anything to go wrong.

Lu Chengzhou was dressed in a black suit and he was wearing a black glove on his right hand. There was a red dot on the glove.

In the middle of the hall some people were offering condolences on a mat near Old Madam’s coffin. They were supposed to step forward to say a few words to Lu Chengzhou and Lu Zhan.

Suddenly, everyone went quiet. Everyone’s eyes were on Huo Zhi.

The people offering condolence stepped to the side and made way for Huo Zhi and his entourage. Huo Zhi and the group walked over. They bowed three times at the crystal coffin respectfully. When Gu Si looked up, he glanced at Lu Chengzhou and their eyes met for a second.

Lu Chengzhou had no reaction at all. His eyes looked distant.

Gu Si was speechless.

F*ck! Gu Si cursed inwardly.

His sister had told him that she had erased Lu Chengzhou’s memory but seeing it for himself was way more thrilling than hearing it from her.

For a moment, he thought about saying, “d.a.m.n, my sister’s skills are so impressive! She even hypnotized the big boss of Red Flame”but decided against it.

Ye Junci stood not far from the coffin and when she saw that Gu Mang did not come, she looked at Lu Zhan. The two of them relaxed their tense nerves.

After Huo Zhi bowed, he stood up straight and walked towards Lu Chengzhou and Lu Zhan. “Commander Lu, Young Master Lu, my deepest sympathies to you and your family.”

Lu Zhan shook hands with Huo Zhi politely.

Huo Zhi approached Lu Chengzhou. Lu Chengzhou slanted his body slightly and glanced at Huo Zhi’s hand nonchalantly.

When the others saw that Lu Chengzhou did not lift his hand, they were a little confused.

After a long pause, Lu Chengzhou looked up with a calm expression. He shook his hand lightly and perfunctorily. “Thank you.”

When Lu Chengzhou retracted his hand, he glanced at Gu Si. “Is Mr. Huo married now?”

Gu Si was speechless. What the f*ck?

When Huo Zhi heard this, he was shocked. When he realized who Lu Chengzhou was talking about, he answered politely, “This is the younger brother of my fiancée, the Young Master of the Gu family.”

Huo Zhi stared firmly into Lu Chengzhou’s eyes as he spoke. Something seemed to be brewing deep inside Lu Chengzhou’s eyes.

Lu Chengzhou raised his eyebrow slightly as if he were not very interested. “Is that so?”

Gu Si was speechless.

Huo Zhi nodded politely. “I hope that Young Master Lu will be able to attend my wedding later.”

Lu Chengzhou answered calmly, “If I am free.”

Lu Zhan looked at the two of them, hoping no trouble would occur. He said, “Mr. Huo, please move to the side and have some rest.”

Huo Zhi nodded slightly. “Alright.”

The group from Jijing Island turned and walked off the mat in the middle of the hall.

Gu Si stuck both hands in his pocket and softened his voice as he walked over to the side. His tone was very cold. “My sister does not acknowledge the marriage agreement. Stop spreading lies.”

Huo Zhi looked down at him. “What? Are you still thinking of calling Lu Chengzhou your brother-in-law?”

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“Ha!” Gu Si laughed in a haughty and provocative manner. “Do you think I wouldn’t dare to?”

Some people were joyful and some people were worried. The members of the branch families got excited.

Second Old Master Lu laughed. “How much would the branch family members even get? I think Old Madam wants it to be announced in front of everyone because the company is not going to belong to this heir.”

He glanced at Lu Chengzhou to signal who he was referring to. If the inheritance did not go to the eldest son’s family, then everyone would get a share.

He did expect Old Madam to not give the military group to Lu Chengzhou.

Lu Chengzhou did not say anything. He gave Lu Yī, who was beside him, a look. Lu Yī nodded to indicate that he understood and he lowered his head slightly. He pressed his earpiece and said something.

Members of Red Scorpion, dressed in black uniforms, walked in an orderly manner, their guns at their waists. They separated the guests who had come to mourn from the Lu family.

Jiang Shenyuan handed the briefcase to the lawyer next to him.

Then, he took a step forward with the sealed doc.u.ment and turned to face everyone.

“Excuse me, I heard that Ms. Gu Mang was also here today. Where is she?”

As soon as Jiang Shenyuan came in, he looked around but he could not see Gu Mang. Gu Si was there and so was Huo Zhi from Jijing Island.

In the past few days, no one had mentioned her name in front of Lu Chengzhou.

When Lu Zhan suddenly heard that his eyebrows twitched and he looked at Lu Chengzhou.

When he noticed that there were no changes in his son’s expression, he sighed in relief. Then, he turned to Jiang Shenyuan and asked, “Why are you looking for Gu Mang when you are going to broadcast the will?”

Jiang Shenyuan nodded slightly and answered politely, “Ms. Gu Mang has to be here before we can broadcast the will.”

Everyone exchanged glances.

Although Old Madam had liked Gu Mang a lot, she had never been formally engaged to Lu Chengzhou. Secondly, they had never officially announced their relations.h.i.+p to the outside world. Gu Mang was still an outsider.

Old Madam’s will was the Lu family’s affair. Why was an outsider required to be present?

Lu Zhan said, “Gu Mang is not here today.”

Jiang Shenyuan looked at Gu Si who was nearby. “Little Si, where is your sister?”

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