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南之情 - Feelings Of South

Chapter 588 - Not You? Then Explain This Document.

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Chapter 588: Not You? Then Explain This Doc.u.ment.

Yu Mufeng squinted and stopped smiling. “A thief acting like a cop.”

Su Jiaying glared at him with her red eyes. “You are all accusing me! Maligning me!”

There were no surveillance cameras in the dormitory. Su Jiaying was sure that they had no other evidence than the speech being under the bed. The script alone was insufficient evidence to prove her guilt. When she thought of this, she felt more confident.

Qin Yaozhi looked at Su Jiaying’s face. She seemed to have a clear conscience but the way that she tried to play the blame game made Qin Yaozhi feel so angry that she felt her chest was about to explode.

Su Jiaying spoke so loudly that it reverberated throughout the entire corridor.

After she spoke, she turned to Gu Mang, her eyes filled with fury. “Did I offend you in some way? Is this how much you hate me? Resorting to these dirty tactics to accuse me?”

The instructor felt that this could actually be a misunderstanding when she saw how wronged Su Jiaying seemed to be. Gu Mang was a perfect-scoring scholar that was recruited by Professor Yang. Su Jiaying was also a top performing student on the university entrance exams that they had enrolled into the medical school. It was a tough call.

They were afraid that this issue would cause an even greater conflict between these two girls. The fact that they were roommates was even more awkward.

The instructor quickly stepped forward. “Jiaying, calm down. Perhaps the investigation really wasn’t clear…”

Gu Mang leaned against the door frame of the dormitory with a nonchalant posture. She crossed her arms and tapped her beautiful fingers.

When Su Jiaying saw that the instructor was beginning to go soft, she got even more domineering and adopted a stronger stance. “Evidence is needed for everything. The way that you are all accusing me…”

“You hold out hope until faced with agrim reality.” Lu Chengzhou spoke suddenly in a soft tone. Everyone’s head became numb and cold. Ren had come with Lu Chengzhou. As for the other school leaders, it was the first time they had ever come to Red Scorpion. They did not know Lu Chengzhou and Qin Fang.

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Lu Chengzhou and the others were wearing the special black camouflage that was only available to Red Scorpion. Even if the others did not know who he was, the special training uniform was enough to make the school leaders behave respectfully towards him.

Among all the subordinates of the Lu Family who were named with numbers, none of them were not afraid of Ms. Gu after the trip to Red Flame in March.

He handed the doc.u.ments to Ren. Ren took it and opened it up. After looking at them, his face became gloomy.

He glanced at Su Jiaying. For a moment, Su Jiaying felt like a bone-to-shoulder chill from her feet to the top of her head. Ren was silent for two seconds. Then, he asked, “Are you going to self-withdraw or would you like to be expelled?”

Su Jiaying did not know what Ren was holding and she had no time to think either. From the way that the school was dealing with this matter, Ren was indeed on Gu Mang’s side.

Su Jiaying’s heart was still full of indignance. “What?, I already said that I did not swap Gu Mang’s script!”

“You didn’t?” Ren waved the doc.u.ment in hand. “Then explain why the fingerprints on the doc.u.ment matched yours.”

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