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Molded Dried Vegetable Flatbread - 霉干菜烧饼

Chapter 804

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Nothing but Misfortune

Yang Chen licked the grease and bits of meat off his lips before he spoke. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Your chefs are top-notch. Did they add any special herbs by any chance? The roasted suckling pig had a tinge of herbal medicine which enhanced the flavor.”

“Good to know you enjoyed it,” Tang Dianshan awkwardly replied. “This is a medicinal cuisine unique to the Tang Sect. Our chefs are actually the elderly and the disciples tasked to research and develop new beneficial drugs. Oh, about the Tower of Scrolls…”

“Where is it?”


“The tower. Where is it located?” Yang Chen quickly repeated.

Tang Dianshan and the others were confused at his sudden request.

“What? Are you going to deny my entry again?” Yang Chen frowned as his tone s.h.i.+fted to being slightly hostile.

Tang Dianshan was quick to deny his speculations. “Of course not. We might have full restriction towards outsiders entering the Tower of Scrolls, but you are a unique exception to the case. Furthermore, with your Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture cultivation technique, Master Yang, worrying about your greed has become the last of our concerns.”

“So all that nonsense just to say you'll allow me to enter?” Yang Chen pouted as he shook his head in disbelief. “You people have the lowest efficiency I've ever seen. Who beats around the bush nowadays?”

Tang Dianshan and the others awkwardly grinned but were not agitated by his crude remarks. To have a cultivator of his level and proficiency to share a meal with them was already more than what they could have hoped for.

When they thought about it, geniuses of an array of sectors had always been excluded from the confinement of societal restrictions, just like this young man before them. His free-spoken personality might be the reason why he had achieved such heights.

Tang Luyi took the conversation over as she added, “The Tower of Scrolls is located at the backhills of the Tang Ancestral Fortress. In the case of intrusion, there are up to a hundred different trap formations. In addition to that, there are Xiantian cultivators rounding the area in case of any possible failures in the traps.

“If you wish to enter tomorrow, my brother and I will personally diffuse the traps and allow you a safe pa.s.sage. I know they are probably not a big deal for you but we have protocols to follow here.”

With that, the elders reaffirmed Yang Chen's primary motivation to visit the Tang sect, which left him rather satisfied by the progress. Well aware of how Cai Ning was reminiscent of the venue of much of her adolescence, he thought to accompany her for the next few days as she reconnected with her elders and seniors.

Besides, Yang Chen knew he himself might require slightly more time to fully interpret and decipher the literature of his liking.

Tang Dianshan and the other elders shared a glance before he hesitatingly questioned, “Master Yang, if I may, what do you think the level of the perpetrator's cultivation is at?”

Yang Chen chugged a mouthful of wine before he replied, “I'm not too sure myself. But I can say for sure that his level is above the Soul Forming stage. It is entirely possible that he had the a.s.sistance of a divine artifact to s.h.i.+eld himself from me. But rest a.s.sured that your sect will be left unharmed by him in the near future. His goal was to extract the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture from me.”

The crowd was horrified by his reply. The fact that there was someone so powerful under their noses was something that took a little longer than a moment to comprehend.

An elder spoke up. “Logically speaking, Hongmeng would not pull such a trick on a generational ancient martial arts sect. It goes against their principles. We're now talking about someone above the Soul Forming stage yet dispa.s.sionate towards research and intellectual studying towards the betterment of their cultivation. Could it be…”

“Impossible!” Tang Luyi instantly shunned his deduction. “They wouldn't do such a thing!”

The crowd erupted into a discussion upon the subtle deduction.

Yang Chen peculiarly sneaked a glance at Tang Luyi, before he frustratingly took to ask, “What is it, I suppose all of you had somebody in mind?”

Tang Dianshan sighed. “Actually, we chose to avoid jumping to that conclusion which was why we decided to keep it a secret. Nevertheless, Master Yang possesses cultivations far beyond ours, so I am rather convinced that you might cross paths in the future.

“Our a.s.sumptions point towards the other ancient sect of Hongmeng, on the same footing as us on its reputation as an ancient power, or should I say, clans. The rumored 'great ancient clans'.“

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“Great ancient clans? What's that?” Yang Chen finally decided to stop eating and pay attention to their words.

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