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Chapter 1078

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Chapter 1078: My Daughter Is Grown

Following his words closely, Liu Mingyu was left awestruck. “Could this be what they meant when they said, the thing we wanted all our lives was here all along?”

Yang Chen nearly choked from her remark. “You realize we almost died trying to get this right?”

Liu Mingyu contemplated a little upon his reply and realized it was truly a turn of fate.

“Regardless, we can call it a mission accomplished!” The lady happily proclaimed.

“But I'm still not a hundred percent sure yet. We need Zhiqing to verify this once she's fully recovered. For now, I'll get someone to take this to my headquarters.”

“Your headquarters?” Liu Mingyu was visibly perplexed.

Yang Chen then quickly summarised the incident over at the Mediterranean coast, and it was then Liu Mingyu was clear that it was where his initial wedding was held.

Yang Chen noticed her change in expression as he quickly rea.s.sured her. “C'mon, you ladies chose not to attend. Besides, if you really want to go we can always go there for a holiday.”

Liu Mingyu naturally was not genuinely offended as she asked out of curiosity. “Why don't we s.h.i.+p it back to Zhonghai then?”

Yang Chen explained, “The masked culprit that ambushed us, and the mysterious person who saved me are currently still unknown. If they've got guts to come to Australia, then it goes without saying that the threat is much higher back home. If we lose this, we will lose everything we fought for.”

The decision was set.

Yang Chen promptly ordered Makedon to send a team of Mossad veterans to take everything away. Anything that once belonged to China will be returned respectively, and the rest will be kept as per Yang Chen's request.

The reason as to why he did not a.s.sign Sauron's mercenaries to stop by, was with consideration of the commercial value of many of the treasures present. He eventually decided that it was more secure if the courageous and detail-oriented Mossad veterans were to handle the cargo transport.

The unknown bronze cauldron will be sent to the forgotten nation, to the enormous cliffside castle that Yang Chen owned.

After dealing with this, Yang Chen escorted Liu Mingyu onto a private jet heading back to China, rea.s.suring her that he would care for Xue Zhiqing, before rus.h.i.+ng back to London's St Maria hospital.

Xue Zhiqing was sent into the VIP ward with professional intensive care. She has since woke up and had a much better complexion than before her surgery.

She noticed Yang Chen strolling into the ward and had instantly tried to make her way up into a sitting position but was quickly halted by the fresh wound on her abdomen.

“Hey hey easy on the wound.” Yang Chen rather heartachingly rushed to her a.s.sistance for her to lie down. “You're not meeting the president, you can lie down.”

Xue Zhiqing giggled with her hand over her mouth. “I heard you carried me here in the middle of the night, invited the best doctor in the whole world just for me. I need to thank you…”

“What's there to thank. That's the most I can do for you.” Yang Chen admitted.

Xue Zhiqing noticed a change in Yang Chen's tone, but she couldn't tell the difference.

“Are you okay?” Xue Zhiqing blinked as she questioned.

Yang Chen's facial expression was indeed rather awkward, emotions of guilt and warmth intertwined from within.

Further consolidating the fact was that she nearly died but still placed his safety as her first priority.

Even though he might have played an important role in giving her life a second go, she did sacrifice everything she had, so what he did was comparatively less significant.

And it was exactly what he did without a second thought, which would eventually lead her to offer everything she could as repayment.

Yang Chen was ashamed, guilt-ridden to many these days, even before his own harem.

Without a second thought, he bent lower, reached out his hand to lift up Xue Zhiqing's fringe and ever so lightly pecked on her forehead.

Xue Zhiqing was caught in a daze as she watched, gradually soaking onto his display of love.

Maybe it was too sudden, or that she was still in disbelief, but her heart skipped a beat.

Silence speaks a thousand words as Xue Zhiqing, at this instant, see-through Yang Chen's intentions.

In the ward, all they could hear were each other's breaths.

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After a prolonged moment of silence, Xue Zhiqing felt rather awkward as she broke it, stuttering from embarra.s.sment. “So…what happened after?”

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