My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

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Chapter 738 - Backup

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Chapter 738: Backup

Of course, otherwise, she would not have called Gu Mingzhe ‘brother’.

Even though Huang Yuhan looked like a mean person, Zhong Qianqian still liked her cousin-in-law, especially after she stood up for Qianqian.

Liang Wanchen’s cheeks flushed with anger after being scolded so viciously by Huang Yuhan. “Huang Yuhan, where’s your self-restraint as a lady? You’re so young, yet you’re already so sharp-tongued. Is this how the Huang family raise you?”

Seeing that her cousin-in-law had been wronged, Zhong Qianqian stepped forward and prepared to start a fight with Liang Wanchen.

However, before Zhong Qianqian could say anything, her words were cut off once more.

“You keep criticizing others’ upbringing, but does that make Miss Liang well-mannered? My nephew’s wife did not provoke you, right? She’s the one joining the Gu family and is about to become the Gu family’s daughter-in-law. May I ask what does this have to do with Miss Liang?

“My niece-in-law didn’t provoke you, yet you speak rudely and call her ignorant. Is this the so-called upbringing Miss Liang keeps harping on about? Chen Sisi is wonderful and good at everything. However, to marry such a woman, don’t you think it will feel like bringing home a 3D computer? Although Qianqian isn’t as well-rounded as Chen Sisi, she’s better than Chen Sisi in one aspect and it’s the fact that she’s being real.

“Qianqian is much more real than Chen Sisi. She’s the real young and lively girl with flesh and blood. For someone like Miss Liang who has the upbringing and n.o.ble character of a wealthy family, you should quickly marry into a second-tier wealthy family and become the rich wife that you’ve always wanted to be. Our Gu family has no need for women like Miss Liang and Miss Chen who possess knowledge without liveliness.”

Then, without waiting for Liang Wanchen to speak, Gu Mingyan walked up to Zhong Qianqian with a smile and held Zhong Qianqian’s hand tenderly. “Qianqian, you must be tired, right? Come, come sit in the room with me. Your uncle has to attend a social gathering tonight, but when he heard you’re coming, he specially prepared a gift for you. Come in and take a look.”

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This was the first time Zhong Qianqian had been protected like this.

Therefore, even though she was angry, she did not dare say anything else and left in a fit of anger.

Gradually, most of the people left, leaving only the Gu family, Aunt Gu Mingyan, and Huang Yuhan.

Zhong Qianqian thought about how she had offended Selina and caused so much trouble for the Gu family. Also, Selina was Gu Mingyan’s daughter, which sent Gu Mingyan on a trip to Jiang District and chucked into the trash can. Zhong Qianqian felt a little embarra.s.sed.

“Auntie, Dad, Mom, I’m sorry. I said something that upset Selina and caused so much trouble for Auntie, Mom, and Dad.”

Hehe, did she think that she could make up for the Gu family’s loss with just an apology?

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