My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Helan Yang Yang - 贺兰央央

Chapter 779 - Revenge?

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Chapter 779: Revenge?

Gu Weiwei finished the story and stared at him for a few seconds.

“I didn’t tell you before, so don’t be angry.”

Fu Hanzheng glanced at her. “Eat.”

“Are you angry or not?” Gu Weiwei asked.

Fu Hanzheng said, “No.”

She did not meet Anthony Gustav, so what was he to be angry about?

Hearing the affirmative words, Gu Weiwei was relieved and continued to eat.

Fu Hanzheng said, “They found He Linna and asked her who did it, so who was it?”

Gu Weiwei sighed and said, “Ling Yan.”

That was one of the reasons why she could not tell Fu Hanzheng before the problem was solved, even if Yuan Shuo told her.

But if she did not answer him, he would continue the investigation.

Fu Hanzheng frowned. “It is her, not the Gu Family?”

Was it really as Shiqin had said, that Gu Siting was in a hurry to find He Linna just to kill her?

“I am not sure. Yuan Meng told me that it was her.” Gu Weiwei sighed helplessly and said, “Recently, because of the compet.i.tion between Sleepless and Dream of a Long Life, her image as the legendary Movie Queen has fallen and I won the Movie Queen t.i.tle at the film festival. It is only right that she hates me.”

Fu Hanzheng thought for a moment. That made sense.

But it was not as if Ling Yan and Gu Siting did not know about their relationship and they wanted to do something to her just because of that?

Seeing his serious look, Gu Weiwei asked, “What is it?”

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“It would make sense if Gu Siting was the mastermind, but if Gu Siting was not involved, it would not have been so simple,” Fu Hanzheng said.

“Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at?”

She just did it for fun, but he had put it in a frame.

“Who dares to laugh at me?” Fu Hanzheng asked.

“…” Gu Weiwei was speechless. He was right, he was the boss and no one would dare laugh at him.

She found a book and sat down, when Yuan Shuo’s message suddenly came through, asking her to meet him at Yuan Bao’s kindergarten.

She calmly replied to the text and continued to read on the sofa. It was not until Yuan Bao finished school that she told Fu Hanzheng that she was going to meet Yuan Shuo.

She parked the car at the appointed place and Yuan Shuo opened the door and got into the car.

“Did everything go well?”

“It went well.” Yuan Shuo took a sip of water from his bottle and looked at her sideways. “Weiwei, must you take revenge on the person who murdered you?”

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