My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Helan Yang Yang - 贺兰央央

Chapter 778 - His Girlfriend

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Chapter 778: His Girlfriend

Anthony Gustav was the one who was searching for them in Barcelona, and now she was involved with Gu Siting.

Fu Hanzheng was not blind, so he would definitely know that she and Yuan Shuo were looking for He Linna.

If Yuan Meng had known that she was so addicted to smoking, maybe she would have tolerated it and tried to sneak away instead of revealing her ident.i.ty to Anthony Gustav.

“Okay, got it,” Gu Weiwei replied.

She had known that she would be exposed the moment she asked Yuan Meng to attend the meeting on her behalf, so she was ready to tell Fu Hanzheng everything.

Sure enough, just as they were on the phone call, Fu Hanzheng had just finished his work when he received Lei Meng’s call.

“Boss, there is news about He Linna.”

“Where are you?” Fu Hanzheng hurried into the office and asked.

Lei Meng said, “She was in the hands of Anthony Gustav, but Yuan Shuo and Yuan Meng secretly took her away. Only the two of them know if she is dead or alive.”

“Yuan Shuo?” Fu Hanzheng was surprised.

Weiwei had brought Yuan Bao here and said that Yuan Shuo would be away for a few days. So he was secretly going to find He Linna?

But why had she not mentioned this to him?

He had already arranged for his men to search for her, but she was worried that Yuan Shuo and Yuan Meng would be searching for her too, so she found her before his men did.

“Boss, Gu Siting also went to Barcelona for He Linna,” Lei Meng said.

“Get the men to leave, they should have found something,” Fu Hanzheng said.

She said that Yuan Shuo would be home today, so she must have gotten the results from He Linna.

He hung up and stayed silent for a while.

His girlfriend seemed to be keeping something from him.

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At 11:30 a.m, Gu Weiwei arrived at the company with lunch and brought some cookies and snacks for the staff.

“Did you find out where she was, from Anthony Gustav?” Fu Hanzheng asked.

Gu Weiwei sighed. “You know everything.”

Fu Hanzheng was eating as he usually did, and he even put a piece of fish into her bowl.

“Not entirely.”

Gu Weiwei bit her lips and confessed.

“When Anthony Gustav found out that I was looking for He Linna, he caught her and asked me to meet him before he gave her to me.”

“But I didn’t want you to be unhappy, so I asked Yuan Meng to pretend to be me. She and Yuan Shuo went to get the He Linna from Anthony Gustav, and that was it.”

Hearing that she did not want him to be unhappy, Fu Hanzheng instantly felt better.

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