My Father in Law is Lu Bu


Chapter 91 - The Precipice of Battle; Enter Huang Zhong

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Chapter 91 – The Precipice of Battle; Enter Huang Zhong

Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

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Inside Huangzhou city's main camp.

“Any activities from Lu Bu’s army?!” Su Fei asked the scout. The news saying that Lu Bu’s army is approaching really made Su Fei restless.

He has not battled with Lu Bu’s army, but he had heard about his prowess making Cao Cao lose disgracefully back in Kaiyang, which made his restlessness even worse.

Moreover, there is something on his mind bothering him all the time. Su Fei always heard about the phrase “Among men, Lu Bu, among horses, Red Hare!”If Lu Bu is said to be the number one warrior who is also riding the number one warhorse, how can Lu Bu form an alliance with Sun Ce??

Jiangdong's Little Conqueror and G.o.d-of-war Lu Bu, they are both arrogant and domineering characters. If they form an alliance, there must be one person who will be the leader of the alliance. Will Lu Bu want to submit under another person again?

If Lu Bu is the leader, can Sun Ce relinquish his Jiangdong to be under Lu Bu's rule?!

Therefore Su Fei has been waiting from the beginning. Waiting for the opportune time to negotiate with Lu Bu’s army. Too bad, all of his efforts have been in vain. Lu Bu’s army, not only did they not explain their actions but directly prepared for battle with them. Is it true that Sun Ce and Lu Bu formed an alliance?!

“Did they send messengers to us?!” Su Fei is a master in naval warfare, but he is also good in land warfare. But currently they only have 10,000 soldiers. It is not sufficient to defend against Lu Bu’s army who currently has soldiers and cavalry as far as the eye can see, making Su Fei's heart quiver in fear.

“They did send a messenger!” Suddenly there is a veteran general coming inside the main tent.

“General Huang!” Su Fei promptly held his fist respectfully toward the veteran.

Su Fei held profound feelings toward this veteran Huang Zhong. Not a disdain and contempt feeling like he had toward Huang She, nor suspicion like toward Huang Zu. Only admiration in his heart.

This veteran general looks old in appearance, but his skill with a curved broadsword made Su Fei deeply admire this general.

Moreover, Huang Zhong is a master in archery. One who can command troops and become a general is definitely a skilled person.

Working your way up the chain of command, you look up at generals wanting to be one. Once one becomes a general, they would then only admire other generals who have skill.

Su Fei had long admired Huang Zhong, let alone now when Huang Zhong has become a commander.

“Hmph!” Huang Zhong's mood is really bad now. So he just nodded when Su Fei paid his respect and goes on to sit at the commander's seat. Suddenly Huang Zhong threw down a letter on his hand to the ground then cursed “s.h.i.t!!!!”

TL: Original curse word is disgraceful, but I changed it to give more emotion

“What happened, General Huang?!” Su Fei is really confused why Huang Zhong angry, but he soon discovered the reason when he picked up the letter.

“Oh no... Why did this event happen?” Su Fei's brow also wrinkled.

“HUMPH, Lu Bu’s army has obviously sent a messenger, but that s.h.i.tty Huang She killed him. Completely offending Lu Bu!”

Huang Zhong is angry from the bottom of his heart. Huang Zu, a fierce tiger, and father gave birth to such a pig-headed son. Huang Zhong understood his eagerness to contribute, but not like this, not this stupid action.

Earlier when Lu Bu sent out a messenger, we did not know whether he wanted to fight, pa.s.s through or send a war declaration, at the very least, we could have asked the messenger.

But that d.a.m.ned young master did not think far ahead and killed the messenger personally, leaving no room to maneuver.

Huang Zhong clearly saw Lu Bu’s army strength. 5,000 cavalry troops, 3,000 troops of Formation Breaker, 3,000 people in the Urban Army, more than 10,000 foot soldiers, and about 5,000 bowmen. The total is approximately 26,000 troops.

And Huang Zhong's army, although the amount is 30,000 troops, his potential is only 15,000 troops with another 5,000 from his 15,000 is naval units. Actually, Huang Zhong also wanted to test this G.o.d-of-war Lu Bu's fierceness.

After all, they also have a navy to help resist Lu Bu’s army, so Huang Zu’s army can also force a standstill with Lu Bu. But this Huang She is a type of person who withheld any information for his own glory, an act that irritated Huang Zhong greatly.

“Grain and provisions! The eldest son needs to send a lot of grain and provisions!” What Su Fei was really worried is this. Huang Zu had made Huang She responsible for logistics,

If Huang She misplaced priorities then it will exhaust their grain and provisions at an alarming rate.

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“He wouldn't dare allocate an insufficient amount grain and provisions for us!” Huang Zhong said in low voice.

If the soldiers are already afraid since the beginning, you might as well we drag them into battle. This is the bet.

If they won, then their morale will rise, and their afraidness will be gone.

If they are defeated, there is also merit, those who die will arouse the bloodl.u.s.t from those who survived. Those who survived will be free of fear and restlessness and will regain the ability to fight.

“Huang Zhong of Jiangxia is here, who among Lu Bu’s army dares to duel with me!!!” That veteran hit his horse and pointing his curved dao toward Lu Bu’s army.

On his horseback, there is a long bow hanging. Because, Huang She has killed Lu Bu’s army messenger, it can be said he had clawed Lu Bu's face, and the result can only be one. BATTLE!!!

“Huang Zhong?!” Chen Gong froze for a moment, they're really betting everything on this battle.

For the commander-in-chief to go out directly.

“Eh, Huang Zhong?!” Liu Mang was stunned. Which Huang Zhong?! When Lu Bu and Chen Gong were discussing earlier, he did not come inside the main camp. He was busy sorting out his mind about the He sisters who turned out to be the Qiao sisters. And now he heard this name, he was stunned once again.

Huang Zhong of Jiangxia? Liu Mang started to sort out his history lesson. Huang Zhong is a native of Nanyang who later became a general in Changsha's commandery.

How can he become a general in Jiangxia commandery? Is he that Shu Country, Old Huang Zhong? Who is that old guy?

While Liu Mang was still pondering, Lu Bu has. .h.i.t his horse to confront Huang Zhong.

Being challenged by the other army, how can Lu Bu’s army not send a respond? Plus, the one who placed the challenge is the commander-in-chief, so definitely Lu Bu will not send anyone else but him. So he himself begun riding toward the enemy's commander.

“Lu Bu, Lu Fengxian is here. Huang Zhong, you will receive a quick death!”

While the first reason that Lu Bu went out was because the enemy who challenged him is the commander-in-chief, the second reason is that Lu Bu felt that Huang Zhong is very strong, another pinnacle of the super-cla.s.s generals!!!

And then, his Poseidon halberd and Huang Zhong's curved dao collided immediately!!!

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