My Father in Law is Lu Bu


Chapter 74 - Did we did the wrong thing?

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Chapter 74 – Did we did the wrong thing?

Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Big sister, it's very dark inside!” Said the younger sister while holding her big sister's arm.

“Do not be afraid!!! Elder sister is also here!” He Yu was also very startled, being in the pitch-black cave full of foul stench, anyone would be afraid and fl.u.s.tered if they encountered such things. But as the elder sister, she must be responsible and take care her of her younger sister. Not long ago, Liu Mang and co had given her some courage, and she can comfort her younger sister.

TL: In this novel, Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao were given complete name, so Da Qiao's complete name is Qiao Yu, with character Yu from jade and Xiao Qiao is Qiao Yue, with character Yue from moon. And now they are disguised at sisters from He clan, so Da Qiao's name is He Yu and Xiao Qiao is He Yue.

“Um!” Nodded the younger sister, obedient like a little cat. The present He Yue's appearance is really a far from the image she had before when she on her high horse. She is just now holding her sister's arm firmly.

“Big sister, why are you shivering?!” Inquired He Yue, because her sister's arm is also trembling “Are you also afraid?!”

“No, I am not afraid, it just very cold in here!” Said He Yu struggling with her fear.


"Honorable Father-in-Law~" Shouted Liu Mang and co while walking. Their shouting made those pretty sisters hearts calm down a bit.

“Big sister, come on, let's get out of here!” The foul stench added to He Yue's fear. So she could not stand it anymore.

“Yue'er, be obedient, we must follow the general!” Although this place is pitch-black and its stench is very hard to endure, whatever the outcome, they have Liu Mang and co's protection.

The sky outside was gradually getting darker, if they had stayed behind in the forest, how can these two possibly survive?

He Yu just said that they must follow those generals, but Liu Mang and co suddenly became silent.

“General!!! Are you there?!” Shouted He Yu anxiously, but no one responded to her in this cave.

“Big sister!!!” Liu Mang and co being silent all of a sudden, made He Yue frightened again to the point of crying.

“GENERAL!!!” He Yu was also alarmed. They are now only two females in this big cavern, and because those generals suddenly became silent, both of them did not know whether they were alive or dead. Knowing this fact, how can He Yu be calm?

While those two sisters were feeling helpless suddenly a hand from the darkness touched those two sisters' shoulders making those sisters' shriek.

“WHOAAAAAAAAA!!!! A GHOST IS TOUCHING ME!!!!” The younger sister loosened her grip of her elder sister's arm and started running towards the cave's exit.

“Ghost my a.s.s!!!” A familiar sound grabbed He Yue's hand preventing her from escaping, while covering his ears. This tigress scream really made Liu Mang's eardrum almost explode.

“Is that you, General Liu?!” Asked the elder sister He Yu after calming herself down.

“Where did the h.e.l.l did you go? Did you not know that leaving two ladies from good family outside without saying a word is a big discourtesy??? Whose subordinate are you? When I got back, I will tell Brother Yu all about you, YOU JERK!!!” The younger sister who was very afraid and then was surprised by Liu Mang, threw all her discomfort toward Liu Mang.

But, can Liu Mang bow down to her threat??? Liu Mang not only won't he bow down to her threat, that Brother Yu of hers cannot do anything to Liu Mang as Liu Mang is not an officer under Sun Ce. Liu Mang's boss is Boss Lu!!!

Also, Liu Mang was bestowed Prince of Shu and General of Southern Expedition t.i.tles by the Emperor, so if one can follow the logic, Sun Ce should be his subordinate.

“If you want to go, then follow me, if not, stay here. I did not have time for both of you!!!” Liu Mang quickly goes further in, his mood wasn’t good after these two Tigress shouted and scolded at him furiously.

"OOOOO, SO FIERCE!" Sneered He Yue.

“We will follow you, General!” Said He Yu swiftly, because they do not want to be left outside again, terrorized by the night.

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“Okay then, all of the generals are further inside, follow me!!!” Liu Mang nodded and led them further in.

The tigress had already exhausted its energy from giving birth to these two cubs, and after that she needed to hunt in order to have food to supplement its milk.

The mother away while it curling up its body to protect these two cubs in her bosom.

“Are we in the wrong?!” Liu Mang started blaming himself. If not for them, this tigress would not have died, this small family wouldn't have broken apart and these two kids would still have a mother.

“We are not wrong!” Lu Bu then broke his silence and stood up “We are not wrong!!! What is wrong is this times, this chaotic times, changing people into beasts, making beast not have a place in this world. This chaotic times is ruled by the rule of the jungle, tiger eat people, and people kill tiger! If you do not kill it, then it is you are to be eaten, choose between these two!”

“I!!!” When Liu Mang started blaming himself, he suddenly thought of what Lu Bu said it is right. If they do not kill the tiger, they will be the ones eaten by the tiger. If they died, there are some people who will be sad right? If they died, would they not break their own family as well??

“Honorable Father-in-Law, I do not understand!!!” Confusion once again enveloped Liu Mang. Tigers will eat human to survive, humans will also kill tiger in order to survive. Both sides are not wrong. But no matter which side win, the result will always very sad.

“Slowly you will understand. Predator must always eat human. Have you ever seen cannibalism?!” Lu Bu said this afterwards “In the chaos of times and war, coupled with famine after prolonged wars makes so commoners do not live! Tree barks and gra.s.s has become last resort for food!” Lu Bu seemed to be telling real story, as if it is from his very own experience.

In his story, there is a young boy, he is very handsome, and he had very excellent eyebrows and delicate features on his face. But he is like a feral child.

TL: Guess whose story is the next chapter???

That year, invaders from Great Wall are plundering his village, that year was the beginning of the big chaos before Yellow Turban Rebellion begin, and that year he was six years old.

In his family, there was no grain left. Their only grain was robbed or I should say drafted to give food to those government soldiers who are guarding the border. That year, he is very very hungry. Because of hunger, his eyes were very dizzy. His father and mother already departed from starvation.

He remembered his father’s strong and stalwart appearance. The man partic.i.p.ated with the government troops, fighting those invaders who wanted to rob their house, we can say that man dedicated his life for Han Dynasty, but what has Han Dynasty given him? Only disability and an impoverished family

In the battlefield, when he was outnumbered, it did not make this him even wrinkle his brow. But now, because of hunger, this strong man bent down his back to hold his family from hunger.

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