My Father in Law is Lu Bu


Chapter 55 - Bandit Brigade Retaliation

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Chapter 55 - Bandit Brigade Retaliation (MTL, not proofread or edited yet)

Translated by Bloodfalcon

"Big, Big brother!" Chen Lan finally do not calm and started to panic, because Lei Bo come back alone with blood all over the place and also his blade broken already.

"How?!" Chen Lan inquired Lei Bo's foster son immediately.

"Hurry, hurry go, get away from this place!" Said Lei Bo while huffing and puffing.

“How about mountain rear?!” Asked Chen Lan. Chen Lan is very anxious because the sound of battle from mountain rear is getting bigger and bigger along with flames.

"Lu Bu! Lu Bu is at mountain rear!" Lei Bo said the worst outcome that Chen Lan has predicted.

“We're done with! It is the end!” Chen Lan know that once Mt. Bagong's defense is crumbling, they are dead man walking. When Yuan Shu proclaimed himself as emperor, Chen Lan and Lei Bo with clear-head, declare themselves to leave Yuan Shu and also when Yuan Shu is defeated, both of them rob Yuan Shu and let Yuan Shu only lingering his feeble existence. Thus you can see, Chen Lan also have his ability.

So, he once again give order decisively “Mt. Bagong cannot be defended anymore! Retreat!!!” Chen Lan calm himself down. Actually he is unwilling to let this place go. Betraying Yuan Shu and occupying Mt. Bagong is his plan. His next move, after leaving Yuan Shu is to surrender to Cao Cao who have occupy Yan Province and Xu Province. His would-be offer is to give Cao Cao half of Yang Province, so Cao Army can have a firm footing in Yang Province.

Robbing Yuan Shu is also Chen Lan's plan, and he even threatened Yuan Shu to give him Imperial Seal or he won't let him go peacefully. He planned that after he successfully received Imperial Seal, he want to enjoy his life full of wealth endlessly

Who can predict, now having Lu Bu as enemy. At first, with Mt. Bagong natural defenses, he Chen Lan is confident repelling Lu Bu, and now Mt. Bagong's defense is crumbling. If Chen Lan knows that Lu Bu attack his brigade as payback for 5,000-shi of provisions to Yuan Shu, he is willing to do counteroffer to Lu Bu. h.e.l.l, even if Lu Bu take 10,000-shi of his provisions, he is willing to give him, as long as Lu Bu leave them alone but now, all of them finished.

“Breakthrough the mountain road, Quick!” Chen Lan bit his teeth. Mt. Bagong cannot be defended anymore. Waiting here is just the same as waiting for King of h.e.l.l pa.s.s his judgment, so we need to breakthrough, even though it will be the end of us.

Mountain rear had been seized by Lu Bu army, now for breakthrough, can only use front door.

“Big bro, on the mountain feet, also have Lu Bu's army!” Said Lei Bo anxiously.

Chen Lan and Lei Bo's brigade have 10,000 troops total and their morale already dropped to the bottom because of Lu Bu Army. Now the one that can still fight in front of him counted only less than three thousand elites. At the mountain feet Lu Bu army is also still numerous. So Chen Lan is facing the same predicament as Lu Bu Army yesterday. Mt. Bagong is easily defendable but now, breakthrough is very, very difficult. d.a.m.nable pincer attack.

Chen Lan bit his teeth and said “Second brother, time to release this elites!”

“Big bro, are you sure?!” Lei Bo’s eyes flashed a happy expression, but he also hesitates “Bro, at the mountain feet, Lu Bu Army is still a lot. If we tried to breakthrough at this condition, there will be nothing left of us!”

“If not for breakthrough then for what else, if we do not use them, then these soldiers that we had trained are useless! They will die without any purposes!”Chen Lan replied coldly “Light up smoke signals! It is time to breakthrough, do or die!”

“Yes, big bro!” Lei Bo transmitted his orders. In Mt. Bagong, suddenly there are a lot of smoke signals.

“Second brother, you go first! No matter what happened to me, make sure you and this 3000 elites to breakthrough alive, in order to make our comeback!” Said Chen Lan disregarding the other bandit brigade’s troops

“I know big bro!” Lei Bo is still a human, therefore he still want to held his aspiration high, not dead like a dog in this place. What is die like a dog means, it meant to offend Lu Bu completely and annihilated along the way without knowing what has happened.

”Brothers, Mt Bagong cannot be defended anymore! We are bandit brigades, there is no way out for us if we are caught. Now, the only way out is to breakthrough the mountain road. Only by breakthrough can we survive and make a brilliant comeback! Else, we shall be walking corpse, waiting to die!” Chen Lan tried to raise his troops morale because the fire from mountain rear has made their morale plummet.

“We are no longer Yuan Shu’s army, we are now bandit brigades. If we are captured by government troops, then it is the end of us. Those who want to be alive, must escape with me, Lei Bo!” Lei Bo also a general, so he definitely knows that morale is very important.

“Breakthrough, breakthrough!” n.o.body wants to die, these bandits are also the same, even though their existence is very ign.o.ble compared to an ant, let alone human.

“Now at mountain feet there are a division of Lu Bu army blocking our way! Say, what should we do with them so we can stay alive?!” Chen Lan asked a question.

“Kill them, kill them, kill them all!!!” All 3000 people shouted in one voice.

“Right, to kill them is to live! Brothers, let’s slaughter!”Lei Bo opened the fortress front door to breakthrough

“Sha, Sha, Shaaaaaaaa!” 3,000 of bandit elites ran toward Lu Bu army Phalanx division.

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"Ah" Liu Mang get up fiercely “Why the f.u.c.k you hit me for?!”. Hey, no matter who it is, someone will definitely get annoyed when woken up from sleep, let alone slapped.

“General!” Cheng Yu also sees that Liu Mang freak out, if at that time, Liu Mang take the sword to kill him, he would not be able to avoid death at all.

Liu Mang also knows that the one who slap him is Cheng Yu, but he could not do anything about it, because there are more pressing matters on hand.

“This vibration. Earthquake?!” That is impossible, Shouchun is located at Huainan, there should not be any underground volcanoes that could make earthquake. Even it is in Sichuan, Yi Province, should not have this grandeur.

“There are cavalry! There are cavalry moving toward us!” Liu Mang suddenly remembered that this sound is the same as the time when Bing Province Heavy Cavalry in action.

But, all of Bing Province Heavy Cavalry already at the peak with Boss Lu.

“Enemy, there are enemy coming here!” Liu Mang stared at the road. The earth vibration comes from there, then that explained an enemy division is coming this way.

“Shaaaaa!” At the same time, Lei Bo brought 3,000 elites from Mt. Bagong, to breakthrough Lu Bu Army’s phalanx battalion, screaming war cry along the way.

“All army full alert, confront the enemy!” Liu Mang do not want to die but now at Mt. Bagong’s feet there are only his Urban Army and supply troops. They are the dead-weight division right now, how can they make a stand now?

Now, there is only doom from enemy.

“Ha!” Lei Bo rushing again with their cavalry unit. This cavalry with total of 2,000 troops, was raised from scratch by both of them and also taking them more than 10 years to do it. When robbing Yuan Shu, he did not use them at all. Now, Mt. Bagong already broken, Chen Lan finally released his trump card.

“SHAAAA! Kill them for me!” Chen Lan is very angry today. “d.a.m.n you, Lu Bu, you attack my nice fortress, and now drive me away from it, let me become a stray dog, I'll annihilate your division now.”

“Golden-armored warrior! d.a.m.ned golden-armored warrior!” Chen Lan's eyes is sparkling with hate. Lu Bu wear golden armor, this general also wear golden armor. In that case, this person must have a close relationships with Lu Bu. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d must die, I must kill him. If he is killed, then Lu Bu will grief nonstop.

"Lu Fengxian, I must make you regret to offend me, Chen Lan!"

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