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Chapter 453

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Chapter 453

After ending the discussion with Kuai Liang and and his nephew, Liu Mang went to the room prepared for him by Chen Kang. Kuai Liang initially suggested for Liu Mang to sleep in the same room as him while they continue to converse throughout the night. Liu Mang tactfully refused not because he did not want to get closer to Kuai Liang but because he was not used to sleeping in the same room with an old man. The next day would soon arrive.

“Your Highness. This way please.” Chen Kang was waiting outside the room and bowed respectfully when Liu Mang came out.

“Thank you, Uncle Chen.” Liu Mang smiled as he nod back. Liu Mang had heard from Kuai Liang that Chen Kang was almost punished because of him. That was why Liu Mang felt guilty.

“Does Uncle Chen have an heir?” Liu Mang asked as he walked beside Chen Kang.

“I have served the Kuai Family for thirty years but I have not taken a wife.” Chen Kang replied. He was from Yuzhou. When there was a drought in Yuzhou, he and his family went to Jingzhou. When they arrived, only he and one other were still alive. To survive, he became the Kuai Family’s servant. How could a servant get married? That being said, Chen Kang was still fortunate as he was serving Kuai Liang.

“Is that so?” Liu Mang said with regret. He wanted to compensate Chen Kang since the elder was almost punished for his sake. His guilt made him feel restless.

“I do have a nephew.” Chen Kang suddenly said. He had a nephew from one of his brothers. Although they weren’t very close, they still cared for each other as the two of them were the only ones left.

“Oh?” Liu Mang became interested only to hear Chen Kang sigh after that. “What’s wrong, Uncle Chen?”

“My family is unfortunate!” Chen Kang lamented. As it turns out his nephew was a hoodlum idling in Jingzhou. He had never thought of using his strengths to find food. Instead, he uses his connection as the son to the Kuai Family’s housekeeper to intimidate others.

“Hm?” Chen Kang was resentful towards his nephew but Liu Mang was interested. He believed that this person was capable as there are many powerful people in Jingzhou, especially in Xiangyang. One mistake could easily cost that person his life.

“Uncle Chen, if you don’t mind, you have send him to me. I cannot promise him riches and honor but I can guarantee him a job as an official!” Liu Mang replied. He wanted influence from all places, including the ones from idlers and hooligans.

“Thank you, Your Highness!” Chen Kang knelt immediately after hearing Liu Mang’s words. As he had no heir of his own, his nephew was their family’s last hope in continuing their bloodline. At Jingzhou with so many power struggles, it was easy to have an accident. On the other hand, the King of Shu was an extremely high position. Chen Kang did not know how high that position was but at the very least, his own master, Kuai Liang, also needed to show respect to Liu Mang. With Liu Mang’s a.s.sistance, the Chen Family would be able to produce an official.

“Don’t mention it. Earlier, Uncle Chen has helped me and almost got yourself punished by Uncle Liang. This one still has not shown his grat.i.tude!” Liu Mang hurriedly pulled Chen Kang back up. Liu Mang did not want an old man to show him so much respect1 or his life expectancy would shorten.

“Your Highness! Please tell this old man if you need anything! This old man will definitely help Your Highness!” Chen Kong declared as they finally arrived at the room prepared for Liu Mang. The room was full of furniture made from ordinary wood but they gave off a scholarly feeling.

“I will be troubling Uncle Chen!” Liu Mang nodded and allowed Chen Kang to leave. Liu Mang then looked around the room in satisfaction.

Liu Mang was tired after moving about for the entire day. He then entered the bath that had already been prepared earlier. He carefully washed himself so that his injury did not come into contact with the water. As he was so tired and the room was empty, he slept in his underwear.2

Due to his extreme exhaustion, he fell asleep not noticing anything. However he soon found it hard to breathe and woke up. He then realized that the beautiful barbarian princess was in his bed.3 Her hand was outstretched as though hugging him and her lips was blocking his mouth.

“Ah!” Liu Mang shouted feeling confused. How did the barbarian princess end up in his bed?

“Your Highness! What’s wrong?” As the person in charge of taking care of Liu Mang, Chen Kang was the first to rush in.

“Milord! Did something happen? Protect the Lord!” Jia Xu also rushed in. He took plenty of precautions and thought that something had happened. If something happened to Liu Mang, he himself would be affected.

“Brother Liu! You…” Kuai Ran and the others also appeared. When they saw Liu Mang’s appearance they tried to resist laughing.

Liu Mang then realized he was almost naked and cursed in embarra.s.sment. Jia Xu then took off his own coat and gave it to Liu Mang.

“Why is that woman in my room?” Liu Mang asked in embarra.s.sment.

“Woman?” The others asked.

“Milord. Are you referring to the barbarian princess?” Jia Xu cupped his fist and asked.

“Who else?” Liu Mang replied in a bad mood. He may be interested in women and the barbarian princess was also beautiful. However, he already had two fierce wives at home. They declared that if Liu Mang dared to take in another wife, Liu Mang no longer needs to go home. That was why Liu Mang still tried to remain clean when he entered the brothel.

“Haha! Is Brother Liu talking about her? This is a good thing. Is Brother Liu disattisfied?”

“Oh, I am satisfied. If you want me to never return to Yangzhou and have my wives kill you then yes, I will be very satisfied!” Liu Mang replied helplessly. He was also confused. Why did the barbarian princess come onto him? He could still taste her saliva in his mouth.

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“Quickly take her away! Uncle Chen, do you have any other rooms?” Liu Mang asked. He wanted to move the barbarian princess to another room.

“Your Highness. This is something only a man can do. The only ones here are you, me, Mister Jia Xu, and my uncle.” Kuai Ran said to Liu Mang. He himself could not do it as he was spending his sweet moments with his beloved. How could he go to someone else? Kuai Liang was too old and Jia Xu needed Liu Mang’s medicine to even have s.e.x. The only one left was Liu Mang.

“s.h.i.t!” Liu Mang cursed. He regretted taking the barbarian princess and barbarian man.

“Brother Liu. Time is gold. I won’t disturb Brother Liu!” Kuai Ran laughed tyrannically.

“Milord. A person’s life is important!” Jia Xu said maliciously. Previously, he was the one that sent Lady Zou to Liu Mang. Now, Liu Mang was forced to have an affair by his own decision. Jia Xu wanted to see Liu Mang get tormented by his wives.

“Hmph!” Liu Mang coldly harrumphed and went back into his room. As soon as Liu Mang entered the room, everybody laughed.

When Liu Mang entered the room and looked at the barbarian princess again, he understood how frightening the Zui Xian Si was. The barbarian princess initially looked like she wanted to bite off her tongue when she was at the brothel. Now, she looked like she was being possessed. She went to Liu Mang and took off his clothes before kissing him. She also grabbed onto his p.e.n.i.s6.

“This cannot continue.” Liu Mang told himself. If this were to continue, he would really lose control of himself. At that time, his two wives would skin him alive.

Liu Mang tried to calm himself down but his p.e.n.i.s still erected. After all, the barbarian princess was that alluring. In the end, Liu Mang bit his tongue to keep his sanity in check and then placed her in bed.

His actions caused the barbarian princess to let out an extremely arousing moan and act even more flirtatiously. She was extremely irresistible. It was no wonder people said that men conquer worlds while women conquer men!

Liu Mang had no choice but to be virtuous like Zhan Huo7! His senior once told him that the most suffering thing in this world was to watch p.o.r.n with one’s hands tied behind one’s back.8

Liu Mang now wanted to tell his senior that this situation was definitely more suffering.

“Sigh. Dear wives. I tried to be loyal but I have to save people!” Liu Mang could not let his ‘little brother’ be disloyal but he could let it save people.

According to Jia Xu and Kuai Liang, the victims of Zui Xian Si can only be cured through s.e.x. So he penetrated her with his p.e.n.i.s. The experience was just like the Account of Peach Blossom Spring by Tao Yuanming (utopia)9.

Liu Mang’s hands were like the tide while the woman’s blush slowly disappeared as they continued to have s.e.x. It was a damp and restless night.

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