My Father in Law is Lu Bu


Chapter 414

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Chapter 414

“Milady. Would you like this jewelry?” Liu Biao took out a pearl necklace he brought from the East Sea. It had twenty two pearls and each pearl was identical in size and was pleasing to the eye.

“Wow!” Lady Cai was a person who grew up wealthy. Even then, this pearl necklace looked extremely pleasing. Women’s immunity to jewelry were always low.

Before Liu Biao could fully take out the pearl necklace, Lady Cai already took it and put it on her neck.

“Lord Husband. This is extremely beautiful! I really like it!”

“Haha! It is good as long as you like it.” Liu Biao laughed as he stroked his beard. He had spent a lot of money in the past few years for satisfaction. It was alright as Jingzhou was rich.

“Report Milord. Pang Tong is waiting outside for you!” The captain braced himself as he reported.

“I am not going to see him! Did you not hear me? I am busy! I will find him when I am free!” Liu Biao became angry when he saw the captain and threw a teacup at him. The teacup hit his head, causing blood to flow out.

“Milord! This Pang Tong said it is an important matter regarding the survival of Jingzhou!” The captain knelt and said again.

“The survival of Jingzhou? Jingzhou will be safe without this Pang Tong Pang Shiyuan! He is the one threatening the survival of Jingzhou! Tell him to get lost!” Liu Biao grabbed the entire teapot this time. If a teacup could cause the head to bleed, the teapot would outright kill the man. The captain could only withdraw in fear.

“Lord Husband, calm yourself. Come and have a drink.” Lady Cai’s mood was still good as she had just got her necklace.

“How did it go?” Pang Tong asked again once the captain came out.

The captain shook his head. “Young Master Pang, I am incompetent. Milord still refuses to see you.”

Pang Tong also did not pin the blame on the captain this time especially after he saw the blood on the man’s head. “Let my men go. Leave the rest to me.”

“Hm? Young Master Pang, what do you intend to do?” The captain had a bad feeling.

“If he doesn’t allow me to see him, I will have him come out to see me.”

Liu Biao was then interrupted for the third time.

“Men! What is with all that noise outside?” Liu Biao questioned. The loud noise from outside could be heard in the yard.

“Report Milord! Pang Tong is making statements outside!” A housekeeper replied.

“What did he say?”

“Milord, I don’t dare say it.” Normally the housekeeper would report this as well but he did not dare repeat Pang Tong’s words.

“Say it. I will not fault you for this.”

“He said Milord is inviting disaster and will not die well!” The housekeeper replied as he trembled in fear.

“Pang Tong Pang Shiyuan! You are courting death!” Liu Biao became enraged. He did not arrest Pang Tong and also did not allow Liu Mang to take action against Pang Tong because he decided to give face to the Pang Family. However, Pang Tong was so shameless that Liu Biao no longer wanted to give face.

“Men! Arrest Pang Tong and throw him in prison!” Liu Biao no longer cared about giving face. Spouting such words usually cause someone to end up in exile or executed.

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“Understood!” The housekeeper saw Liu Biao’s anger and was about to leave when he was stopped by someone else. “Wait!”

“Young Master Pang! Grandfather Pang!” The captain was crying. He was afraid Pang Tong was right. However, he was even more afraid that Liu Biao would come and kill them both. Even then, he was also too afraid to stop Pang Tong. All he could do was cry in hopes Pang Tong would stop listen to him and stop. His efforts were futile.

The housekeeper just only came out when he heard Pang Tong continued to shout. “Jingzhou is lost! Jingzhou is lost!” The housekeeper could be considered as part of Liu Biao’s family. Liu Biao shows him face and the housekeeper’s son would also eventually grow up to be part of Jingzhou’s foundation. It was to the extent that if the housekeeper were to retire, Liu Biao could make this person a n.o.ble. If Liu Biao dies, all of this would be gone. That was why he was just as angry.

When the captain saw the housekeeper, he became extremely happy and greeted the housekeeper. “Grandpa Liu! You are here!”

However, the old housekeeper did not bother giving him any face and slapped him. It was hard enough to ensure the captain stayed silent. The position of the housekeeper could be seen clearly from this exchange.

“Useless person! How could you let a scholar spout bulls.h.i.t here!” The housekeeper knew understood that the captain couldn’t have done anything. He himself would not want to offend Pang Tong. However, he needed to vent his anger and the captain was the only outlet available.

“Grandpa Liu is right!” The captain replied softly.

“Men! Arrest this madman!” The housekeeper ordered.

“Understood!” The soldiers brought by the housekeeper came out to catch Pang Tong. Pang Tong’s hands were quickly tied up. Liu Biao had given the order to be as rude and rough as possible when bringing Pang Tong in. The man needed to experience a little suffering.

“What are you doing?” Pang Tong’s guards were obviously not satisfied with this. To be dragged away with tied hands meant being a criminal suspect.

However, Pang Tong stopped them and gave a smile, inviting them to arrest him.

“Mister Pang. Come. Men, bring him in!”

“Hahaha!” Pang Tong laughed happily despite getting arrested. Although he was arrested, he was being brought towards Liu Biao’s residence. It was obvious that Liu Biao wanted to see him.

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