My Father in Law is Lu Bu


Chapter 364

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Liu Ye and Xu Shu’s expression suddenly changed the moment they saw Liu Mang run towards the gates. Liu Mang was a King and also the Lord of Yangzhou. A lot of people followed him for the interest of Yangzhou. Now, this person ran towards the gate simply because of Jia Xu. This caused the two to feel anger towards Liu Mang’s recklessness and also towards Jia Xu’s shameless boasting.

What was so great about Jia Xu that Liu Mang needed to go down the walls just to talk to him?

Originally, Liu Ye and Xu Shu intended to just shoot down Jia Xu with the ballista. Even if there was a trap, all they would lose is an arrow and a ballista at most. However, Liu Mang had already disappeared before the two could make their preparations.

Xu Shu and Liu Ye went to stop Liu Mang while Lu BU did not move. Lu Bu simply looked at his old acquaintance Jia Xu. Lu Bu knows a bit about the sly fox. He knew that Jia Xu was best at protecting himself. To Jia Xu, his life was the most important thing. Jia Xu lived a very unprincipled life in order to live a longer and better life. It was his slyness that allowed him to live this long. It was also usually trouble that came looking for him which caused him to act. However, Jia Xu had never once taken the initiative to ask others for help. This caused Lu Bu to look at this situation with suspicion.

Xu Shu and Liu Ye did not believe in Jia Xu’s capability. After all, how could someone this selfish be capable? Lu Bu who knew that Jia Xu was capable simply ignored Xu Shu and Liu Ye. In terms of age, Jia Xu was older. Even Chen Gong looked at this man with regret. If Jia Xu had decided to make himself useful, there would be another powerful enemy to deal with. Jia Xu’s reputation was not as good as Liu Ye and Xu Shu but when he truly acted, he receives tremendous spoils of war. He had also never been defeated before.

He had schemed for Dong Zhuo, Li Jue, Guo Si and Zhang Xiu before. However, these people suffered because they did not listen to his advice.

“General Huang Xu. Quickly stop Milord!” Xu Shu rushed towards Huang Xu as he shouted. He did not want Liu Mang to do something stupid. Before this, he had almost thrown Shouchun away because of Lu Lingqi. If Liu Mang were to be captured, Shouchun would not be the only thing they would lose.

“Milord!” Huang Xu nodded and quickly went in front of Liu Mang. He also did not want Liu Mang to go out. The sky was dark and they know nothing about their enemy’s situation outside the city. Anything could happen with none the wiser.

“Huang Xu! Step aside!” Liu Mang frowned at Huang Xu. Liu Ye and Xu Shu may not know about Jia Xu but Liu Mang knew about it. Jia Xu Jia Wenhe could be considered as the top advisor during the last years of Eastern Han. Even Liu Ye and Xu Shu together may not be able to be compared to Jia Xu.

Guo Jia, Jia Xu, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang. These were the four greatest strategists of the times. Unfortunately, Guo Jia and Zhou Yu both died young. Zhuge Liang spared no effort in his tasks until his end as well.

These four people were the main contributors but unfortunately, none of them outlived Sima Yi. Now that one of such figures had come to Yangzhou, Liu Mang would not let him leave. It was not a matter of whether Jia Xu was testing him. Liu Mang was determined to stall Jia Xu. If Jia Xu did not want to surrender, he would be killed immediately. Jia Xu was a frightening man. With him around, uniting the land would require significantly less effort.

“Milord. You cannot go! There is a trap outside!” Xu Shu and Liu Ye persuaded earnestly. It was not that Liu Mang was ignoring their advice. They simply did not know the significance of who Jia Xu was.

“Yuanzhi, Ziyang. Do not worry. I have my own plans!” Liu Mang indifferently said to the two. Liu Mang was naturally also afraid that there may be a trap. Even then, he needed to go out as he was even more afraid of brushing off this talented individual, possibly making this person an enemy. This would make things even worse for the Liu Mang’s Army in the future.

“No Milord! This is for your safety! I cannot allow Milord to go out!”

“The both of you are always like this! Never letting me go out!” Liu Mang did not expect the two men two kneel in front of him. Although Liu Mang was annoyed, he was not truly angry at them as he knew that they were only thinking for his sake. The situation outside was too complicated. If Jia Xu showed hostility, Liu Mang’s life would be in danger. After all, there are several thousand cavalry soldiers there. Even Lu Bu may not escape with his life if he goes out there alone.

“Huang Xu. Send these two generals back to rest!” Liu Mang was unable to tell Liu Ye and Xu Shu that he came from the future and that Jia Xu was known as one of the greatest strategist in that future. He was unable to tell that that Jia Xu was so talented that he could not allow Jia Xu to leave even if it was dangerous. At the same time, these two would not simply allow him to pa.s.s without reason.

“Huang Xu! You dare!” Liu Ye and Xu Shu still had prestige over Huang Xu, causing Huang Xu to feel troubled. One side was his Lord and the other was the Military Advisor. Xu Shu and Liu Ye was also thinking for Liu Mang’s sake. As a result, Huang Xu felt at a loss.


Jia Xu noted that it was almost time. Once the time was up, Liu Mang would have failed the test. At the same time, Jia Xu and the Xiliang Cavalry would be in danger. Once the Xiliang Cavalry is surrounded, escape would be impossible. Entering such a situation was not Jia Xu’s style.

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“Mister Wenhe. This is…” A nearby Xiliang Cavalry’s general seemed hurried as the time was almost up. Yet, they have not seen any movements and the doors remained close. The general trembled as he looked at the gates.

“The time is up. Zhang Hu, Ge Jun. The two of you, start leading your men. It is time for us to leave!” Jia Xu saw that the time is up and was prepared to leave with Zhang Lei. There would be time to think about whether to go to Cao Cao or Sun Ce first after they had left. Jia Xu could no longer stay at Yangzhou.

Zhang Hu and Ge Jun sighed when they see Jia Xu’s resolution. They truly did not want to go to Cao Cao as they were afraid that Cao Cao would settle scores with them. On the other hand, crossing the Yangtze River to go to Sun Ce would be difficult. It would be the most convenient for them if they could join Liu Mang. Even then, they did not dare to disobey Jia Xu. After all, even their Lord Zhang Xiu usually take Jia Xu’s advice.

Just as the army started to move, Zhang Lei suddenly shouted, “Mister. Look! Look!”

“What is there to look at? Let’s go! Yangzhou is not the place we are going to stay in!” Jia Xu was a little bit disheartened and angry. He was disappointed in Liu Mang and also could not see his own future prospects.

“Mister. The gates are starting to open!” The two disheartened generals shouted. They were reluctant to leave and turned around in time to notice the gates slowly open.

When Jia Xu saw this, he was not happy like Zhang Lei and the two generals. Instead, he became furious.


The demand here may feel out of place but it is right. I typed that Jia Xu wanted to surrender but in the raws it is actually demanding to surrender. Jia Xu went to an enemy city and ‘demand’ his own surrender, where the surrendering side is himself and that the enemy must take him in… Still can’t seem to make it sound sensible in English.

This is ridiculous. Ditch the guy who pretty much invented the ballista to join up with someone who would ‘also’ not appreciate his talents as he has too many talented officers.

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