My Father in Law is Lu Bu


Chapter 357

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Zhang Xiu was in his camp with a book in his hand. However, he wasn’t actually reading the book but was thinking about something else. He had more things to think about compared to Liu Bei. This is because he had always been someone who measured the price of things. He was not as ambitious as Liu Bei who wanted the world. He knew his own place. He knew that he had the powerful Xiliang Cavalry and that both Liu Biao and Cao Cao wanted him but he also knew that he could not manage territories. He was a general that goes to war but unable to govern.

Zhang Xiu was better off compared to others like Gongsun Zan. He had managed to live longer because he has got self awareness. He wanted to exchange his services for riches and initially settled on Cao Cao. Cao Cao was also happy about this. This arrangement would benefit both sides unfortunately, it did not work out.

Cao Cao’s son Cao Ang and also Dian Wei was killed by Zhang Xiu.

When Zhang Xiu surrendered to Cao Cao, his relationship with Liu Biao also took a hit. As a result, Zhang Xiu needed to rethink his choice as to who to serve. Liu Bei had been a good choice but he had failed to capture Yangzhou and Chen Dao had also perished. He was grateful to Liu Bei for rescuing him but what he wanted was riches not gratefulness. He was willing to repay Liu Bei with feelings but not the Xiliang Cavalry. He knew that Liu Bei wanted him to swear allegiance to him but he felt as though Liu Bei did not have the qualifications for that and refused.

Even then, Zhang Xiu felt that it was not good for refusing Liu Bei. This is because he had also lost twenty thousand Xiliang Cavalry and at the same time, offended Lu Bu. There were only a few people like Lu Bu. Even the reputable Liu Biao was already declining due to age is his army is no longer as powerful as before. There was also the Cai and Kuai family to worry about. Zhang Xiu did not want to become a victim.

He had offended Cao Cao and Liu Bei was no longer capable. All that is left was Sun Ce. Zhang Xiu did not have much insight. The only person that could give him advice was Jia Xu who was still at Nanyang. Jia Xu was known as a poisonous man because he was willing to sacrifice countless lives for his objective. The unlucky ones that he schemed against was w.a.n.g Yun and Lu Bu. w.a.n.g Yun had planned to kill Dong Zhuo and Jia Xu happened to be one of those that needed to die. Jia Xu found out and decided to defend himself by getting rid of w.a.n.g Yun.

On the other hand, Lu Bu was no longer in Jia Xu’s kill list. Jia Xu also did not want to offend too many people. As Jia Xu also did not have the certainty that he could kill Lu Bu, he warned Lu Bu about Li Jue and Guo Si’s action at Changan. As Lu Bu did not have Chen Gong with him at the time, this information was vital in keeping the Wolf Cavalry safe from getting caught up in Changan.

Zhang Xiu who did not have Jia Xu with him right now was certain that his remaining safe spot was with Sun Ce. He planned to consolidate his troops the moment he return Nanyang. He no longer wanted the twenty thousand Xiliang Cavalry promised to him by Liu Bei as he knew that Liu Bei was now powerless to defend himself and could not fork out a lot of money.

In the past few years, Zhang Xiu had a lot of money remaining from what Liu Biao provided, what his uncle left behind and what he fought for by himself. It was not a problem for him to obtain ten thousand cavalry. Zhang Lu from Hanzhon would also not stop Zhang Xiu from buying horses and recruiting troops. He could also turn his remaining army into Xiliang Cavalry. At that time, he could help Sun Ce attack Jingzhou and use Jingzhou as a gift to join Sun Ce’s Army. Zhang Xiu smiled as he thought of this.

“Report Milord. General Zhang Fei is outside seeking a meeting.” A soldier suddenly reported to Zhang Xiu while he was thinking to himself. The soldier looked worn out and he was no longer young. The elite appearance of a Xiliang Cavalry soldier could no longer be seen. All of Zhang Xiu’s original bodyguards were already killed in battle. All that was left were these leftover troops.

“Zhang Fei? What is he doing here?” Zhang Xiu was stunned for a while. Although Zhang Xiu and Liu Bei still had some kind of feelings for each other1, Zhang Fei had none. This is because Zhang Fei was not someone that could be controlled. If he had something he was unhappy about, he would say it immediately. There were not many that could control what Zhang Fei would say.

“This subordinate does not know!” The soldier shook his head as Zhang Fei never gave his reasons.

“Let him in!” Zhang Xiu waved his hand. He did not know why Zhang Fei would want to see him but he was still Liu Bei’s third brother and he had also been saved by Zhang Fei at that time.

“Understood.” The soldier nodded and left.

“General Zhang Fei. Milord allows you to come in and see him.” The soldier then said to Zhang Fei.

“Hm. I understand!” Zhang Fei nodded and replied. He entered the camp and then said to the guards. “Go to Brother’s camp. I heard they captured a wild boar. Although there is not much there may still be some broth left if you go now.”

“Ah. Really?” One soldier already started to salivate. Their escape had truly been tiring on them as they had to be alert at all times while also dealing with the insects in the forest. Their food had also been terrible. They could only eat dry rations while drinking spring water. Now that they heard of meat, they would naturally salivate in hunger. Even if they do not get any meat, it was good enough to obtain warm soup.

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“Hm? General Zhang Fei. Didn’t the Left General ban us from starting a fire? How could there be broth?” Another soldier asked in suspicion. They were all banned from starting fires to cook food because they were afraid that the smoke would give away their position. All of their food were eaten uncooked.

“General Zhang Fei. Why have you not entered? Do not let Milord wait for you!” The soldier reminded with good intentions.

“Yes. I know.” Zhang Fei nodded. He then opened his eyes wide and looked behind the soldier. “That! That is…!”

“What?” The soldier thought that Zhang Fei had seen something based on his exaggerated expression and turned around. The very moment he turned around, his neck was immediately broken. Zhang Fei then carefully lowered the soldier’s body. The soldier would no longer get up again. His eyes was wide open as though asking Zhang Fei why he was killed.

“Sorry, brother. I did not want it to be like this!” Zhang Fei said sincerely. He admired the soldier loyal to his duty but that was also the reason the soldier had to die. “Once this matter is over, I will bury you.”

Zhang Fei brought the corpse towards the jungle and then went back to Zhang Xiu’s camp.

This scene happened around camp. Those that wanted food had left while the remaining stayed. Zhang Fei could not get rid of all of them but half the camp had already left.


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