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Chapter 193 - Warrior Resolve (2)

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Chapter 193 Warrior Resolve (2)

“Wrong?!” Lu Bu brought the Wolf Cavalry to finish off Sun Ce’s Army. Lu Bu was also extremely excited. This is because in the chaos he saw an armor with phoenix wing. Is that not Sun Ce? Beside him was another person wearing a general’s armor. Although he does not recognize the person, Lu Bu knows this is another one of Sun Ce’s high ranking officers.

If he could capture or behead these two generals, then it would really be a profit. This is especially true for Sun Ce. If Sun Ce dies then Jiangdong will not have any more chaotic wars. Even if Lu Bu does not raise a hand, he doubts that Liu Biao will let this opportunity pa.s.s. The mountain people in the Jiangdong territory will start a revolt and at that time, Jiangdong will easily fall. Lu Bu may once again obtain a territory.

However, Lu Bu felt something strange. This is because the general beside Sun Ce feels weak. He feels a bit weak and does not have a military aura. Lu Bu knows that Sun Ce has reached the refinement stage but he did not know that Sun Ce have already reached the peak of refinement. However, Lu Bu still knows that Sun Ce has reached a refinement stage as he had tested him during the banquet.

People who refined their bodies can take deep breaths. Ordinary people cannot feel it but people who have refined their bodies can naturally feel it. However, the two people in front of him were too weak. It is as if they have no sense of being.

Lu Bu could not help but look elsewhere to search for something wrong. Among the retreating Sun Ce’s Army were two soldiers dressed in ordinary soldier’s clothes. They followed a large part of the army retreating towards the main camp, where there is a possibility to survive.

Cavalries may be powerful but they are unable to attack the main camp as the main camp have barriers. (TN: The ‘barriers’ are the spiky kind known as cheval de frise) Besides that, the main camp can also station archers. Although they do not have a city wall, Sun Ce Army’s main camp have such an amazing defense that cavalries would not think of attacking.

“N?” Lu Bu’s horse ran quickly.

He spotted two soldiers that gave a stronger presence than the two generals. As Lu Bu took his horse and rushed there to investigate, he heard shouting.

“Kill! Save the Lord, Save the Lord!” From Sun Ce’s main camp, a battalion of soldier rushed out waving their swords. They rushed towards the Wolf Cavalry and the high ranked Sun Ce officer.

“Must be my mistake!” Lu Bu shook his head. He cannot let these Sun Ce soldiers rescue their Lord. Lu Bu has already caught the big fish so he must not let it go. Sun Ce have already paid a visit to Wan Cheng so he must not leave.

Lu Bu sat up straight on his horse. His Neptune halberd has been unbearably hungry and thirsty. (TN: Pegasusfarts translated it as a trident but the translating tool gave me Ocean Emperor’s/Neptune’s halberd. Since Ocean Emperor is too long I went with Neptune.)

The Zhou family have several strong warriors that even gave trouble to Zang Ba. Lu Bu slaughtered them one by one and now Sun Ce who is refining his body is not tolerable.

“Courting death!” Using infantries to a.s.sault cavalries! These guys are really courting death! Not to mention that they are not even wearing heavy armor and did not even reach 1,000 people. Besides that, the Wolf Cavalry number around 5,000. If the 5,000 cavalry still could not win the 1,000 soldiers, then you might as well commit suicide!

The soldiers approaching attempts to join up with the retreating army to fight the Wolf Cavalry. All that oppose Lu Bu’s Army must be crushed.

“Tear them to shreds!” Lu Bu shouted as he led the charge of the heavy cavalry. Lu Bu actually respected them a little. There are actually people not afraid of death! Not to mention 1,000 soldiers, even if there were 5,000 soldiers, Lu Bu would still destroy them.

“You deserve praise, but I will still send you to your deaths!” Lu Bu will not be kind to his enemies. To be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to your allies. If you let an enemy go, the next time it would be possible for that person’s hands to be contaminated with the blood of your friends.

“Lord!” The lookout division rushed to where their Lord is but were dumbfounded because it was not their Lord but an ordinary soldier. Sun Ze would definitely recognize Sun Ce so they were sure that this is just an ordinary soldier wearing the general’s armor.

Then there is Taishi Ci, Sun Ce’s bodyguard, was also a fake. Two of them were ordinary soldiers wearing Sun Ce’s and Taishi Ci’s armor. In that case where is his Lord Sun Ce and Taishi Ci?

“Hungry! Starving! Tear them to pieces!” The Wolf Cavalry have already reached them and Sun Ze did not have any time to think. He can only raise his knife to meet the a.s.sault.

“Sun Ce! Accept death!” Lu Bu took the lead and rushed towards Sun Ce. Sun Ce is his objective. His Neptune halberd rushed towards Sun Ce’s shoulder. As Lu Bu does not know how strong Sun Ce is, he tested Sun Ce. However, he did not expect his mere test to actually strike ‘Sun Ce’ in the shoulder and tear off the arm.

What kind of situation is this? Was Sun Ce so weak? He could not even fight a little? Lu Bu is only using 30% of his strength. The general beside Sun Ce was even more unlucky. His head was chopped off by a cavalry soldier. Without the head, his body just dropped to the floor.

On the other hand, the cavalry soldier was very excited after obtaining the head. According to merits, it would be like killing a hundred or even a thousand soldiers.

“Wrong! This is definitely wrong!” At that time, ‘Sun Ce’ turned his body and showed a pained expression to Lu Bu. Not Sun Ce!

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Lu Bu saw that the person was wearing Sun Ce’s armor but was just an ordinary soldier.

“Sun Ze!” Sun Ce recognized this person. (TN: Read this at

“Milord and Taishi Ci, quickly escape. Leave this place to me!” Sun Ze replied. He looked at Sun Ce with a crying and embarra.s.sing face.

Originally they were being trampled by the Wolf Cavalry. However, Lu Bu’s search for Sun Ce gave the lookout division a chance to rest. There were originally 700 soldiers but was pulverized by the Wolf Cavalry. These soldiers are the remaining survivors.

After the cavalry charge, they still need to reorganize the formation. The remaining 200 injured soldiers then quickly rushed to Sun Ce and Taishi Ci.

“Milord! General Taishi Ci! Go!” The other lookout division soldiers also roared out.

“Where! Where is the king!” Lu Bu did not hesitate and rushed towards where Sun Ce is without even bothering to fight the soldiers. His only objective is Sun Ce.

Not killing this fish may not mean that this fish will not find him. Sun Ze’s arm was broken but he still had another arm. With one arm, he grabbed the tail of Lu Bu’s horse.

“Don’t even think about it!” Sun Ze used all his strength and blue veins even appeared on his head.

“Move!” Lu Bu’s horse ended up a bit sluggish. Lu Bu slashed at the offender without hesitation. Sun Ze’s body was immediately sliced into half and the intestines dropped out.

“Go!” Even though he was cut, he did not die immediately and there is still some sanity. However it was extremely painful. As a result, Sun Ze held on to the tail tighter. Half of his body along with his intestines was already very far away. Even when he closed his eyes, he still held on to the tail of Lu Bu’s horse.

(TN: Translating this story made me feel like I am burning that thing you call ‘Physics’ and ‘Common Logic’)

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