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Chapter 180 - Indulgence 3 days

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Chapter 180- Indulgence 3 days

Translated by Gamer

The war began once again. The morning sun rose as if to greet the scene of slaughter. Unfortunately for Wan Cheng City, the rising sun represents the beginning of death.

“All forces, charge!” With a wave of Sun Ce’s spear, the war drums started beating again. Around ten thousand soldiers encircled the siege towers and slowly advanced forward. The tall Wan Cheng City has now become short.

“Liu Mang! Come out front and show me how you intend to destroy my siege towers!” Sun Ce was showing a face of excitement. Siege towers. This is truly siege towers. Sun Ce has also read historical records before. The records have shown the prowess of siege towers but the method of construction was not written down. Siege towers were not a siege weapon. The siege weapon technology is too low. A ram with a large tree trunk is enough already.

Siege towers are several hundred feet tall. It belongs in the high-alt.i.tude operations category. If the design of the siege tower is not good or the wood used is wrong, lives will be lost. When the siege tower is unable to support the weight of the soldiers, it would not be one but thousands of soldiers that fall to their death. Even if Sun Ce is the Prince of Jiangdong, he is not able to play with this kind of thing.

After that, Lu Su, who was recommended by Zhou Yu, took out a siege tower. Having this kind of mechanism to helps make siege operations easier. Sun Ce thinks that he already won Wan Cheng City. This is because Lu Bu is trapped in Lujiang, he immediately sent troops to Jiangxia. With siege towers, capturing the whole of Jingzhou would not be a problem. For example, Xiangyang City in comparison to Wan Cheng City is much bigger and the city defenses is also much stronger. After all, when Liu Biao has been in control for so many years and there was barely any conflict in that region. This is why Xiangyang’s defense is amazing. Sun Ce has also started to think about how to capture Xiangyang.

To capture Xiangyang, without a doubt, tens of thousands of corpses would need to be piled up first.

With siege towers, the situation will be different. Jingzhou’s Liu Biao has a lot of troops and horses. However, are they formidable? Each and every one of them are like chickens and dogs to Sun Ce. Fortunately, he only hides in his city. The moment he walks out of his city he would be gone forever.

Liu Biao not being able to leave his city is similar to Liu Mang at the moment and they would be unable to harm the siege tower. In that case, their fate would be to become a corpse under the might of the siege tower. To surrender or to die, either one is fine with Sun Ce. He is only interested in the outcome, not the process.

“Milord, requesting the destruction of these weapons after the end of this war!” Lu Su requested with dark circles in his eyes as he bowed to Sun Ce. In Lu Su’s opinion, the siege tower is a complete killing weapon. Its appearance is too wicked. The deaths of thousands on both sides is normal. The most terrible thing is that those under the rain of arrows have no survivors.

It is only because the attack against Wan Cheng City was hopeless which is why the siege tower was used. If the Sun Ce Army continued their attack that night, they will only be routed. Lu Su provided Sun Ce with the siege towers because he is unable to watch pa.s.sively as Sun Ce loses.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sun Ce quickly agreed but Lu Su can only sigh. He knows whatever he said to Sun Ce would be seen as nonsense. Sun Ce may actually destroy the siege tower after the battle is over but he has already seen and study the structure. As long as there is wood, he could a.s.semble another siege tower anywhere.

Lu Su has regretted a little but regretting is no use. He can only take things step by step. Lu Su has already planned to retire from the army after this expedition as Sun Ce is not the lord he wants to serve.

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“All units forward, break through Wan Cheng City. Large merits for those to manage to breach into the city including 3 days of undisciplined indulgence!” The siege has gone on for 2 days. Sun Ce knows that the soldiers and horses are all extremely tired and scared even if they did not say it. As today is the last day for the siege, to stimulate their morale and to prevent accidents, Sun Ce has prepared large rewards.

“3 days of indulgence!” Lu Su was struck with terror. This is Wan Cheng. At the end of the day, it is still Sun Ce’s city. Even if it is currently occupied by Lu Bu, it was not by the choice of the people.

“3 days of indulgence!?” Sun Ce’s roar was also heard by the Lu Bu’s Army. Is Sun Ce mad? Does he want to ma.s.sacre the whole city?

Liu Mang dared to kill those tens of thousands of people because they have partic.i.p.ated in the tragedy that night at Wan Cheng City. They murdered, plundered and did all sorts of evil acts. These people were all slaughtered by Liu Mang to cleanse the city. Now Sun Ce wants to slaughter the entire city just to raise the morale of his soldiers!

“3 days of indulgence!? General Sun Ce said that when the city is captured there will be 3 days of indulgence!?” The residents of Wan Cheng city that helped Liu Mang with preparing the food also heard the announcement and panicked. The General Sun Ce that was respected by the residents as an honorable man unexpectedly spoke such words. Without General Sun Ce, Wan Cheng City would never have experienced peace. They had hoped that when General Sun Ce returns, he would allow them to continue ploughing their fields but unexpectedly General Sun Ce had said those words.

It’s a ma.s.sacre! They are afraid. Few days ago, many families were already slaughtered. At that time the culprit was only the n.o.bility. Now Sun Ce has brought an entire army. The whole city would be slaughtered in a single day.

As the people rush about to inform others, fear spread through the whole city!

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