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Chapter 156 - Sun Ce Joins the Fray

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Chapter 156 - Sun Ce Joins the Fray

Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Push the spiked pillar down!!!” On Wancheng city outer walls, all you can hear are sounds of killing. Casualties on each side is very high. So, Liu Mang had no other choice than to push the spiked pillar in order to help cut down the casualties as an arrow volley is not useful.

“Bang!!!” One by one the spiked pillars were thrown down by Lu Bu’s army soldiers. Some of those spike pillars were cut down from trees, some of them were donated by carpenters, and some of them were “given” by n.o.bles who were previously ma.s.sacred. Liu Mang ordered for his troops to tear down their pillars to be converted into spike pillars.

With those spike pillars rolling, one by one Sun Ce’s army and their ladders started collapsing like ants falling from the sky.

“Rumble, rumble!!!” above Sun Ce's head spike pillars are rolling down, Sun Ce himself had to flatten himself to the wall in order to avoid the spiked pillars. Its length was about 10 meters, and its diameter is about 100 cm. When a human hit by this rolling death machine, they would not be able to survive.

“d.a.m.n, I cannot advance anymore than this!!!” Sun Ce gnashed his teeth. He is unable to advance or retreat. He came for revenge not stand around like a turtle and die like this.

“READY….!!!!” On the walls, they began preparing spike pillars again. “Relea…. ARGH!!!!” The Lieutenant had not yet finished his command, suddenly in his neck, there was a piece of iron piercing his throat from below the wall. That iron was a piece of black steel with simple design but that piece of iron is radiating coldness like never before, that thing is a part of Sun Ce's Conqueror Spear.

“LIEUTENANT DOWN!!! KEEP RELEASING THOSE SPIKED PILLARS!!!” Their lieutenant's death did not make Lu Bu’s army panic. Those from the Liu clan's private soldiers had already experienced the h.e.l.l of arrow volley and the Danyang soldiers a.s.sault, so their mentality had transformed into that of an elite soldier.

“G.o.dDAMMIT!!!” Sun Ce returned to flattening himself again on the city wall. His scheme to lessen the morale by killing the lieutenant backfired on him and even made those spike pillars roll even faster.

“Milord, careful!!!” Lu Su is truly anxious now, because the amount of deaths accruing due to siege warfare has reached a ma.s.sive amount. The city wall has become a collage of death, painted with blood and flesh.

Similar events also happened to the metropolis like Luoyang, Chang'an and Shouchun. They had been sieged who knows how many times and if one dug on the ground below their old city walls, you can find many ancient bones buried underneath it.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!!” 10 of Sun Ce’s army's soldier were swooped down by the spike pillars. Their bodies had already become meat paste due to momentum and weight of the spike pillars.

“d.a.m.n!!!” Sun Ce's brow wrinkled. During the time he was able to scale the city wall, it was such a good opportunity, because at that time, there were still no spiked pillars rolling down, only projectiles like arrow volley and rocks.

But they were now hurling their other defensive weapons which was the spiked pillars which usually were not used in siege warfare. Sun Ce pondered, either his opponent is stupid or desperate. Liu Mang actually had no other choice but to use many apparatuses as the Liu clan's private soldiers were complete trash compared to veterans of Sun Ce’s army. Right now Sun Ce is in a very bad predicament due to spike pillars rolling to no end.

“Dammit, I cannot continue like this!!!” Another spike pillars is rolling and closing in on Sun Ce. If this managed to hit him, the damage will be severe.

“HAAAAAHHH!!!!” Sun Ce tried to counterattack against the rolling spiked pillars. His Conqueror Spear was hurled toward the spiked pillars, hoping to destroy the spiked pillars. “CRACK!!!” His Conqueror Spear had stabbed the spiked pillars and managed to pierce it but it was unable to destroy it completely.

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The spiked pillars was getting closer and closer to Sun Ce until he exclaimed “Dammit, too late!!!” having no other viable option than than receive the spiked pillars with his body, it lodged on his purple armor, but due to his strength, he can hold the spiked pillars with his body.

“SHAAAA!!!!” Since Sun Ce did not die immediately by spike pillars, several Liu clan private soldiers quickly rose their swords and advanced toward Sun Ce. They underestimated the fact that wounded Sun Ce was just like a wounded tiger and wounded a tiger wad very dangerous to approach.

“BAH, INSECTS!!!” Sun Ce had been holding anger in his belly and now it was the time to vent it. His grudges from Jiang Qin losing an arm, the death of Oolong, and nearly dieing from the spike pillar. These enemy soldiers just became Sun Ce's target dummies.

“DIE!!!” Sun Ce's hand is grasping firmly on his Conqueror Spear. His veins bulged and we're exposed; the tip of his Conqueror Spear's stabbing the throat of two enemy soldiers. “Poof” Two red streams of liquid gushed in the air; two soldiers died instantly.

“SHAAAA!!!!” Three pikemen of Lu Bu's army soldiers rushed up. They wanted to gang up on Sun Ce, but Sun Ce just wielded his Conqueror Spear like clubs and shoved away those three people while taking their pikes.

“HAAAA!!!!” Sun Ce quickly stabbed those pikes to Lu Bu’s army’s soldiers. Those former pikemen were stabbed by their own weapons.

“AAARRRGGHHHH!!!” Pitiful screams came from those pikemen. But one of them managed grab his longsword and tried to slash Sun Ce, but Sun Ce just dodged it and quickly grabbed the hilt of the pike and stabbed that poor soldier's heart again using the previously thrown pike.

“AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!” Another soldier was stabbed by the Conqueror Spear. That guy is the brother of the pikemen who managed to counter-attack Sun Ce, he wanted to take revenge for his brother, but was unable to take revenge and finally died under Sun Ce's strike. Another soldier was also coming to attack Sun Ce, but was stabbed in the forehead by Sun Ce. “Poof!!!” his head was split open like a watermelon.

After that a.s.sault, all of Lu Bu's soldiers (Liu clan private soldiers) finally screamed “AAAHHHH!!! YOU AIN'T A HUMAN!!! AIN'T HUMAN!!!” All of them were scared stiff because Sun Ce acted like a beast. 6 soldiers were taken down by him with very little effort. They started to question him finally “Who, who the h.e.l.l are you?!” and Sun Ce just said in very cold tone “I am Jiangdong's army's boss. The name is Sun Ce, Sun Bofu!!!”

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