My Father in Law is Lu Bu


Chapter 15 - The Flashy and Enticing Boss Lu

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Chapter 15 - The Flashy and Enticing Boss Lu

Original by Bro Got a Gun, Translated by James

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“This is the provisions?!” Baskets of meat buns piled on top of baskets of meat buns. Lu Bu puzzledly picked up a bun. “What is this? So white and so soft!” Lu Bu squeezed the meat bun. One must know that back during the times of the Three Kingdom and even during the whole ancient era, what was known as provisions are either unhusked rice or grain husks.

Food made out of unhusked rice or grain husks are either extremely hard or extremely ugly. However, the people back in those days only cared to be able to be full and not starve to death, thus these became the main components of army provisions.

And now, present in front of them was these meat buns. Not only do they look pleasant, they are also extremely soft!

“This is flour essence!?” Chen Gong too saw the meat buns, he picked one up and was greatly surprised. What was flour essence? It’s this kind of white and exquisite flour. The people back then, unlike modern society, would not just throw away any old dirty flour. h.e.l.l, they’ll even keep the grain Also, the modern people use machines to grind their grains, achieving very finely grounded flour. The ancients did not have such machines, using grinding stones, their flour was very coa.r.s.e.

On the market, a jin or fine flour could be exchanged for more than a hundred jin of coa.r.s.e flour! This kind of thing was not something ordinary people could eat. Even the so called flour essence those bigwigs eat are not as white as these.

[TL: jin = 1.1 pounds = 500grams.]

“Flour essence?!” Liu Mang was a bit embarra.s.sed at saying that he’s going to treat their to a meal but instead brought back a whole bunch of meat buns. Seeing Chen Gong getting so dumbfounded, he was instead baffled.

“Dissatisfied?!” said Liu Mang. “If you’re dissatisfied, then I’ll bring something different next time!”

“Satisfied! Satisfied!” said Gao Shun right away. Before Gao Shun was a soldier, he was a full fledged farmer. He too knew of the quality of fine flour essence and as a man who loved his soldiers like his children, how could he possibly be dissatisfied when he knew that his soldiers are going to eat what only the wealthy could afford!

“That’s good!” Liu Mang had a sigh of relief.

“There’s meat inside?!” Lu Bu picked one up first and ate it. The bun entered the mouth without any coa.r.s.eness, biting down was met with incomparable elasticity, so very tasty and refreshing, and the most critical part was that Lu Bu actually got to eat meat inside! Large chunks of meat!

Whether during the warring era or in peaceful times, having meat was a very extravagant thing. Only during the New Years would regular people have a liang of meat. However, this one liang of meat was not for a single person to eat, it’s to be shared amongst the whole family. Thus, for a single person be able to get some minced meat was already considered pretty good!

[TL: liang = 50 grams]

And now, in the army provisions was meat! Large chunks of meat!

“Tastes good!” As a warlord, Lu Bu had eaten all kinds of culinary delicacy. However, he currently think that the meat bun was very tasty!

“There is a total of fifteen thousand meat buns!” said Liu Mang.

“This is called meat bun?!” Lu Bu ate another one. He only stopped after finishing his third bun. “Transmit my orders! Pa.s.s these meat buns to the soldiers! Each of them shall have six, two a day for three days! That should be sufficient! The rest is to be saved for the unexpected!”

Two a day! That’s about enough! This kind of large cafeteria meat bun was really eaten to make one full! Each of them weighed as much as half a jin!

The large cafeteria meat bun that was seen as dark cuisine by Liu Mang have became a exceptional culinary delicacy to these soldiers. There were even soldiers who were reluctant to eat them, refusing to take a bite even after the buns grew moldy!

Having pa.s.sed down the provisions, Lu Bu was about to see his long awaited armor and weapon.

“The weapon and armor are not here!” Liu Mang said.

“Not here?!” Lu Bu frowned. He was really uncomfortable without a comfortable weapon.

“It’s in that… that…!” When Liu Mang arrived, he appeared in Miss Lu’s tent. Thus, both the weapon and armor was there! Having been beaten till his arms were dislocated, he dared not try again.

“Let’s go!” After listening to Liu Mang’s words, Lu Bu didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry! This so called Heavenly Man, this Man from Heaven, was actually afraid of his daughter!

Upon entering the tent, the first thing that came into view was a elegant figure that’s practicing martial arts - it was like she was dancing! Yep, she’s practicing martial arts, not dancing! The steel trident that Liu Mang had a hard time lifting even with bold hands was currently being swayed around, giving forth after images of a golden halberd, by that frail looking thing as if it weighed nothing.

“Father?!” Lu Lingqi stopped when she said that people have came into the tent. Holding the trident, she looked like a G.o.ddess.

“The weapon that you were talking about, is it this?” said Lu Bu after receiving the trident from his daughter. He was attracted by the trident at first sight!

“Yep! Forged of extremely hard steel, its sharpness enough to make iron be clay, weighing eighty jin, it’s a weapon reserved for an emperor!” Liu Mang was boasting his a.s.s off.

“Extremely hard steel?!” Zhang Liao could not believe it! It requires numerous iron to create steel, this extremely hard steel, how much iron is required to make that?!

“A weapon reserved for an emperor?!” If Lu Bu was to still doubt Liu Mang’s words earlier, then he completely believed him now because what’s in his hands was really a divine artifact!

With the trident in his hand, Lu Bu looked even more imposing!

“You all, move aside!” Lu Bu was itchy to try this divine weapon.

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“Yes!” Zhang Liao and Gao Shun right away opened up room for Lu Bu.

Afterward, Lu Bu, whether sleep or eat, would always bring this halberd with him so that he would not have what happened to the Sky Piercer happen to it.

“And the armor?!” Having felt the power of the divine weapon, Lu Bu grew interested in the armor.

“It’s there!” Lu Bu looked toward the direction Liu Mang pointed.

A crown like helmet, covered densely with scales, a golden shine that made it appeared to be sacred and a large cloak that made the armor ascend to an even higher level!

“Divine clothing, armor of the Ocean Emperor! Bestowed to Boss Lu by the Great Emperor! The armor weighs twenty five jin and with whole body protection, there’s no need for the fear of incoming swords and blades!”

Works of modern technology, manufactured with aluminum alloy, extremely lightweight. Although it could not block bullets or bombs, it could easily block swords, blades, staff and clubs.

Scaled armor coupled with the triangular construction of the interior, this could be said as the pinnacle of armors in the the era of closed ranged weapons!

“Armor of the Ocean Emperor?!” Lu Bu was emotionally moved. This was another golden armor! He have seen Liu Mang’s golden armor, he even tried to test out it’s defense himself and found that even if he had the Sky Piercer, he likely couldn’t do anything to that armor unless he go after the face opening!

Now this armor in front of him, compared to Liu Mang’s armor, appeared even more magnificent, even more luxurious and with even stronger defense!

Armor of the Ocean Emperor! Bestowed by the Great Emperor! Lu Bu was even more moved!

This was an armor reserved for the emperor!

“Quick, call forth the three ladies!” Wearing armor was not an easy task. In wartimes, one could hastily wear it. However, now he must do it step by step!

Lu Bu had his men call forth Lady Yan, Lady Ren and Lady Cao. These three women helped him wear the armor.

Soon, Lu Bu came out.

“This!” Liu Mang felt as if this Poseidon's Scale was made for Lu Bu! From shape to size and then to the magnificence, Lu Bu completely wore this Poseidon's Scale like a real Divine Cloth!

h.e.l.l, even some cosplay gurus wasn’t close to Lu Bu’s level!

“h.e.l.l, he’s already middle aged! To still be this alluring!”

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