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Chapter 142 - Sun Ce Makes His Move (2)

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Chapter 142 - Sun Ce Makes His Move (2)

Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Eh, five large ships repelled with just one attack? 2,000 troops repelled 100,000 troops? What kind of joke is this?!”

Sun Ce's brow wrinkled and anger welled in his heart. They were just doing an attack in order to show their superiority but unexpectedly from only ONE WAVE of counterattack, they quickly retreated. Sun Ce screamed “Who the h.e.l.l led vanguard?!”

Sun Ce’s glare made everyone in the briefing room lower their heads and tremble, they know that Sun Ce is angry. Sun Ce, who had pacified Jiangdong at young age, will absolutely not permit cowardice in his army.

Sun Ce shouted “So, n.o.body responds huh?! ALL OF YOU WANT MERIT, I GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO GET MERIT!!!! NOW, ALL OF YOU WERE REPELLED, AND YOU STILL WANT TO SPEAK MERIT WITH ME?!” 100,000 troops vs 2,000 troops, even fools know that this is an easy battle and can obtain merit in war in big portions.

Being vanguard, they will be the one who obtained the biggest merit, so everyone wanted to be the vanguard! But now, those vanguard were repelled by 2,000 troops. How can this not be a disgrace to Jiangdong n.o.bles’ army?

“Lu Su, Lu Zijing. Who was the vanguard?! SPEAK NOW!!!” Sun Ce threw his anger on Lu Su.

“Milord!!! The vanguard was the Wu clan!!!” Lu Su said awkwardly. Sun Ce’s face has been very grim because he knew that the vanguard is these n.o.bles’ army.

If those n.o.bles were only small fry n.o.bles, Lu Su will immediately call for military law and cut them down without hesitation, but the vanguard is Wu clan.

The Wu clan is one of the oldest clan in Jiangdong, comparable to the Sun clan and one of Jiangdong masters. So Lu Su also cannot do anything, even if they committed offence in front of military law.

“Wu clan!!! DAMMIT!!!” Sun Ce’s brow tightened. If the Wu clan was the one who committed the first offense, then he cannot do anything.

This Wu clan is a relative of Sun Ce. His mother’s maiden surname is Wu. His uncle is also Wu, which is Wu Jing who currently is a minister in Jiangdong.

Therefore, when Sun Ce obtained Jiangdong, Wu become one of its founders with the Sun clan.

Sun Ce let the Wu clan be vanguard in order for them to obtain more merits, but who ever thought that during the first skirmish, their courage suddenly plummeted.

“HUMPH!!! For the time being, put aside this matter!” Sun Cee humphed loudly while suppressing his killing intent. Sun Ce was uneasy, because a general who committed this mistake could usually be cut down, but this Wu clan… is really frustrating.

“Jiang Qin, you are the next vanguard!!! I give you only half the day to set our foot back in Lujiang!!!” Sun Ce dispensed his order toward the kneeling general.

“Yes, Milord!!!” Jiang Qin quickly responded. Jiang Qin’s hatred toward Lu Bu;s army is the second biggest after Sun Ce. Jiang Qin was the sworn brother of Zhou Tai, Zhou Tai’s death made his heart rend. Yesterday, he wept for Zhou Tai until his tears dried up. So Jiang Qin had solidified his resolve to bury all of Lu Bu’s army as a tribute for Zhou Tai.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!!!” Jiang Qin’s flagship started moving toward Wancheng city naval base with the sound of drums march.

Those Wu clan’s large ships are finally docking back to Sun Ce’s HQ and back in one piece. Those private soldiers are mixed up between elite and garbage, with elite only 20% and commoners 80%. Those commoners were conscripted in order to raise the numbers. So when those elites died under Su Fei’s division volley, they quickly turned back due to fear.

Those Wu clan’s large ships quickly vacated and changed into Jiang Qin’s soldiers. Large ships, meng chong ships are now rising the red banner of “Jiang”. This is Jiang Qin’s squad.

Jiang Qin did not use 5 large ships for his offense. He understood that if 5 large ships was deployed, he will be unable to advance and will meet with a volley from the enemies. So instead, he used 2 large ships and 20 meng chong shops. The large ships are used in order to suppress fire against the enemies and meng chong ships are used to land and disembark quickly.

“Jiang Qin is the one who comes out now?!” Su Fei immediately know who his opponent was now. This Jiang Qin is an old rival, during his tenure as Jiangxia’s naval general, Jiang Qin was always present at all of Jiangdong’s skirmishes against Jiangxia.

Regarding Jiangdong's navy valiant generals, Su Fei has a quite intimate understanding of them all. First they have Zhou Yu, Zhou Gongjin. This person has a G.o.ds' given talents in civil and military. Although he is young, he has the ability to predict the outcome of the battle and turn the tide to Jiangdong's favor. So it is okay to say that he is the brain and strategist of Jiangdong’s navy.

Next, there is Huang Gai. This Huang Gai is a veteran in Jiangdong’s army and one of the first generals with Han Dang to join the Sun clan's army and had the most experience in battle. Huang Gai and Han Dang had a huge strength even in their old age and certainly were able to think of strategy due to vast experiences in battle. Zero shortcomings coming from both of them.

Third there is Taishi Ci. This person is an excellent general as well as brave warrior. During Su Fei's tenure in Jiangxia, only Gan Ning was able to duel toe-on-toe with Taishi Ci, other soldiers and other generals, the moment they saw Taishi Ci, they quickly dispersed. With a double halberd in his hand, they will die in five bouts or at least ten bouts. He is Sun Ce's favorite general.

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And then there is Zhou Tai and Jiang Qin. Zhou Tai was killed by Old General Huang Zhong in Wancheng city, so only there remained Jiang Qin. When Zhou Tai and Jiang Qin were together, they are the vanguard of Jiangdong's navy. They are well known for their ability to rip open their enemies’ defense and open a path for Jiangdong's navy to continue pierce their enemies. With both of them together, even Gan Ning had big headache fighting them.

“BANG!!!” Those three large ships rammed naval HQ front door. Su Fei who kept on those meng chong ships suddenly staggered.

“The front door is already unable to be defend!!!” Su Fei muttered to himself. When those three large ships rammed the front door, it opened immediately. Those three large ships quickly prepared landing the board and numerous people from Sun Ce’s army came flushing out from it and their numbers amounted to at least 50,000 troops.

Su Fei’s only had 1,800 troops at hand, they definitely could not defend anymore.

Su Fei really did not think that Jiang Qin would be so desperate to use this move, even sacrificing their own ships in order to destroy naval the HQ. With this situation, Su Fei can only retreat and take a decisive action now.

“Burn the navy HQ!!!” Su Fei closes his eye and waved toward the major.

“Affirmative, general!” The major quickly nodded. He also understand Su Fei’s intention. With only 1,800 troops, it is impossible to win against 50,000 Jiang Qin’s elite troops. So, they can only burn their base now.

This battle is a lost cause. The difference between numbers is too big. Even if Lu Bu was here, he will not be able to win this battle.

1,800 troops quickly retreated, but before they retreat, they poured oil on the entire HQ and burned it to the ground.

“RETREAT!!! BACK TO WANCHENG CITY!!!” Su Fei quickly ordered his men, all that he wanted to do now is to tell Liu Mang that naval base was destroyed and asked him to prepare for defense. Once these 100,000 troops landed, Wancheng city will be in dire state.

“RETREAT?! SU FEI, YOU WILL NOT RETREAT FROM THIS BATTLE!!!” Jiang Qin retorted with cold voice. He then led a team of his most elite troops to pursue Su Fei.

His blade already red with blood, many of Su Fei’s soldiers died by his hand.

“Not good, it is Jiang Qin!!!” Su Fei looked at Jiang Qin. It is very apparent to him that Jiang Qin wanted to avenge his brother Zhou Tai.

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