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Chapter 135 - Huang Xu Unleashes the Rapid Point-Shot

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Chapter 135 - Huang Xu Unleashes the Rapid Point-Shot

Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“RAAAAWWWHH!!!” Blood flowed from Zhou Tai like a waterfall. The wound did not hinder Zhou Tai's movement at all, instead it made Zhou Tai become crazier.

“Blood, more blood!!!” The Black Flag soldier who rescued him was preyed upon by Zhou Tai.

“AAARRRRGGGHHHH, Leader, Please stop!!!” His intestines were scattered by Zhou Tai. Watching the person he just saved cut him open; his whole face was distorted.

“BLOOD!!! More blood!!!” Zhou Tai quickly bit another Black Flag soldier on his neck. He quickly tore the artery with his teeth. That kind of appearance is truly sickening making the Urban Army soldiers vomit.

The Black Flag soldiers' face was really twisted, one can see the horror on his face. After Zhou Tai drank his blood, he threw his body like trash, but on his face there was a relieved expression

After Zhou Tai drank the soldier’s blood, Huang Xu’s second arrow came. The arrow is very quick and was directed toward Zhou Tai's forehead, but before it made an impact, Zhou Tai deflected it with the spear.

”CLANG!!!” That arrow’s impact made Zhou Tai stagger. Zhou Tai was extremely angered and he pounded his spear on the ground, destroying the blue stone flooring.

“GRRRR!!!!!” Zhou Tai directed his vision toward the arrow's direction, finally he had discovered a man hiding in the shadow. Huang Xu knows that Zhou Tai is staring at him, his brow wrinkled. He felt like a prey being hunted by a predator.

“ROARRR!!!!” Zhou Tai quickly leaped toward Huang Xu.

“NOT GOOD!!! EVERYONE, PROTECT HUANG XU!!!!” Liu Mang had counted on Huang Xu to destroy Zhou Tai. If now Huang Xu was killed by Zhou Tai, then it was over.

Actually, the Urban Army already started moving when they noticed that Zhou Tai was changing his direction to Huang Xu. They wanted to prevent him, but Zhou Tai was quicker. Those who are using great shields were already unable to follow.


Even with great shields this Zhou Tai dangerous, but now they were ordered to discard their great shields; they were completely vulnerable. Slashed by Zhou Tai's spear they will be die instantly. Hearing Liu Mang's order, the great shield troops just bit their teeth and quickly went after him.

“ROAR!!!!” Zhou Tai raised his spear and slammed one of the Urban Army soldiers to the ground; the blue stone tile breaking from the impact. The soldier quickly vomited blood. The pressure from the blow was too much, his internal organs were damaged, and in a few moment he will be dead.

“CHARRGEEE!!!” Huang Xu was their only hope, Liu Mang will not let Zhou Tai harm Huang Xu.

The Urban Army’s sacrifice proved to be quite effective to block Zhou Tai's advance.

Liu Mang also advanced in order to kill Zhou Tai. His blow land on Zhou Tai's hand which simultaneously blocked his strike as well. The long sword broke into several pieces.

Blood spurted and many of iron fragments were stuck in Zhou Tai's arm, but Zhou Tai kept ignoring Liu Mang. His only target is the archer who is able to shoot a fatal shot.

During that charge, no less than 80% of the Urban Army troops died, most of them died in Zhou Tai's hands, the others from internal bleeding.

DAMMIT, is this the strength of a first-cla.s.s general? His strength feels like there are 10,000 troops inside him.

Huang Xu currently is aiming at Zhou Tai. Earlier he tried to find a secluded place in order to focus his concentration, turning his body into a bow and arrow.

Even now he is still in that full concentration mode and determined not to break that heightened concentration state, so even though Huang Xu knows that Zhou Tai is moving toward his direction, he will still not move, as even the slightest movement will break his trance.

“I WILL NOT LET YOU Pa.s.s!!!!” Just as Zhou Tai started to speed up to kill Huang Xu, suddenly there was a bloodied man who is holding his leg stubbornly.

“I WILL NOT LET YOU Pa.s.s!!!” Another man is currently holding Zhou Tai's arm. That man is the man that Zhou Tai slammed into blue stone earlier, but he stubbornly held Zhou Tai arm now.

“I WILL NOT LET YOU GO FURTHER!!!!” The Urban Army soldiers who are currently holding onto Zhou Tai's appendages are at border of death and were severely wounded. Death was coming for them, so they might as well stop Zhou Tai in his path.

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“EVERYONE, STOP HIM AT ALL COSTS!!!” Liu Mang exclaimed. From 120 comrades, only 50 troops were left standing, the others were either dead or severely wounded.

“WHIZ, WHIZ, WHIZ!!!” A series of arrows sped toward Zhou Tai!!! It was Huang Zhong’s Rapid Point-Shot. Huang Xu was able to do a Rapid Point-Shot?

Explaining it once more, the ability was multiple arrows following each other hitting the same spot. Those arrows following from behind like a slipstream increases speed and impact in order to penetrate armor. No armor is too strong for that kind of shot.

Changing rapid-concentrated-shot to rapid point-shot

Huang Xu said that he was able to learn 80% of Huang Zhong’s archery skill. Liu Mang started to remember the battle between Lu Bu and Huang Zhong. At that time, if Lu Bu didn’t charge towards those arrows, Lu Bu might have died at that time.

“WHIZ, WHIZ, WHIZ!!!” Zhou Tai also felt like those arrows were going to claim his life. He however, was not Lu Bu who had confidence to strike the Rapid Point-Shot directly. He can only defend against it; concentrating all of his vigor to fortify his skin.

His instinct told him that he is in a big danger. This sense of crisis also made Zhou Tai’s humanity return and now he is able to see the path of the arrows clearly.

Huang Xu was breathing very heavily, that skill was his limit. He currently just recovered from his illness, so he was still weak.

Huang Zhong was very much like Lu Bu in regards for a successor. Lu Bu only had a daughter, so he cannot find a successor to pa.s.s his skills, but eventually his daughter cought up with his wishes.

Historically, Huang Zhong had a son, so he hoped to pa.s.s his skills down to him. But Huang Xu was forced to train martial arts in a wrong way, so he came down with sickness that was un-curable at the time. When Huang Xu died Huang Zhong was filled with regret until his death because he harmed his son, his successor-to-be.

Now, even though Huang Xu can only learn 30% of Huang Zhong's wushu skills, but regarding archery, he is no less inferior to Huang Zhong.

After his pneumonia was treated, Huang Xu who only studied his father’s archery skills in theory, suddenly was able to put those theories into practice.

The Rapid Point-Shot that Huang Zhong had demonstrated in front of him only once was copied by him to perfection. However, his limit was only one usage, because the current Huang Xu already lost his stamina.

“THIS SHOT WILL DEFINITELY KILL YOU!!!!” Huang Xu exclaimed. He is truly confident that the shot will kill or severely wound Zhou Tai.

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