My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

梓云溪 - Zi Yunxi

Chapter 1344 - Decisive Action

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Chapter 1344: Decisive Action

“Seize them all!” Mo Lian’s chilly words dumbfounded the remaining Rice City team members.

“Take them outside for an examination. Do away with them on the spot if there are any problems.” Crown Prince Mo’s icy voice made the hearts of those members of the Rice City team tremble as they felt a chill settle in their bones.

“And you!” The crown prince turned around and pointed at City Lord Sun, who had been quivering while shrinking back like a frightened quail. “Appointing people by nepotism! You were not aware of this nephew’s incompetence? Yet you allowed him to be the leader of the Rice City team and bring the group to their deaths?”

Sensing misfortune looming over his head, the city lord of Rice City flopped to the floor on his knees and repeatedly begged for mercy. “Your Highness, Your Highness, please quell your anger.”

“From this point onward, you are no longer the city lord of Rice City Fortification. Immediately send for someone to take over all his responsibilities by the end of today.”

“Yes!” Huifeng made a salute before striding out right away with his men to carry out this order.

City Lord Sun slumped on the floor. Everything had still been alright until just now.

Finished, he was finished. Everything was over now.

His nephew Zhong Hua was also stunned. When he finally processed this fact, he immediately started making a racket as if he had been injected with chicken blood. “You cannot do this, you cannot… What does this have to do with my uncle? You are abusing your power to avenge personal grudges!”

Eldest Young Sir Qin hit that Leader Zhong Hua’s head with his fan before snickering at him with a wink. “Is abusing our power even necessary to deal with you?”

He then walked out with a shake of his head, feeling that this fellow really wasn’t using his brain.

This drama quickly came to a close. The new city lord that replaced City Lord Sun was a resolute person who swiftly resolved all the various messes that the former city lord had left behind.

They had no idea until the handover started that the crown prince’s words proved prophetic. It gave everyone a fright how widely this City Lord Sun practiced nepotism.

Even distant relatives who were separated by several generations benefitted from City Lord Sun’s position one way or another.

There were a lot of corrupt practices, but the new city lord was rather efficient about dealing with it.

With the crown prince personally supervising, the new city lord swiftly cut the Gordian knot.

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Because of Rice City’s city lord handover, Mo Lian and company, who had originally planned to go back that afternoon, were delayed by a night.

However, the crown prince did not rest. The first thing he did upon returning was order that the Fan Clan be blockaded.

The charge was plotting to the crown prince at Jiaozhong Base.

Certainly, this was a very serious charge.

The commotion surrounding the Fan Clan was immense. They got besieged by the Dragon Saliva Guard overnight, with not even a single fly able to fly through.

The captain of the Dragon Saliva Guard, Yu Xiu, led troops in the Fan Clan himself to search for and arrest Fan Qiuhe.

Yet Fan Qiuhe had already disappeared without a trace with Fan Gu.

The Fan Clan’s patriarch was crying on the inside as he dealt with the huge mess Fan Qiuhe left behind, going around begging for help to mediate the situation.

He sent out many gifts, but this only produced minor results.

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