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2284 The Power Of Immortal Sword

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Luckily for Tianxing Ming and the rest, they had reached the half-immortal level with the precious treasures on them. Otherwise, they wouldn't end well either at this moment.Sky Rock Elder looked at Qingfeng Li and suppressed his inner shock, saying with anger, "You peasant human, you're too vicious to kill all the masters and elders. Will you stand against all the saint sects in the universe?"

Qingfeng Li sneered and said, "Sky Rock Elder, how shameless of you to say these words? You were jealous of my treasure and kept looking for troubles. You can only blame yourselves not being powerful enough if dying in my hands."

Then Qingfeng Li said, "Don't worry. I'll send you to h.e.l.l to meet those masters and elders too."

Sky Rock Elder looked at Qingfeng Li with killing spirit, saying in a cold voice, "Peasant, today is your death day. You're too ignorant to think you can kill us half-immortals with your Five-colored Thunderbolts. You'll see our true power."

Sky Rock Elder shouted with his hair straight up, releasing a blast of immortal energy from his entire body.

The Immortal energy spread away, expanding the surrounding s.p.a.ce. The heaven and earth seemed about to collapse in this energy.

Sky Rock Elder wielded his Golden Crow Immortal Spear forward with his right hand.

Everything was destroyed along the way of the spear. It pierced toward Qingfeng Li's head with invincible force, trying to penetrate multiple big holes on his head.

Qingfeng Li paid no attention and smiled with proud, "Good, I'll test the third stance of Thunder Immortal Sword on you."

"Third Sword Slashes Immortals." Qingfeng Li yelled and put all his vital essence in Thunder Immortal Sword.

Meanwhile, Qingfeng Li input his Nine-colored Thunderbolts into Thunder Immortal Sword as well. The sword released energetic nine-colored sword energy, with thunder and lightning lingering around, looking terribly powerful like the doom.

Qingfeng Li crossed an arc with Thunder Immortal Sword and slashed out a huge blast of sword energy of five million feet.

That sword energy had nine colors, weaving and colliding with each other. It destroyed everything along the way and crashed against Golden Crow Immortal Spear, creating giant noises.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The entire s.p.a.ce collapsed in the collision of two immortal devices. The Five-colored Thunderbolts were distorted. Black holes showed up in the s.p.a.ce, which looked extremely creepy.

The remaining ones were all shocked and kept retreating.

None of them could withstand the mighty power, including Tianxing Ming, Yibing Han, Grandma Plum Blossom, or Blood Immortal and Sky-fighting Immortal General.

Qingfeng Li's Thunder Immortal Sword was too powerful. The attack was like the fairy from wonderland, with delicacy and power out of this world.


The Golden Crow Immortal Spear in Sky Rock Elder's hand split in half with a giant noise, dropping on the ground in everyone's shocked look.

The surrounding people all got stunned.

Even Sky Rock Elder himself was in complete disbelief.

He spent 500 thousand years to forge this spear, with all kinds of half-immortal materials. After adding his essence blood, it became a half-immortal device ranking in the top 100 on the list.

Sky Rock Elder didn't expect his spear would break in half after crashing against Thunder Immortal Sword.

He remembered a shocking rumor that one could only break half-immortal devices with Thunder Immortal Sword after accomplishing the sword technique.

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Sky Rock Elder showed a touch of shock and said, "You've learned the complete Thunder Immortal Sword Technique?"

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