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Chapter 1072 - His Father was Powerful. Third Young Master Ye's Plan was a Great Success (II)

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Chapter 1072: Chapter 1072 His Father was Powerful. Third Young Master Ye’s Plan was a Great Success (II)

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Chu Wuyou helped Elder Chu up and walked out.

Elder Chu was very happy. No matter where she went, he would definitely follow her, so he did not ask any more questions.

“Grandfather, I’ll take you to the Tang family now.” After getting into the car, Chu Wuyou explained to Elder Chu.

“To the Tang family? To see the chief? Why didn’t you say so earlier so that I could prepare myself?” Elder Chu was clearly stunned, and there was a hint of nervousness on his face. “Wuyou, I’ve never met such a bigshot before. I’m a little nervous.”

“Pfft…” Chu Wuyou could not help but laugh. “Grandfather, that’s my grandfather. We’re family, there’s no bigshots. However, there are two little ones, so it might be a little complicated…”

“Little ones? Little what?” Elder Chu frowned slightly.

“Grandfather, there’s something I’ve never told you.” Chu Wuyou decided to tell the old man in advance. The old man had had a heart attack, and she was afraid that the old man would not be able to take it if he saw the two little ones.

“Actually, I have two children, twins, a boy and a girl…” Chu Wuyou kept looking at the old man as she said this, and she saw that his expression had obviously changed, she repeatedly explained, “They’re my and Ye Lanchen’s children. The children are five years old and very cute. I’ll bring you to meet them now.”

“Children? Two?” Elder Chu was still agitated. For a moment, his breathing became obviously rapid.

“Grandfather, are you alright?” Chu Wuyou quickly took out the heart-saving pills and fed them to Elder Chu.

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“Grandfather is fine. Grandfather was just too excited for a moment.” After Elder Chu calmed down, there was a clear hint of excitement on his face. “You, hurry up and bring me to meet my great-grandchildren. Aiya, I actually have great-grandchildren. I didn’t expect it. I really didn’t expect it.”

“Grandfather, don’t be too excited when the time comes. Your heart…” Chu Wuyou was still worried when she thought about his heart.

“Don’t worry. This is something to be happy about. If you’re happy, your illness will be completely cured.” There was a saying that people were in high spirits when it came to happy events. Elder Chu was obviously like this. At this moment, his face was cheerful and his complexion was clearly much better.

Before they left, Chu Wuyou had already called the Tang family.

When they arrived at the Tang family, Elder Tang and Madam Tang personally came out to welcome them. Elder Chu could not help but feel excited when he saw Elder Tang personally come out to receive him. Although Wuyou had previously said that they were family, he was still the head chief after all.

Feng Miaomiao stood at the entrance of the hall with her two darlings and waited, not coming outside.

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