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Chapter 1070 - His Father was Powerful (VIII)

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Chapter 1070: Chapter 1070 His Father was Powerful (VIII)

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“Since you don’t believe her, why did you tell her the phone number and bank account number? Aren’t you afraid that she will call the police and have them arrest us?” Chu Zhijiang was even more puzzled when he saw her current state.

“What if she just came to get information from us? Then wouldn’t we be exposed?” Chu Zhijiang thought of this possibility and his face became even more worried.

“Don’t be afraid. She already knew about this. If she wanted to call the police, she would have already called them. If she didn’t call the police, it means that she has no evidence. Moreover, now that Ninger is in trouble, and she is fine, she can’t do anything to us.” The corners of Li Min’s lips were obviously a little proud.

“But, you clearly gave her the phone number and bank account number of those people just now?” Chu Zhijiang was even more confused.

“The things I gave them were fake. In the beginning, I was worried about Ninger and almost fell for her trick. Fortunately, I came back to my senses at the moment I wrote down the details, but the things I gave her were all fake and had nothing to do with those people. If she takes them to the police, we could instead sue her for slander.” Li Min smiled darkly, she was even more proud of herself.

“You’re great, my wife is really great.” Chu Zhijiang smiled directly when he heard her words.

“Then Ninger?” It was really rare for Chu Zhijiang to still think of his biological daughter at this time.

“I’ve thought about it. Now that the video has been released, Ninger’s life will be ruined. Even if she is saved, Ninger will still live in pain and torture for the rest of her life. Moreover, from yesterday until now, so much time has pa.s.sed. I’m afraid that Ninger has already…” When Li Min mentioned her biological daughter, the smug look on her face finally faded a little.

“Yes, you’re right. Things have already turned out like this. Ninger will be in even more pain if she is saved.” Chu Zhijiang actually nodded repeatedly in agreement with Li Min’s words.

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There was a saying that a tiger would not eat its own cub. However, these two people had personally sent their daughter to her death, and they had even found a dignified excuse for themselves.

However, they were ordinary citizens. Both of them had regular jobs and a normal social circle. They did not have any criminal records and were good citizens who obeyed the law.

Li Min had just written numbers down randomly.

Wasting an hour was equivalent to saying and doing nothing.

When Tang Ling saw the results, his eyes instantly turned extremely cold. He thought about it and decided to give Chu Wuyou a call.

“Did you find anything?” Chu Wuyou saw that it was Tang Ling’s phone and thought that she had found something.

“No, the phone number and bank account number they gave you were fake.” Tang Ling sighed.

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