Monster Soul Online


Chapter 337: Enter The Shadow Army

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Reminded of Beluga's suggestions, Sila tried to teach the puppy how to cultivate qi. He absorbed the qi in its body using Worlds Crossing Bridge and gradually returned it, reducing the power of the qi and fine-tuning it so that it would be easy to circulate. He repeated this process for hours. There were no signs of progress at first since all the puppy did was play around, but it eventually followed his instructions.Cultivation was the most standard procedure for stabilizing qi. In the puppy's case, it was a Squire-Rank vessel filled with Lord-Rank qi, so Sila redirected its qi to flow into his body, stabilizing it for the owner, then returned it to the puppy. He also taught it how to circulate qi to disperse the excess power. Before long, the puppy's body adapted to its own qi and finally found it bearable.

Sila was shocked to discover that a qi-type monster was able to learn its skills this quickly even when it played around a lot.

Now it wouldn't be injured even if Sila removed his hands from it. Still, its maximum qi points weren't enough to properly control its powerful qi, so he also transmitted Bone Restructuring Qi to help it and left it in the dojo.

As for the puppy's name, Sila was clueless. He requested Julia to come up with a name in his place. She accepted the task and told him that the pet's information would be available immediately when the name was set.

Now that the puppy's matters were all settled, Sila was relieved. His next goal would be to acquire the Dichotomous Crucifix Sword. However, he soon stumbled into a dead end.

Zarnak was clueless about its exact whereabouts.

“Didn't you say you can sense it? Why are you saying you can't find it now?” Sila frowned.

“Knowing that you don't know anything about the topic, I will overlook your insult, my uneducated master. That sword is so special that you can't possibly imagine its power. Do you know how a Demonic Armament is born?”

It took no time for Sila to shake his head. He only knew that Demonic Armaments were very high-tier battle gears used by players and monsters. He wondered why their origins mattered.

“Demonic Armaments like us were originally items or monsters. At some point of time, we developed a strong negative energy that consumed us and turned us into Demonic Armaments. For example, an item that was taken away from its master a thousand times, a weapon that drank the blood of a million beasts, or a powerful monster that met an early death yet its soul had strong attachments, refusing to go to h.e.l.l. The stronger the feelings, the higher the chance they will become Demonic Armaments, coming to life in order to fulfil their last wish.”

“What is your wish, then?”

Zarnak shook its head. “That's the irony. Once a Demonic Armament is born, it will forget its past life, including the things it was attached to. Well, for some of them, they might forget their past, but understood their goals with their hearts, such as the Lamentable Dragon. It strongly wanted to kill you. The feelings were still fresh since it was born only recently. However, as time, it will find that nothing matters, including its last desire. In the end, we live in order to be used and taken away, ending up in the same cycle.”

“What will happen if the wish is fulfilled?”

“You probably think that we will cease to exist, don't you? But no, you're wrong. As I told you, once we became Demonic Armaments, even our wishes no longer matter. Success or failure is not important. This rebirth is both a blessing and a curse that forces us to stay like this forever.”

Sila listened and pondered. Even if some Demonic Armaments were fortunate enough to recall their past memories at a later point of time, let's say a hundred years later, it would still be sad. Their mortal enemy might have already died, or their wish might have already been fulfilled long ago.

“I brought this topic up because it's related to the Dichotomous Crucifix Sword's abilities. I bet you've never heard of Igsia, the G.o.ddess of Weapons and Craftsmanship.”

There was even no need for him to try to remember. Sila shook his head. He never bothered with Monster Soul's history. It was his first time hearing the name. The only G.o.ddess he knew about was Cynthia, the G.o.ddess of Humanity.

“If you intend to stick with the path of swords, I recommend you study her. Igsia is the mother of all weapons in Monster Soul. She is a prodigy at using all kinds of weapons and also the best blacksmith. Her name is always engraved on important anvils. Even some spells of the fire and earth element mention her name and borrow her power. If your weapon mastery skills or craftsmanship skills reach level 100 and you pay homage to her in front of her altar, they will be evolved to transcendent rank.”

“G.o.ddesses aren't monsters, are they? Or they are high-level ones?”

“G.o.ddesses are existences above monsters. They don't directly interfere with worldly matters but will share their powers with the races that worship them. For example, the wild dog and the rabbit races worship the G.o.ddess of the Moon, so their stats grow stronger when they are under moonlight.”

“What about the slime race? Which G.o.ddess do they worship?” Sila asked out of curiosity.

“Not every race worships a G.o.ddess. The ones that do are mostly ancient races with a long history. Compared to other races, the slime race only formed around a couple of hundred years ago. Currently, there are only a few races left that still worship G.o.ddesses.”

“Your explanation is getting rather long. How do all those things you said relate to the Dichotomous Crucifix Sword?” Sila nagged. Zarnak had explained to him the stories regarding the origin of Demonic Armaments and the G.o.ddesses' roles, but he still failed to understand why he had to hear all of it.

“Because the Dichotomous Crucifix Sword used to be several swords rather than just one, all masterpieces created by the G.o.ddess Igsia. A long time ago, back in the era when monsters were still in direct contact with G.o.ddesses, Lady Igsia spent several hundred years teaching the arts of making and using weapons to the race worshipping her. A few hundred years later, the arts spread to other races, causing even the races that didn't worship her to be able to use weapons.”

“So, its importance is the fact that it's a sword personally made by the G.o.ddess, right?”

“What she made that contributed to the sword wasn't just one sword, but seven of them,” Zarnak explained. Seeing the dumbfounded expression on Sila's face, it continued, “During the time she taught monsters the art of blacksmithing, she created seven swords, referring to them as the Seven Blade Daughters, and gave them to the races under her care as tokens of her good will. However, the tragedy happened after that.”

“What tragedy?”

“The same one that repeatedly occurred in the Monster Realm: The fight to seize territories. Having learned how to use weapons, some races became arrogant and started a ma.s.sacre. The seven races used to be on good terms, but betrayal was also a normal occurrence. They turned against each other in order to get their hands on all seven swords made by Lady Igsia. The fate of the Blade Daughters in the hands of various wielders was to fight among themselves against their wills. In the end, with their extreme frustration and resentment, their negative emotions turned and combined into one Demonic Armament. The sword's killing intent scattered around the battlefield. When the bloodbath ended, only the sword itself stood alone atop a pile of corpses that reached the sky. Even the sword's last wielder became a dead man.”

“Ah, I see, so they were weapons made by the G.o.ddess before becoming a single Demonic Armament.”

“That was the reason why I told you that you couldn't possibly imagine the power of the sword. It's a sword, but holds the power of seven swords. Each of them was a masterpiece made by Lagy Igsia in order to impart her profound knowledge. With them combined into one, it is more than a sword. The term S-grade is used to define the tier of a weapon that is above grade. If you let me define a new term for S-grade weapons, however, I would say this sword is an S-grade among S-grade. Compared to it, I'm just a mediocre item.”

Sila started to understand the point that Zarnak was trying to convey. “So you mean it's not an easy task to find it. The world of Monster Soul is a vast place. We can't just wander and hope to find it.”

“You finally get it.” Zarnak sighed. “We have wasted a lot of time, my slow-witted master. The sword contains tremendous power, so I could immediately feel it once it appeared. However, exactly because it has tremendous power, it can control its power in an instant, secluding itself in silence. To find it, you have to be extremely lucky, or receive guidance from Lady Igsia.”

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Sila blinked. “Is that kind of thing possible?”

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