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Wine Pool Inebriation - 酒池醉

Chapter 580

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Chapter 580: Fathead Fish's Weapon

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“Why don't you come along and help me s.n.a.t.c.h my baby back?” Fatty Big Sea tried to persuade Dumby.

Dumby was expressionless. Of course, it was difficult for Dumby to reveal any expression. “Let's talk about it again when Master is back.”

“But there's no telling when Master will be back—what if that monster gets alarmed and runs away? I don't know when the next time I'll find it will be.” Fatty Big Sea was fretting endlessly. As Fatty Big Sea thought about this, its head swelled.

“Master is back.” Dumby looked into the distance.

Fatty Big Sea shook its head. How had it not sensed Gao Peng's breathing? After a few seconds, a trace of disbelief surfaced in Fatty Big Sea's eyes. It had detected Gao Peng's breathing approaching from a distance. Dumby actually has such sharp awareness?!

Ten minutes later, Fatty Big Sea saw Da Zi flying over. It could sense the familiar breathing on Da Zi's back. Its eyes, which were the size of mungs beans, blinked.

It wasn't afraid of other familiars. Fatty Big Sea only felt slightly intimidated when he was facing Gao Peng. After all, this man was in control of his lifeblood. Moreover, its subsequent grade advancement depended on Gao Peng.

“Hey, you guys are waiting for me.” When Gao Peng saw both of his familiars—one floating in the water and the other standing before the palace—he thought that they were waiting for him.

Fatty Big Sea smiled awkwardly while Dumby answered honestly, “Master, Fatty Big Sea said that it found the treasure that it had left in the depths of the sea.”

Treasure? Gao Peng's eyes lit up. This Fatty Big Sea is really something. It actually made such a sneaky move. It didn't say anything when I was around. It only waited until I left before it slyly tried to retrieve its treasure behind my back.

“Big Sea, I'm rather disappointed. You forgot about your owner when you found your treasure.” Gao Peng sighed.

Fatty Big Sea laughed awkwardly. “I only just thought about this. Moreover, I haven't even obtained the treasure yet.”

As it said that, Fatty Big Sea leaped out of the water. Its body shrunk midair until it eventually transformed into a big-headed fish that was the size of an elbow and landed beside Gao Peng.

After flinging off the water droplets that were clinging to its body, Fatty Big Sea said, “Master, I'm the only person who can use that treasure…” It seemed to have caught the look of disbelief in Gao Peng's eyes, as Fatty Big Sea hurriedly leaped up and yelled, “Really! I'm the only person who can maximize the power of this treasure.”

“This is the first time I'm hearing anything like this. At first, I was indifferent to who obtained this treasure, but your att.i.tude is making me want to give it a try instead,” said Gao Peng with a laugh.

Fatty Big Sea tried to widen its eyes. It managed to force its tiny mung bean-sized eyes open so much that they were the size of soybeans now. There were tears in those black eyes.

Gao Peng had long grown immune to Fatty Big Sea acting cutely. Its acting skills weren't as good as Da Zi's when the latter would try to obtain food by cheating. With just one glance, Gao Peng could tell that this fat-headed fish had never had to fret about anything or go through hards.h.i.+ps in its life.

“All right, let's talk later if there's anything else. I'm hungry after flying and want something to eat,” said Gao Peng.

Da Zi scratched its head. “I think I'm the one who flew the whole time…”

Gao Peng waved his hand and allowed Dumby to lead him towards the palace.

From time to time, wild monsters could be seen roaming around the island. However, when these monsters saw Gao Peng, Dumby, and the rest, their footsteps would halt, and traces of timidity and fear would surface in their eyes.

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To them, Gao Peng was the crowned king here. This island was also a foundation base that Gao Peng had acc.u.mulated over three years in the Black Fog World. All the monsters on this island had either been captured or evolved by Gao Peng.

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