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Chapter 2092 - Awoken

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Chapter 2092: Awoken

“Just examine her first and we can speak later.” Du Fan dragged him into the room and came to the bedside pointing at the unconscious Xiao Er: “Hurry up, examine her.”

Fan Lin sat down on the chair next to the bed unhurriedly and reached out to examine her pulse. After a while, he withdrew his hands and said to the two of them: “What happened to her? How did a treasured daughter become malnourished?”

“Wh, what?” Du Fan was taken aback for a moment.

Next to him, Leng Hua asked: “How is she? Why did she faint?”

“It’s probably because she’s not been eating properly, coupled with physical exertion and depression. It’s not a big problem. Once she wakes up, give her something to eat and her body will recover slowly.”

Fan Lin said, he stood up and looked at the two of them, then asked weirdly: “What kind of work have you given her? How did she become so overworked and exhausted? You wouldn’t be bullying her while Master is away, would you?”

“Of course not!” Du Fan replied hurriedly: “Actually, what happened is this…” He briefly told Fan Lin the events that had happened the other day.

Upon hearing Du Fan’s words, Fan Lin nodded suddenly: “I see, no wonder she’s depressed.” He smiled, then stepped forward and patted Leng Hua’s shoulder: “Look after her the next few days, try to counsel her and get someone to boil some medicine for her to drink.”

“I thought you said she was fine, why does she need to drink medicine?” Du Fan couldn’t help but asked.

“It’s just some medicine for improving vitality and dissipating qi. The rest is up to you both counselling her.” Fan Lin said and walked out.

“You stay here with her. I will go and get someone to boil some ginseng soup for her and send it over.” Leng Hua said to Du Fan. However, he was held back just as he was about to step out.

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“Don’t, you stay here and I will take care of that.” Du Fan said and left before he could respond. However, after he had stepped out of the door, he stopped and turned back to ask: “By the way, do I need to let Xiao Er’s family know that she has fainted?”

Upon hearing this, Leng Shuang looked at Leng Hua and said: “Talk to her when she wakes up. Ask her to take a good rest the next few days and take care of her body.”

“Yes, I know.” Leng Hua replied. When he saw his elder sister turning around to leave, he walked her out.

After he returned to the room, he sat by the bed for a while and saw Xiao Er waking up slowly. Leng Hua smiled gently when he saw that she had awoken: “You’re awake?” When he saw her trying to sit up, he motioned: “Lie down, I’ll chat with you!”

“Brother Leng Hua, what’s wrong with me?” Xiao Er pulled the quilt a little nervously and ill-at-ease.

Leng Hua smiled warmly: “Have you not been eating well recently?”

“I, I’ve been eating.” She lowered her eyes and whispered.

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