Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor


Chapter 1407 - Paying Special Attention

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Chapter 1407 Paying Special Attention

“Senior Brother Chen, your roasting skills are really good, the aroma of the roasted Spirit Bamboo Rat is really fragrant.”

Feng Jiu said in admiration, her eyes were bright as she stared at the Spirit Bamboo Rat that was roasting above the flames. At this moment, there was only the fragrant meat in her eyes, and as she smelt the rich aromas of the bamboo, her belly couldn’t help but make a gurgling sound.

“Well, I’ve roasted no less than ten times now.” He smelt the scent of the meat and stroked his moustache. When he saw that the meat was nearly ready, he sprinkled some spices on it then took it off the flame and placed the meat on some large leaves.

“Come on, taste it. This thing was not easy to catch!” He sliced a piece of meat and handed it to Feng Jiu, then sliced another piece of meat for himself. He took out some wine from his cosmos sack and asked: “Do you want to drink some?”

Feng Jiu shook her head: “No thank you. I need to go back to my later, I better not drink any.”

Chen Dao didn’t insist and just said: “I heard that an alchemist wants to take you as his disciple? Why didn’t you go? It’s better being an alchemy disciple than an errand boy.”

After she took a bite of the meat, her eyes brightened at tasting the succulent and fragrant meat and her look expressed enjoyment as she ate while she replied: “As an errand boy I can go all over the place, I have more freedom this way which I prefer.”

“Since you like running around so much, have you signed up for the Sect’s Secret Realm Medicine Gathering Experience Team that is starting in a month?”

After saying this, he glanced at him and tapped his forehead: “My poor memory, you are only a Foundation Formation Stage cultivator and only Golden Core stage cultivators can sign up, However, if you beg me, I might take you along.”

Saying that, he stroked his moustache that was shaped like an eight once again and glanced sideways at Feng Jiu.

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Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu was a little stunned. She laughed and said: “Thank you Senior Brother Chen for your kindness, but I still need to deliver medicinal herbs to the Senior Uncles at the Eighth Peak, so I won’t go to the Medicine Gathering Experience thing.”

“Hahaha…. I couldn’t tell that you are also someone who admires beauty. However, for women who aren’t strong, a beautiful face is a disaster!” He shook his head and said with emotion.

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed and she asked: “Why? Senior Uncle Shangguan is a core disciple of the Third Sun Patriarch, she has such a strong backing, who would dare touch her?”

“Beautiful women can easily attract men and stir up women’s jealousy. Do you really think the rest of the Third Sun Patriarch’s disciples abstain from women? Nine out of ten men are l.u.s.tful and it just so happens that I am the tenth man.”

After hearing this, Feng Jiu fell silent.

During this time, she had enquired around and she had only heard that the other Senior Uncles had treated her mother with care like they would to a sister. She hadn’t expected them to harbour any other thoughts. Also, no one at the peak had said anything like this, could it be true?

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